The person whose thoughts are alive is the person who is ali...
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The person whose thoughts are alive is the person who is alive.

【Scriptures】 Matthew 22:32
‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?’ 
He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

Even if you have thoughts, if you do not think, you will be unable to use them.
The state in which you are not thinking is a state of being dead.
‘A person whose thoughts are dead’ is a person who is dead.
‘A person whose thoughts are alive’ is a person who is alive.
The reason people cannot use [thoughts] is not because they do not have thoughts.
The reason people cannot use [thoughts] is because they do not think.    
If you forget from your thoughts, then it is over. 
Even if you look through your eyes, if you look while forgetting from your thoughts, you cannot see.
The ‘eyes’ are a tool. It is like a video camera or a still camera.
Both a video camera and a still camera will operate only if you turn on the switch, right? 
Thinking is like a switch. Therefore, human beings must see while thinking. Then they will see. 
People always see with their eyes.
However, unless they look while thinking about whatever purpose they have in mind, they cannot see.
Let's say that a few people visited your home and left. 
If you looked [at them] without thinking about who wore what kinds of clothes, 
even though you saw their clothes, you will not remember what color clothing they wore.
That is why whenever you look at something, rather than seeing just with the eyes, 
you must look at it thinking about each and every thing in detail. Then you will see.

Even if you did look with thinking, if you forget from your ‘thoughts,’ you will not know. 
The ‘brain’ plays the role of a generator. The ‘thinking’ plays the role of making the brain function.
It is the thinking that moves the brain. 
Therefore, if you want to keep the brain from becoming hardened, you must keep thinking.
Once your brain becomes hardened because you did not think constantly, 
later, even thinking will be tiresome for you.
Thinking is the brain’s life.
Therefore, if you lost Thinking, you will lose the things you saw,
you will lose the things you heard, and you will also lose the things you should do.
You must pray so that the things that should come to mind will come to mind. 
If you pray, they will come to mind. 
There are many people who have things they should do for themselves 
but cannot do them because they have forgotten them from their thoughts . 
You must keep thinking about ‘things you should do for yourself,’
keep thinking about the Lord, keep thinking about the ‘Word,’ 
and so take action without forgetting [them] from your thoughts.

When a person forgets something from their thoughts, 
they will not know until it comes to their thoughts again.
If you have forgotten from your thoughts what object was left where, 
you live without knowing until you find it again, don't you?
The same is true with the Lord, and the Word. 
If you have forgotten them from your thoughts, 
you live engrossed with your life without knowing until they come to mind again, right? 
If you forget from your thoughts no matter how much God, the Holy Spirit, 
and the Holy Son call you through your thoughts, They will not come to mind. 
Therefore, I hope that you will always call God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son’
and talk and converse with Them at all times. 
The reason you call them all the time is so that you do not forget Them from your thoughts .
If you call the Holy Son, since the Holy Son is alive in your thoughts , 
you will commune with the Holy Son at all times, receive His thoughts, and live by them.

‘Thoughts’ are blessings. ‘Thoughts’ are life.
If the thoughts are dead, even if an entire day passes, things will not come to mind and so you cannot do it. 
If you do not think, even if nature is alive and people are alive, 
you will not know even if an entire generation passes.
If you treat [people] without thinking, you will not know even if you have interacted with a person.
You must take action while thinking.
A person who is taking action with their thinking alive will take action 10 times, 100 times more.
When things come to mind, you feel like you will not forget them for your entire lifetime. 
However, in the course of living your daily lives, you will forget them in an instant.
When you are thinking, you see [what you are thinking about] as if you see with your eyes. 
Just as what you were seeing disappears when you turn your eyes away, 
when you turn your thinking away, 
[what you were thinking about] will disappear from your thoughts in an instant.
You must focus your thinking. 
Then you will not forget, you will think deep things, and think high level things.

‘Thoughts’ are 40 billion times faster than light.
If, even the thoughts, which are faster than light, are dull, 
you will be late and so cannot gain the things you would have gained. 
As for the body, ‘moving and taking action’ is considered to be taking action. 
However, for the thinking, ‘having thought’ is taking action.
A person who lives without thinking is living life in vain.
You must take action with your eyes of thinking open.
Then your actions will be alive along with the thinking and so you will gain 10 times, 100 times as much.
Even if you think, if you don’t take action, you are a person whose actions are dead.
It is ‘thinking and taking action.’
You have to think and put it into practice. Then your brain will not become hardened.
Your body must move at the same time as you think. 
Then you will fulfill your hopes and achieve your purpose.
If you only think, then you will not gain reality. 
You have to put thought into practice. Then you will gain ‘reality’ and so your body will use it. 

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son work even more powerfully upon 
those whose ‘thought and actions’ are alive.
I hope that you will have thought that are alive, bring your actions to life also, 
and quickly take action on the things you must do without letting your valuable time go to waste. 

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