Do It Perfectly.
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Do It Perfectly.

【Scriptures】 Psalms 18: 25-27
To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless,
to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd.
You save the humble but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.

Proverbs 20:7
The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.

Matthew 5:48
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

In today’s scripture, Psalms 18:25, it is written, 
‘To the merciful, the Lord’s mercy is shown, 
and to the perfect and blameless, the Lord’s perfection is shown to them.’ 
We cannot see God’s perfections unless we act perfectly. 
Someone who does things perfectly is a human being who does them by becoming a god. 
Because they do things perfectly, wondrous things happen, miracles and signs happen, 
and unimaginable things happen to them. 
Miracles will happen to whoever acts perfectly. 
God really likes ‘action-takers.’ 
Action-takers are inevitable ‘winners’ no matter what other people say. 

The Lord shows His perfection to those who are perfect.
But if you are not perfect, you cannot see God’s perfection.
You must take action perfectly yourself to be able to see when things are done perfectly.
You must do things after developing the habit of doing things perfectly 
and making the determination to God that you will do things perfectly. 
The person who determines themselves and takes action perfectly is a hero, and they are divine.
You must realize how great it is to do things perfectly. If you do things perfectly, they are done 100%. 
The law of success requires ‘the world of the mind’ and ‘the world of action.’
If you take action, things exist just as you have made them through action.

You must surely make yourself perfectly. 
Whenever you take action perfectly, that is when you have made yourself perfectly.
To the one who takes action perfectly, perfect action will be shown again and again.
But if you have not made yourself perfectly, you cannot see the person who takes action perfectly.
Also, if you are not clean, you cannot see the person who does things cleanly.
In Proverbs 20:7 it says, “The righteous man is blameless.”
Those who act on God’s Word blamelessly are called ‘righteous.’
God promised to bless the righteous, and to bless their descendants as well.
We must be perfect just as God is perfect.

The difference between someone who does things perfectly and someone who does not do things perfectly
is a difference of intelligence.
The difference in intelligence is ‘a difference in thoughts.’
If your thoughts are strong, you do things with a powerful force-of-action.
But if your thoughts are weak and hazy, no matter what you do, you will stop along the way. 
These types of people are low in intelligence.
It is ‘your personal responsibility.’
Everyone has things they cannot do 100% because their thoughts are weak. 
That is why their brain’s ignition turns off along the way.
This is a result of your brain becoming habituated that way, 
and your constitution becoming habituated that way.
Your brain is determined by how it is habituated.
You must take action 100% by doing all of your responsibilities.
There is a small difference between doing things perfectly and not doing things perfectly.
A lot of things would have worked out if you thought a little more 
but had end up not working out because you don’t think a little more.
God looks for something that is more perfect in us.
I said that those who take action perfectly are righteous people, right?
God looks for ‘those who take action perfectly, the righteous ones.’
You have to enjoy happiness by putting God’s Word into action perfectly.
There is a joyful feeling of accomplishment for completion 
when you take action perfectly and completely. 

When playing soccer too, if you don’t kick the ball perfectly, the ball does not go in.
You have to kick it perfectly. Then the ball will go in 100%.
Just as you can win only if you do it perfectly when playing sports, 
you have to take action perfectly in faith to not lose against Satan but win. 
The same is true with listening to the Word. 
You have to set your thoughts perfectly in the right direction. Then the Word will go into your head.
Even if your thoughts turn just a little, the Word will all leave your head.
Everything works well only ‘when it is perfect.’ 
Therefore, you should study and continuously make efforts to do things perfectly. 
Anyone is more than capable of being perfect. They just need to do a little more.
You have to take action perfectly. Then you are beautiful, awesome, and eye-catching to people.
You should make yourself perfect.

The condition of faith and the condition of action are the basics. 
If you have believed, you should take action!
Believing and taking action!
the history of taking action perfectly happens upon the foundation of these two things!
If you don’t take action 100% perfectly, 
you will become a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife who failed to take action perfectly.
You have to take action perfectly. Then you are victorious! Then you win! Then you have no problems!
God wants His beloved ones to be perfect. 
All that remains for those who heard this Word is to ‘take action.’
I hope that all of you will take action feeling accomplished and joyful for taking action perfectly!

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