According to the deeds of your body, your house in Heaven ge...
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According to the deeds of your body, your house in Heaven gets made and you broaden the land you own in Heaven.

【Scriptures】 Matthew 16:27
For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father's glory with his angels, 
and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.

1 Corinthians 15:19
If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

Even if human beings live in the same earth, each nation, each family, and each individual lives separately. 
The same is true with ‘the world of faith.’
Even if people go to the same Heaven and live in the same area 
after believing in God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son, 
each person will live separated according to ‘their individuality, talents, and merits.’
Even if people go to Heaven, they will not live in the same room but will each live in their individual homes. 
During their lives on earth in their bodies, which time period did they receive and live in?
Who did they follow and what kind of Word did they listen to and live by?
And what level did they live at? The place ‘a spirit dwells’ is determined by those factors:
Just as people live separated according to their levels in this world, 
they will do the same in Heaven too.
Depending on how much action they took, and how they lived their lives, 
people become separated and live making their ‘spiritual world.’

In this world, you must have ‘your own possessions and your own home’ 
in order for you to use them whenever you want as you please.
In Heaven also, you must have ‘your own possessions and your own home.’
Then you can live as you use them by yourself as you please.
Therefore, there are ‘individuals’ houses’ in Heaven. But these houses cannot be just made for free.
Just as you make money and build a building with [that money], 
With ‘your deeds and merits’ during the time you live with your body in this world,
you make your own personal house in Heaven. 
There are separate houses that belong to individuals 
and separate roads, parks, and environments that people living in that domain share.
That place is a ‘place that is given only to the people who belong to the same class and level.’
People who belong to a low level domain cannot go around that place. 
The ‘world of order’ is determined according to the level [of the people].
A person who has accomplished little merits 
cannot go to the domain where a person who has accomplished great merits dwells.
In Heaven, people’s spirits are treated according to the deeds of their bodies in the world.  
Therefore, even in the same Heaven, people exist separated according to their levels.
Depending on the  grade of your body’s life, your body’s deeds’ in the physical world, 
in the spiritual world, your ‘spirit’ will live doing things exactly that way.  

Just as your own home is important and valuable on the Earth 
your own home is so important and valuable in Heaven as well.
Your home in Heaven is your possession, so it is ‘a miniature scale Heaven’ that you use as you please. 
Your home in Heaven also has ‘gardens.’
Within those gardens, a palace, mountains, trees, a sea, rivers, and streams’ are all included. 
However, if you do nothing, neither ‘a house’ nor ‘gardens in Heaven’ are made.
According to the merits that your body built, according to the actions of your body in the world,
your ‘house and gardens in Heaven’ are made
and ‘the internal features of the house and gardens’ are constructed in various ways.
When making your house in Heaven,
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son make for you an environment you like. 
If you like mountains, They give you mountains as the environment.
If you like the ocean, They give you the ocean as the environment.
However, you have to have ‘merits of your body.’  
Only then can you make the environment you want.
The Trinity] make the environment according to what that person has done in this world, 
according to that person’s merits, but They make it for them in the heavenly way.

‘Righteousness’ is like money.
In this world too. If you have lots of money,
you can buy a lot of land, build a big house, and so you can live freely. Heaven is that way too.
If, when your body is living on the earth, you take action being united with the Lord,
do deeds of love, and build up a lot of merits, 
then you are like a person who saved a lot of ‘money.’
So you will make your house and garden in Heaven big and possess them.
In the world too. If you develop land, you will be able to use that land in a vast and big way.
In the same way, you make your house in Heaven bigger and wider 
by forcibly taking Heaven through ‘your righteous deeds.’
As for land in Heaven, once you take possession of them,
they forever become ‘your land, your house, your garden.’ 

When you go to Heaven, you can tell how much your body has done.
It is because according to the deeds of your body ‘your house and your garden’ in Heaven have been made.
Some have ‘ordinary houses and ordinary gardens’ 
and some have ‘houses made of gold, white gold, and diamonds and gardens made of pure gold.’
The levels are divided into upper, middle, and lower, and the differences are immense. 
When you go to Heaven and see, [you see that] the houses in Heaven are noticeably different 
according to whether or not a person’s body lived a life of thanksgiving in this world.
People have to live lives of thanksgiving. 
Then God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son will grant them things 
in noticeable ways both on the earth and in Heaven according to what that person has done.

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son do things for people 
according to their constitution and wishes. 
However, even if people have things they want, they must have ‘merits.’ 
Only then will the Trinity do things as they want. 
Therefore, as you are living in this world,
you must become united in heart, united in thoughts, united in actions, 
and united in love with the Lord and have big hearts, thoughts, and actions.
Everyone, so that your garden in Heaven is so vast that your legs would hurt to walk around it,
so that your house in Heaven is so vast that you would get lost and cannot come out of it,
I hope that right now, you will diligently do all the work you should do
and live loving the Holy Son and doing your best!

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