If you are perfect, you will become a god. Be perfect as God...
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If You Are Perfect, You Will Become a God. Be perfect as God is.

【Scriptures】 John 10:35
If he called them ‘gods,’ to whom the word of God came—and Scripture cannot be set aside—

Matthew 5:48 
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

People tend to feel overwhelmed when they hear, “Be perfect as God is.” 
Then, they think, ‘how can we do it like God?’  
To be perfect as God is, is a message telling us to resemble God Himself.
Even if you kick well and run beautifully when you play soccer, if you fail to do it perfectly at the end, 
the ball will not make the goal. 
When the ball makes the goal, that is doing it perfectly. 
If you do whatever you do perfectly, like kicking the ball into the goal, it is possible for anyone. 
Everyone is doing it perfectly like this, but when you tell them to be perfect like God, 
they will think, ‘How can we be perfect like God? We’re in trouble,’ and they will feel scared. 
Doing things perfectly is not a big deal. Everyone can do it. 

The world of history is a world that is headed towards a perfect history. 
So, once a person is born, he is constantly running towards ‘a perfect life.’ 
It is just that the faster we become perfect, we have that much more to reap. 
But in the course of life, accidents happen, problems arise, and we encounter hardships. 
These are incidences that result from being imperfect.  
This is also true when you cook or when you do laundry. 
Problems happen soon after you leave out perfection. 
Let’s say that you wanted to do laundry so you put the clothes in the wash, 
but when you took it out later, none of the stain or dirt was removed. 
Why? It is because you turned on the washer without putting in the detergent. 
Only when you put in the detergent before running the wash, can it become a perfectly clean laundry. 
In this way, anything that is imperfect will all cause problems. 

Perfection is like completely filling a bowl with water. 
You need to fill the bowl with water completely in order to enter the perfect domain.
You need to do everything perfectly, in speech and action. 
Everyone is capable of doing this but they choose not to. 
That is why accidents and disasters happen, they get hurt, and problems arise. 
If God did it, no problems would arise. This is because God is ‘a perfect and complete Being.’ 
God does all things as the master of the perfect world, 
so He demands that those who believe in, serve, and live with God become perfect. 
He demands perfection. 
Therefore, you must have 100% faith in faith, too. A perfect faith is 100% faith.  

In God’s history, you will see that when they believed without knowing the truth correctly 
due to their imperfections, doors closed along the way 
and eventually problems arose in salvation as well as for that time period. 
That is why God’s Will couldn’t be fulfilled.
If the human beings, who are the counterparts, fail to act perfectly and completely, 
God cannot fulfill His Will and purpose. 
But God had been carrying out history continuously and progressively in order to fulfill His Will. 
Also, by doing it perfectly, He fulfilled His Will at a grander scale. 
We can be perfect like God. 
If we resemble God’s thoughts and act on the Word of God that we received, 
it means to be perfect like God. 
If we act according to God’s thoughts, God can fulfill that Will with us.
The main thing is ‘to have absolute faith in the great Word of God.’ 
-This is what you should be perfect in. 
Perfection in your daily life can be incomplete. But you can fix everything if you are willing. You can do it.
So I hope that you won’t say, “I can’t do it. I’m weak. Can I do it? I’m not confident.”

You have to take action perfectly in order to finish it with completion.
I hope that you will think about your own perfection,
realize what it is that you should do perfectly in your daily life, and take action. 
Also, you should make sure to fix your contradictions. 
In order to make a perfect world, you have to fix contradictions until the end.
You have to be perfect like God!
You should take action perfectly right now(!) when you are in the flesh. If not now, when would you do it?
The spiritual world is a copy of the physical world. The spirit has direct results of what the body did.
The success of the body is the spirit’s eternal success.
If you take action according to God’s Word and Will, your spirit will achieve eternal success, 
so isn’t it worth doing? But people have a lot of excuses.
They give excuses saying, “I couldn’t do it because of this. Someone stopped me. Something came up.”
God does not listen to those words. He does not listen to the things people going to Hell say.
Why? Because He’s done everything He should do for them until then. 
They could have easily escaped Hell and gone to Heaven through that, but they themselves didn’t do it.
Therefore, you shouldn’t give excuses saying, 
“I couldn’t do it because someone interrupted me and blocked me,” but you should do it if God speaks. 

“Let’s become divine beings by being perfect. 
Let’s become like God. Resemble God and be perfect like God.”
I hope that you will take action according to this Word and challenge yourself to be as perfect as God!
You have to live a perfect life like God. Then everything you do will prosper and thrive.
If you do it properly and perfectly, there won’t be any problems.
‘Be perfect like God.’
I hope that you will always live according to this message and never forget the word ‘perfect.’

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