The location is important.
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The location is important.

【Scriptures】 Matthew 25:14-33 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

On the earth, there are prime locations that are golden treasures depending on the location. 
The same is true for history and time.
With history, the prime time that God has set is the golden treasure time of history. 
God sends the man-of-mission and carries out His Will at that time.  
With time too – there are ‘golden moments’ at each time.
The people who take possession of that time and use it as its owner
are like the people who take possession of the prime location that is a golden treasure. 
Therefore, they prosper.
The predawn time is golden time, the golden treasure location.
You must never lose that time and that location.

Whether it is a house, a store, a business district, a livestock pasture, a field, a rice paddy, a garden, 
or a park in the world, the location is extremely important.
The price of land is cheap or expensive depending on the location.
The land in Myeong-dong, Seoul Korea 
costs 300 ~ 400 million won (300,000 ~ 400,000 USD) per pyong (35.5 sq ft)
In fact, even the business buildings in that location cost 200 million won per pyong.
Even though they are located in the same city of Seoul, the land on the outskirts
costs 15 million won (15,000 USD) per pyong.  
Even in the outskirts, the core locations cost twice, three times, or four times more than the surrounding areas.
The price varies this much based on the location.   
In this way, even in the world of faith, ‘your value and mission’ 
are different according to your location in relation to the savior 
– whether you are close to him or far from him.
I hope that you will always take action with truth and love!

The Archangel Lucier ended up losing that prime position, the golden treasure spot
and was driven out as a result of not obeying God’s Word.
Adam and Eve too – by not obeying God’s Word, 
they were driven out of that prime location, the golden treasure spot, the Garden of Eden 
and went to the cursed land, the location of punishment.
When you leave your position, you lose the golden treasure spot.
From that time on, you will even lose the deeds and life of the past.
You have to always be united with the Lord, maintain your position
and live by the truth, love, and the Holy Spirit!

‘The golden time’ is a prime location that is a golden treasure
and ‘the missions that have been given according to individuality’ 
are also the prime location that is a golden treasure.
Each of you must not lose your golden treasure time 
and you must not lose your missions given to you according to your individuality.
People who nod off and sleep during prayer lose the golden time 
and lose the things that God gives them during prayer.
If you keep losing the golden time, you will ultimately even lose that position too. 
You have to value the golden time and use it [valuably]. Then you will prosper!
Even though the Lord gave them missions, lazy people stay in their rooms and watch TV all day long, 
enjoy only worldly culture, and live consumed with the things they like.
If they don’t do the work even though they are given many chances to do it, 
God will see that from the side and change their location of their mission.
As a result, they end up losing that great location, the golden treasure position.
The people who value and do the mission the Lord gave them 
are the people who take possession of the great golden treasure location.
If you fail to get it done today, you have to make sure to get it done tomorrow. 
Only then will you become the owner of that spot.

A person has to have ‘a great location of life’ in order to prosper and win.
During times of war too, the location has to be good in order to defeat the enemy in battle. 
God drove the Cains out to the desolate wilderness 
and gave the Abels the land of Canaan where God’s Will was being carried out.
To the Cains, God does not give them financial blessings. 
Instead, He lets them suffer a drought all year long. 
He lets them live under such conditions and situations for their entire lifetimes. 
To the people who disbelieved and slandered, 
He lets them stay in disease, drought, and darkness, and even takes away their happiness and blessings.
God fulfills God’s Will and runs history freely 
together with ‘the people who live righteously according to God’s Will’  
in the same way He freely spins the earth.

You have to live by raising your level to the highest!
Your body’s level affects what happens to your spirit 
and thus, your spirit will live forever at that level. 
Your level, determines your location for both the physical and spiritual worlds 
and determines even the things you receive.      
Even if the wicked tempt you and cause you hardships 
and even if you face hardships and difficulties as individuals, 
if you sow and cultivate every day, you will get to harvest every day.
You must not [keep] living according to how you have been living 
or according to your bad constitution. 
Instead, you have to be transformed by making yourself perfectly!   

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