There are ‘two paths’ before you. However, if you do acc...
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There are ‘two paths’ before you. 
However, if you do according to God’s Will, there is only ‘one path.’ 

【Scriptures】 John 4:34
‘My food,’ said Jesus, ‘is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son always go according to ‘Heaven’s Will.’
On the other hand, human beings sometimes go according to ‘man’s will’ 
and sometimes go according to ‘Heaven’s Will.’ 
The body of a human being sometimes goes according to the ‘spirit’s will’ 
and sometimes goes as the body wants according to the ‘body’s will.’ 
That is, when a person is spiritual, he go following the ‘Will of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.’
But when a person is physical, he get caught up on centering on himself and so follow ‘his own will.’
A person cannot travel ‘two paths’ [at the same time].
Therefore, if you are going to travel on one path, you have to give up 100% on the other path.
If you are going to go east, you have to give up [going] west.

If you do not live being one with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son,
no matter what you do, there will be no ‘progress.’
If we take action separately from the Holy Son, there will not be ‘progress of work,’
we will work only ‘physically’ and we will be unable to work ‘spiritually.’
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son are spirits. Therefore, They only do spiritual work. 
And when doing physical work, They do it through human beings.
Therefore, you must take action being one with the Holy Son. 
Then you will do not only ‘physical work,’ but will do even ‘spiritual work,’ 
and that work will make progress. 

No matter what you do, on a big scale, ‘two paths’ always appear before you. 
That is, the ‘path centering on yourself’ and the ‘path that God and the Holy Son want.’    
If so, when do ‘two paths’ appear before you?
Two paths, the ‘path you want,’ and the ‘path that God and the Holy Son want,’ appear before you 
when you are having ‘your own thoughts, your own perspectives.’
The reason is this: We live with physical bodies. 
So whenever we do not become one with the Holy Son, we always think the body’s thoughts. 
Whenever you discard your own will and are doing according to God and the Holy Son’s Will,
before you, there is always only the one path, [the path] that God and the Holy Son want.

Then, how can we discard our own will, do according to God’s Will, and go forth choosing the one path?
You must not look only at the present reality.
If you look only at the present reality, 
you will only get the ‘answer you calculated from looking only at the present reality.’
If you look at the future, there is the ‘answer that pertains to the future.’
Whatever you do, you must not look only at the present 
but look at everything even to the future. 
Then you will find the ‘answers that pertain to the future’ and choose the ‘one path’ 
according to the Will of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.
However, even if you have discarded your own thoughts and perspectives 
and do according to Heaven’s Will while entrusting everything to the Trinity, 
[it doesn’t mean that] that matter will simply work out no matter what.
God takes action when the ‘time’ has come.
God takes action according to ‘time’ as He operates the earth and operates the seasons.
Therefore, He does not do things while stopping the earth and stopping the seasons 
when the ‘time’ has not come yet.
Therefore, even if we are doing things according to God’s Will, we must wait until the ‘time’ comes.
Do not just wait, however.
Instead, you must wait while praying and setting the conditions so you can gain. 
If you ask God to let you harvest when the autumn hasn’t come yet, even God cannot do that for you.
You must wait until the autumn, the time of harvesting comes 
while sowing seeds in the spring and tending to the crops all summer long. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son too. Because the ‘time’ has to come, They also wait for the time.
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son surely fulfill ‘God’s Will’ while taking action according to time.

How difficult it is to choose ‘which path’ to take when ‘two paths’ appear before you. 
Only those who have experienced it will know [this].
There are ‘two paths’ but you can take only ‘one path.’
When it is difficult to know and discern which path to take,
you must decide to take the ‘side of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son,’ 
the Ones who know, and take it.
Which path is the ‘correct path’ is something you will come to know only if you become divine.
To become divine:
All you need to do is become one with the Almighty and act according to the ‘Almighty’s Will.’

If there are ‘two paths’ before you,
you must surely choose the ‘path that is one with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son’ 
and take action being one with the Holy Son.
Then you will make progress, be protected, receive blessing, and do well and prosper!

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