The History of God’s Love
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The History of God’s Love

【Scriptures】 Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Hallelujah! I bless that you will be filled with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration and workings of the Word. 

In Romans 5:8, it is written: 
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
God had given us everything that He needed to give through Jesus’ death on the cross 
because it was the work God carried out using ‘Jesus’ body, the one He had sent.’ 
God even had the one He had sent die for the sinners, so what more could He possible do, right? 
That is why God had the apostles write down the words,
“This demonstrates My love now. Since it is finished off with love, it is finished. 
It is as if the whole world is sown with love.” 
Do you know what kind of God He is? 
God is many things, but He is ‘the origin of love.’  Also, we are the ‘outcome of His love.’ 
That is why God and we must live with ‘love.’
God treats us with love and we should live treating Him with love. 
We are ‘God’s counterpart of love,’ and God is ‘the object of our love.’ 
God loves human beings even if they do not know of His love. Why? 
This is because human beings are life forms that began with God’s love. 
Therefore, God loves, not just those who know and love Him, but also everyone in the whole world.
Just as the people receive the sun’s help whether they know it or not, 
God who is the origin of love loves all lives whether they know it or not. 
God loves lives till the day they die.  

God cannot restrain Himself ‘from all things that have to do with love.’ 
That is why God created all creatures in Heaven and on earth and human beings with that love, 
and He created all kinds of things for people to live on. 
He even created food for people to survive on, had them run after them, 
and had them make all kinds of things.   
There is not just one kind of God’s love. It is hundreds and thousands of kinds. 
There are 7.5 billion people on earth alone, 
and if you were to picture tens and hundreds of ways to love each person, the number is boundless. 
Therefore, if you were to consider God’s love by numbers, I would say, “It is boundless.”
If I were to tell you one more thing about God’s love, it would be that, 
God does ‘what is most appropriate and wanted at each moment.’ 
People are also happy when you do what they want.
If you do when they didn’t even want, they will not like it, and go away saying that they don’t need it. 
It is ‘a blessing’ to receive what you want, 
so God gives to everyone what you want appropriately at each moment. 

It is written in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.” 
God created the universe, the creatures and nature in Heaven and on earth, and people. 
He also saved the people and allowed them to come to Heaven. 
In order to do this, there needs to be ‘someone who God has sent, the Messiah.’ 
The greatest work that God has always done in this world was the work of sending the Messiah
Why? This is because God’s salvation history began 
and the history of opening the gate to Heaven happened by sending the Messiah. 
If you want to receive salvation and eternal life, you need ‘the Word.’ 
He must come and preach God’s Word, and you must listen to that Word and put it to action. 
Only those who do can receive salvation. 
If you listen and act on God’s Word, you can transfer from death to life. 
That is how important the Word is. 

If people do not have a counterpart of love, they cannot love. They can just love themselves. 
Even if God has the love of the Creator, He cannot love if there is no counterpart to love. 
Angels are not ‘God’s counterparts of love.’
God loves angels at the level of children, 
but He created them not at the complete child level but as errand runners. 
There are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of things to do for God in Heaven, 
so God created angels who run errands.
God’s fundamental fiery love that is like the core extract cannot be used fully for errand runners.
That is why God contemplated and created a world to which He can give that love. 
That world is the ‘Earth.’ And the other one [He created] is ‘human beings.’
After creating counterparts of love, God continuously treats them with love.
Therefore, we who have become His counterparts of love should also treat God always with love.

Do you know one of the methods to be close to God?
God really loves it when you realize what He has done for you, be happy and delighted, admire it.
If you do this, you will draw close to God. If not, you will become distant from Him.
God doesn’t like it if you only pray.
People are good at praying, but they can’t converse well. I hope that you will converse with God!
Since you have become God’s counterparts of love, you should now always live truthfully and meaningfully 
while always loving in an awesome and fun way.

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