Do Better.
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Do Better.

【Scriptures】 Proverbs 15:22 
Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

Matthew 7:11 
If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, 
how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

‘To do better’ means that “you must not do as you have been doing in the past, but do better.”
There are hundreds and thousands of things that need to be done better, 
but one of them is ‘love.’ 
“Love better. Love God more.” This is the secret message. 
This is something that you must realize on your own and do accordingly. 
You must realize ‘God’s love’ and do better in this, more than anything else. 
God is ‘a God of love,’ so love must be filled to the brim.
Also, in regards to ‘God’s Word,’ you must listen to the message better and put it to action. 

To express ‘doing better’ differently, it would be, ‘raise the level.’ 
The only way to raise the level is to do ‘what you are supposed to do.’ 
Without doing that, you cannot achieve your goal even after 10-20 years. That is how powerful action is. 
You must take action, then someone who has died can come back to life. 
You must take action, then you can go to Heaven. You must take action, then you can meet the Lord. 
You must take action, then when the Almighty God has come and is with you, 
you can live with Him side by side. 

If you do something without discussing with God, 
you are bound to do it according to your own perspective. 
It is usually the people who have strong opinions that end up doing things without discussion. 
That is why they become physical people and Cains.
You need to empty your heart 100% and always discuss with God. 
If you look at the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, 
you will see the things that were discussed with God continued on as the history of God’s Will, 
but the things that were not discussed passed on until now as the history of Cains, the secondary history.
There were two kinds of history.  
The history of their own perspectives ended along with the body on earth, 
but the things done according to God’s design and Will were administered well, 
so they prospered just as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses had. 
But the history that was carried out according to their own perspectives 
was a history on the other side, the secondary history, the history of Cains.  
You can do better when you discuss with God. That is why you should always discuss with Him.

It is not easy to empty your heart. When is it easy to empty your heart? 
When you pray a lot and when you have realized and seen the world. 
It is at these times that you don’t have a single desire to do it according to your own thoughts. 
At such times, you will realize instantly, ‘Ah, these are my thoughts.’
Another time it is easy to empty your heart is when you have failed, fallen into a trap, come to ruin, 
or when you are struck with an illness. 
At such times, you tremble out of fear because you know God’s thoughts. 
Then, you think, ‘Now, I will do it according to God’s Will.’ 

“Let’s do better.” - you don’t know how great these words are.
It means: “You did well until now, but let’s do even better.” 
It’s actually hard ‘to do a little better.’ 
But if you do a little better, the whole picture will seem different.
There are so many things to do better. With doing better, the core is ‘love.’
“Be better at love!”
From now on, you have to be better at loving God, loving the Holy Spirit, and loving the Lord.
And you have to be better at evangelizing as well. 
In addition, if each of you think about what you should do better, 
both God and the Holy Spirit will give [the idea] to your ‘brain,’ so you will realize and know.
So I hope that you will reflect on the past to realize what you failed to do, and now do better.

“Do better. I love you, so do better.” - This is what God said.
Everyone should take this Word as their philosophy, 
do better to God, love God more, and do everything better.
If you do, your destiny will change.
Today’s message, “I love you, so do better. Among the things you should do better, the core is ‘love.’
Discuss with God and the Holy Spirit. You can do better only when you discuss. 
And keep seeking, asking, and knocking. Then something better will be given.” 
I hope that you will not forget this Word but work hard in your daily life.

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