You succeed at ‘the thoughts.’
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You succeed at ‘the thoughts.’

【Scriptures】 John 10:35
If he called them 'gods,' to whom the word of God came-and the Scripture cannot be broken-

Hallelujah! I bid you the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

While creating the human body, God created ‘the brain,’ which is the body’s core.
He enabled [people] to ‘think’ in their brains and let them move their own bodies with those thoughts.
People operate their brains and also use their physical bodies with ‘thoughts.’ 
So if they cannot think properly, both the body and the brain are all useless. 
I said that if you make a TV but its screen doesn’t work, then the TV is useless, right? 
In the same way, even if your body and your body parts are fine, 
if your thoughts go wrong, then they are useless. 
Therefore, if your thoughts are broken and so lose its ability to function, 
you will be unable to do even little things, let along big things, and will fail at everything you do in life.

For people, ‘thoughts’ are the core.
If your thoughts are lethargic and lose their sensitivity,
your body’s life will be broken and thus fail, you will fail at both salvation,
and both your spirit will fail eternally.
People succeed at ‘the thoughts.’
Depending on whether a person thinks well or not, they succeed and also fail.
However, at each moment, you have the thought of wanting to do something
and the thought of not wanting to do something.
If it is something you should do but you ‘think that you don’t want to do it,’ then you will fail; 
If it is something you should not do but you ‘think that you want to do it,’ then you will fail.
There are two reasons why you think that you don’t want to do it even though it is something you should do.
First, it is because you have no motivation to do it 
since your thoughts cannot feel the ‘necessity’ of doing it.
Second, it is because your body is comfortable when it does nothing. 
While living your life of faith too you come up against ‘the thought of not wanting to do certain tasks.’
There are times when neither your thoughts nor your body doesn’t feel like doing it.
Just as you cannot endure it if you keep lying down and not eating because you don’t want to do it, 
you cannot endure it if you keep lying down and being idle without doing what you should do.
Even though you may not want to do it right now, it is the work that you must ultimately do anyway. 
Even if you don’t want to do it and even if it is hard to do, 
you have to defeat and overcome that with ‘thoughts that are stronger than that.’
Only then will you do it at the right time.

The Divine Beings have ‘limits’ too.
No matter how omniscient and omnipotent They are, there are limits to what They do.
Even the omnipotent Divine Being cannot personally hold and pull our arms, 
pick up our bodies and move them, or move our hands and feet for us.
They do things for us justly only up to the limits of the Divine Being. 
Therefore, you should hear the Word that God and the Holy Son give you, 
receive the inspiration and grace that the Holy Spirit gives you, 
and arm yourself strongly with the Trinity’s thoughts 
and thus you, yourself, should take action with your own body.
You know about yourself better than anyone.
Therefore, you have to figure out your own self, 
become a god of thoughts by receiving the thoughts of the Trinity, 
and live for yourself while controlling yourself.
Even though God has the power, He does not live life for each and every person.
Consider parents in a family. 
Even though they are parents, would they do all the work their children should do for them?
If he were to do that, when would he live his own life?
Even a parent does not do all the work his child should do on their behalf. 
He teaches [his child or lover] how to do the work, makes the right circumstances for them, 
and leaves to do his own work.  God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son also do things that way.
If human beings are going to do nothing, why do they exist? 
Human beings exist while thinking and taking action.
A human being must receive ‘the thoughts of the Divine Being’ 
and does the work he must do being one with the Divine Being.

You, yourself should receive the Trinity’s thoughts and do things according to God’s Will 
and then ask the Trinity to help you if you still lack the strength. 
If you do, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son will not appear in the body 
and help you but will help you by giving you inspiration, help you by giving you the power of thoughts, 
help you by giving you the thought of wanting to do it, help you by changing the circumstances, 
help you through creation, help you by giving you the Word and letting you realize, 
and help you through an appropriate person.
When it comes to ‘your life and the work you should do,’ 
by you, yourself, taking action on it, you will gain joy from that and get to enjoy it.
It is for you, yourself to become ‘the body that takes action,’ 
for the thoughts of the Lord to become your thoughts 
and thus, for you to ‘take action together with the Lord’ every day.
It is to take action continuously, every day, and a lot, but to take action according to the Trinity’s thoughts.
A person who takes action every day according to the Trinity’s Will without holding back 
is the person who lives the victorious life every day.

You have to raise the level of your thoughts and make it become ‘a god.’
If you think after first raising the level of your thoughts, 
[your thoughts] are really different from when it was at the low level.
As a result of that, your body’s life and your spirit’s life are determined.
Therefore, I urge you to raise the level of your thoughts first and then decide and take action.
It is ‘to pray so you will think well every day.’  
It is ‘to inscribe the Word into your brain 
so you can receive the Divine Being’s thoughts every day.’
If you do that, you will get out of ordinary thoughts 
and think the Divine Being’s highest level thoughts.
It is to put that into practice all the time!

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