Thoughts Are a God.
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Thoughts Are a God.

【Scripture】 Proverbs 4:23 
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. 

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

It is written in today’s scripture that we should guard our hearts. 
Here, “guard” can mean “to protect them,” but in essence, it means, 
“Constantly check to see where your heart flows and what you are thinking about right now.” 
People may be living together in body, but there are rarely people 
whose thoughts are constantly on God and the Lord and who live with that mentality. 
Thoughts are very important. Thoughts are like the engine of a machine.
Even if the body of a car might look big and beautiful, the value of the car is not determined by them. 
No matter how big and beautiful a car might be, 
if the engine is either small or nonexistent, the car cannot run. It is with the engine that power is exerted. 
Likewise, strength and power come from man’s mind and thoughts, which are like the engine. 
The core area is ‘the brain.’ The thoughts, mind, and heart come from the brain. 

Thoughts, the heart, and the mind - Everyone who is human has them. 
Everyone is born with thoughts,
but the big problem is that they are physical thoughts that belong to the physical world. 
Physical thoughts are weak. There are limits. 
They are not eternal, so they are bound to end. Therefore, it is meaningless. 
With physical thoughts, neither God’s Will, nor the purpose, for why a life is born cannot be fulfilled. 
You must learn spiritual thoughts and take on the spiritual mentality. 
Spiritual thoughts, heart, and mind are extremely powerful. 
Therefore, with them, you can fulfill both God’s ultimate purpose 
and Will and the purpose for which a life was born. 
Spiritual thoughts have ‘an eternal quality’ so they can help you enjoy things for eternity. 
To achieve that, you need to receive the Word of God. 
Only then can [the physical thoughts] return to spiritual thoughts, 
and your thoughts can become a super human being, a hero, and a god.  
The body will exhibit strength and become like a god 
as much as you receive God’s Word and become a god. 

People live with ‘their mind’ as the lifeline. 
Therefore, you can get into an accident and die if you think incorrectly. 
If you don’t focus when you are driving, you can get into an accident within moments. 
This is what it is like when you live the life of faith, too. 
I’m trying to tell you that you shouldn’t give a sideways glance to anything else. 
If you give a sideways glance of faith to anything else, you will crash into Satan.
You must do things with your mind being fully alert at all times. 
You must always have your senses, and  perked up/on-edge.
That is to say, always watch where your heart and thoughts are going.
You must always guard your heart and thoughts really well.
When you go through something difficult, when you become angry, or when you become enraged, 
you must watch carefully to ensure that you do not act out while letting your thoughts go to the extreme.
This is a time when you must think again with appropriate thoughts.
You make decisions starting from your thoughts, 
and you come to take action starting from your thoughts.  
Your destiny is determined by how you think.
If your thoughts are hazy and without purpose, 
you will give up and even die, saying, “Why am I even living? It doesn’t feel like I’m living.”
Thoughts change when they hear incorrectly, perceive incorrectly, and judge incorrectly.
That is why you must judge really well. 
You must always judge on God’s side. 
And you have to entrust your thoughts to God and the Lord.
People decide not in their bodies, but in their thoughts. You can even die if you think incorrectly.
That is why you must watch your heart and thoughts carefully when you are doing certain things.

You keep thinking based on what you know. If you do not know, you do not think.
That is why you must learn a lot when you are learning, 
and learn ‘good things, things pertaining to God.’
Then you will be able to think well and properly.
God made human beings’ thoughts in a tremendous way.
If you keep learning about thoughts, make them, and take action by concentrating your mind, 
your thoughts plays the huge role of a radar network that protects you.
Therefore, it cannot be compared to a body guard.
The senses and intuition of the brain are a body guard.
The spirit is also a body guard. Your thoughts are a body guard.

You have to focus your thoughts and mind for them to become strong. 
When you work too, if you concentrate your mind, 
you can do it quickly even without putting a lot of effort.
In this way, you have to concentrate your mind and heart for faith. 
Then you will be stimulated, your work will go well, and God will be pleased too.
You shouldn’t have dull and hazy thoughts. 
The stronger your purpose, the stronger your mind and willingness to take action become.
It is ‘a world where thoughts are reality.’
The body acts according to thoughts and your destiny changes accordingly.  
I hope that you will keep in mind 
that your surroundings and destiny will completely change based on your thoughts! 

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