You have to take action. Only then will you shine.
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You have to take action. Only then will you shine.

【Scriptures】 James 2:14,17
What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but had no deeds? 
Can such a faith save them?
In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
Today also, the Holy Spirit will work through moving and inspiring your hearts. 
So I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery grace of the Holy Spirit as you listen to the Word.

One day I noticed drops of water falling from the faucet one by one. 
Those water drops reflected light and glistened. 
At that moment the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation while making me realize one thing deeply. 
“You must move. Only then will you shine.”
Whether they are 100 things or 1000 things, everything we do in life is the same. 
You have to move. Only then will you shine. You have to put things into practice. 
Only then will you shine. 
You have to take action. Only then will you shine. 
Look at water. Between confined water and flowing water, which do you think shines more?
Of course, ‘the flowing water’ shines more.
The movement of the flowing water reflects light and so flowing water shines more.
Also, because water moves as it flows, it does not decay either. 

On casual glance, the water in the ocean seem to be confined and undulating in place. 
However, the waters in the ocean are moving. They flow at a very rapid pace. 
The current is so fast that when you throw something on it, that object will also flow away at a rapid pace. 
That is why boats without engines are carried away by the ocean currents. 
You have to move. Only then will you shine. You have to take action. Only then will you shine. 
With steel too. You have to take action with it. Only then will you make something necessary and it shines. 
If you took action with steel and made a refrigerator, then you must use it. Only then will it shine. 
In this way, you have to make it while taking action on ‘the things that should be done.’ 
Only then will you shine.
You have to use the things you have made. Only then will you shine and also gain.
Therefore, ‘You should make something by taking action 
and use what you have made in a satisfying way.’
You have to use something by taking action. Only then will you gain.
You have to gain by taking action. Only then will you know how much you will gain.

You learn ‘the Word’ in order to know the Trinity, in order to know the one who will save you, 
in order to know why you were born, in order to know God’s Will toward human beings. 
Once you have learned the Word, then you must take action. 
You have to take action. Only then will you come to know the power and authority of the Word.
While doing so you will also find God’s history and the Lord even more and will acknowledge them clearly.
Since you take action at that level, you will not be shaken, you will be abundantly full of love, 
and will get up again and take action even if things are difficult. 
People fail to live life [properly] because they don’t know 
and die after living at that position because they don’t know. 
If you know, you will take action. If you know roughly, you cannot take action.
If you know clearly, you will take action. And since you take action, you will gain.
From the things you have done you gain ‘even higher level things,’ 
and from there, by finding ‘higher level things’ and taking action on it, you gain again. 

People cut grass and prune the trees in the mountains, right?
The more they keep doing that, the wider the trails will become and the more transformation will happen, 
and the more beautifully and attractively the shapes of the trees will change. 
In this way, the more you take action, the more noticeable it will become.
If you take action, it becomes noticeably better; if you don’t take action, you incur losses noticeably.
If you move, you will shine. If you take action, you will shine. 
The more you take action, the more it will show, the more you take action, 
the more you will gain, the more you take action, the higher your level will become, 
and the more you take action, the further you will develop. 
Therefore, you must surely take action no matter what the circumstances are.

If you give up because you are late and if you give up on all because you have failed, 
then you will become a complete loser in that area. 
There are things you were defeated at because you failed to do your responsibilities.
There are things you were defeated at as a result of being deceived by Satan.
Because of that if you get discouraged, 
and completely give up on even the rest of the things saying ‘Darn it~ I don’t care,’ 
and live in that state of just sinning, it means you have been completely defeated.
Being ‘partially defeated’ and ‘being defeated in everything’ 
are completely different in terms of situation and circumstances.
You should not give up just because you are late, give up just because you failed at a few things, 
and live just recklessly sinning from that moment on.
You can do it if you take action with the remaining time even if you are late 
and if you take action with the remaining things even if you have failed. 
You end up causing your own self to be defeated.
If you give up and give in because you are late, because you failed, 
or because things are not working out, then from that moment on, you will completely belong to Satan.

Now is ‘the time period in which we live with the Trinity and love Them.’
This time period is not a time period to seek them only if you suddenly think of Them, 
seek Them only on special days, and just believe in and serve Them.
This is a time period to live with the Holy Trinity, serving Them, seeking Them, 
conversing with Them in daily life, and always communing with Them, 
and being always united with and loving the Holy Trinity.
The more you climb up the stairs the more you go on to the next levels.
In the same way, the more you keep thinking and taking action according to God’s Word, 
the deeper things you will realize, the higher level things you will do, and [the further] you will develop.
Like flowing water, you should take action continuously every day!
Just as water flows without stopping from streams to rivers and from rivers to the ocean, 
you should raise your level and take action continually!
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