Take action toward the purpose with focused thoughts.
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Take action toward the purpose with focused thoughts. 

【Scriptures】 Matthew 6:21
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the message.

If you don’t take action for a purpose with focused thoughts, 
you will think other thoughts, your thoughts will become hazy,
and thus, you will be unable to take action according to your purpose and it will disappear into nothingness.  
You have to focus your thoughts on what you have purposed 
and focus while saying it with your lips.
If you do, thoughts that pertain to what you have purposed 
will come to mind in deep and high-level ways. 

The brain is like ’the eyes.’
When you look at things with your eyes with focus, 
you can see objects, people, or other existing things in detail.
In this way, when you focus your thoughts, good ideas regarding your set purpose will come to mind, 
you will enter the soul-level and spiritual level and think [at those levels] 
and thus, you will see and understand at higher levels than the thoughts of the body. 
Seeing things at those times is seeing the spiritual world while being in the physical world.  
If you make decisions after seeing those things, it is far more ideal.
Just as you become more proficient at your talents and abilities when you keep doing them, 
the more you keep thinking, the more your thoughts will become skillful thoughts
and thus, you will be good at both discerning and judging. 

If you focus your thoughts and [take your thinking] beyond the soul world, 
reach the spiritual world and think spiritually, then your thoughts will be the best thoughts.
At that moment, you will think thoughts that are within God’s domain 
and think thoughts that are united with God’s thoughts.     
As for your brain, the more you focus, 
the more it will focus on what you have purposed and feel and realize. 
The thoughts of the brain are connected to the thoughts of the spirit. 
Thinking thoughts that are united with the Trinity is ‘the spirit’s thoughts.’

There are many good things in the world. 
However, you can’t gain them if you fail to discern what is good in the thoughts in your brain.
The brain is like ’the hands.’ If you keep working with your hands, you will gain many things. 
If you draw with your hands, you will gain a drawing. If you write with your hands, you will gain writing. 
If you make a work of art with your hands, you will gain a work of art. 
With your brain too – you gain things by constantly using it to think.
If the thoughts in your brain are sleeping, you will not know. 
If the thoughts in your brain live on the side of the body, 
you can only think the things of the body’s domain. 
If you go into the spiritual world by starting to think with your brain, 
receive God’s thoughts [from there] and take action on them, 
you will gain the things at the level of things God gives you.  
Just as an artist uses his hands to skillfully draw a portrait, 
you must use the thoughts in your brain skillfully also.

If your thoughts are sharply focused, you will immediately discern about problems [you are dealing with].  
If your thoughts are sharply focused, you will discern right away. 
When your thoughts are hazy, it is because you did not focus.
If you focus your thoughts when you feel sleepy, you will not feel sleepy [at all]. 
That’s how much of a different world [things become] when you focus.   
‘Thoughts’ determine even your sense of taste. 
If you think distracting thoughts even though you are eating delicious food, 
you will eat without knowing the taste of that food. 
Both the things you see and the things you hear are determined by your thoughts.
Even if you are looking at something, if you focus your thoughts on something else, you can’t see it. 
Even if you are listening to something, if you focus your thoughts on something else, you can’t hear it.  
When you focus your thoughts, you can’t hear even sounds that are next to you, you can’t feel your pain, 
and you are conscious of and will do only what you have focused on.  

If you focus your thoughts and become united with God’s thoughts, 
you will gain knowledge of even things in the universe, things that are underground, 
and things of the spiritual world.
Just as you know about things that are far away by smelling them with your nose, 
you know things though feeling them through the thoughts in your brain, your soul, and your spirit. 
The third dimensional level is ‘sense, feeling, and intuition.’ 
The fourth dimensional level is ‘to be in the spirit and to know through the spirit.’
If you know through the spirit and your body gains knowledge by going there and checking, 
then [the knowledge] is certain. 
A person who knows clearly is like ‘a god.’ 
People’s brains and thoughts too – if they are used without developing them [first], 
even though they may look like people, there are many who die after seeing, hearing, and thinking 
at the animal-level and living at that level. 
Animals that became intelligent through a lot of caring are very good at discerning and even avoid death. 
Yet, people experience many accidents by repeatedly doing something even though it is dangerous. 
There are so many trials and errors [people go through]. 
People live with brains that are far superior to those of animals 
because God created the human brain to be superior. 
Yet, there are many times when people fail to discern more sharply than animals 
because they don’t develop [their brains] while loving God and thus, don’t use them sharply.  

The distance between you and God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son
is determined by what you are thinking.
And the distance between you and God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son 
and the intensity of love are determined by what kinds of words you say.
In the spiritual world, the domain one lives in is determined by 
what thoughts one has and how one treats God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.
The position or location is determined by what thoughts you have 
and with what kind of love you treat God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son with.

God sees ‘love’ as ‘the greatest standard.
And thus, [He] sees people with perfect love as the greatest treasures.
You must make God’s ultimate purpose the purpose of your own life 
and live focusing your eyes, ears, and thoughts!

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