God Takes Action with ‘Justice.’
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God Takes Action with ‘Justice.’

Scripture】 Psalm 103:17-18
But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him,
and his righteousness with their children’s children with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.

Proverbs 11:19 
Truly the righteous attain life, but whoever pursues evil finds death.

Proverbs 15:9 
The LORD detests the way of the wicked, but he loves those who pursue righteousness.

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

If you do [things] according to your thoughts and not according to God’s thoughts, you will be distressed. 
You need to think according to God’s thoughts. Then you will not be distressed.
The will is the perfect will of God. 
However, if [one] fails to do his/her responsibility, the original will will change. 
In the beginning, there is ‘a will’ for salvation. 
[However], if [people] do their responsibilities, [things] will work out according to that will, 
and if [they] fail to do their responsibilities, ‘the will’ will turn [the other way]. 
What will happen if you keep leaving rotten fruits and rotten food in a room? 
You will be tormented if you don’t throw them out because of the rotten stench.
Don’t make your heart, thoughts, and actions rot with ‘sin.’ 
If [they] rot, then even the owner will have no choice but to throw them out.
From the past until now, God has been working while throwing away rotten things. 
This is because rotten things cannot be restored.
In the case of trees, if the wind blows and branches break and rip, 
then the tree will live only with its remaining branches. However, if the roots are uprooted, it will die. 
The same is true with your faith. 
Therefore, you need to do well so that the roots of your faith will not be uprooted. 

If you have sins, then you need to repent [of them] and make yourself perfect. 
What is not perfect will eventually rot. 
And when you go to the spiritual world, it will very clearly show [whatever that is not perfect]. 
In the physical world, you are treated without being condemned, 
so [your sins/what is rotten] may not be shown. 
[However], in the spiritual world, it will clearly show it 
like a tree that has been damaged and ripped because it was not managed. 
The Lord does not condemn [you] either, 
but treats you with compassion as he gives the fertilizer of the Word. 
Therefore, I hope you listen to the Word on your own, repent, and make yourself clean! 
You need to do [things] 100% perfectly in order for [them] to be perfect.
The same is also true with your faith.
God sets and appoints things that are absolutely clean and without blemish. This is ‘justice.’  
When [competing in] a race, if you fall while running, 
then it is considered to be your responsibility [for the fall]. 
According to the order of who came in first, they are given the 1st prize, 2nd prize, and the 3rd prize. 
Only then is it ‘justice.’
This is [also] the case with fruits. No matter how big, shiny, and beautiful they are, 
if fruits contain a blemish, then they are taken out from the [available] merchandise. 
If fruits are to be sold as merchandise, most importantly, it should not have any blemishes. 
Then it is ‘justice.’
In this way, God also takes action with ‘justice.’ 
He sets/picks things that are absolutely clean and without blemish and appoints them.
When you look at the biblical history, [you will see] that he has done this for the last 6,000 years. 
Realize that God also takes action with justice!

If, let’s say, you have a scar on your face because of an accident. You cannot say a scarred face is perfect. 
[However,] when the scar is healed completely, then you become a perfect person again.  
Let’s say the wind blew and a branch of a tree broke. Then you cannot say that tree is a perfect tree. 
If the tree grows for [another] 20 years, and a branch forms in that broken spot, and it fills up, 
then that tree will become a perfect tree again. 
Therefore, if you have sins, quickly repent, and do the right deeds. 
If you set the condition like that, then you will become a perfect person.  
In the spiritual world, both sin and righteousness are all measured and calculated 
like strands of hair being weighed. 
However, in the physical world, [things] don’t seem to make much difference. 
Nevertheless, the spirit clearly gets influenced exactly by what the body has done.

God’s laws work like this. 
If people who have sin are [being] treated the same way 
while being kept [in] the same position [as before], and are loved [in] the same way [as before] 
when they have not repented, then that is not justice.
They must make themselves clean through repentance. 
Then they will be treated as perfect ones. That is ‘justice.’
I hope that people with blemishes will make themselves perfect again. 
They will be used valuably in their areas as much as they make themselves perfect.
Each person should devote all their heart to making themselves clean. 
The greatest work is to first make yourself clean.
Since you know about your own blemish, you should ‘repent and spend time on probation.’ 
You have to be clean in order for the Holy Spirit to come to you. 
Just as you do not go into a room that is dirty, 
the [Holy Spirit] does not go to bodies and thoughts that are dirty. 
People do not eat things that were made with dirty hands either. 
They even try to avoid shaking such hands.
You have to be blameless, pure, and clean. Then both your body and spirit will shine so brightly. 
Especially your spirit will shine more radiantly.

God and the Lord also select and use ‘flawless people’ in each area.
Each person is chosen according to his/her merits, abilities, and stories. 
Also, each person is chosen in the way he/she is made. 
Therefore, I hope that you will take action perfectly and make yourself flawless!

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