If you challenge yourself, miracles will happen.
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If you challenge yourself, miracles will happen.

Hallelujah! I pray that the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son be with you.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

As for people, if they do not ‘challenge,’ there is no ‘progress.’
They will end up remaining in that same spot. 
If a person fails to make progress but remains in the same spot, 
there is nothing more miserable than that, there is nothing more difficult than that, 
and hope, joy, and satisfaction will all vanish.
If you challenge yourself, ‘miracles’ will happen. Then how can you challenge yourself? 
The basic component of challenging is ‘putting things into practice.’
‘Challenging’ arises out of taking action.

‘Challenging’ is having a goal and taking action toward it.
If you challenge yourself, like you climbing up stairs, you will keep climbing higher.
That is, if you challenge yourself, you will raise your level.
As much as you take action, you will raise the level of your ‘brain’ that much 
and so, you will change limitlessly.
It is to rise higher every day by challenging every day through doing a little bit more each day.
The more you raise your level that way, the more you will see and the more you will feel. 
As a result of that, you will be more satisfied and you will enjoy more gratification. 
The more you challenge yourself, the more ‘the heart of wanting to do more’ spring up 
so that your brain, heart, eyes, and actions will be even more satisfied.
‘Challenging’ makes you have ‘a desire to do something.’ 
So, it keeps you from stopping to take action every day.

‘The brain’ sees things according to how you think.
If you challenge yourself, you will acquire immunity of thoughts. 
So, you will think that even a high place is low and the heart of wanting to climb it will spring up.
As that happens, you come to ‘challenge.’ By challenging like that, you will get to conquer the high places.
Because you want to see more, want to know more, want to dig more, want to feel more, 
want to touch more, want to experience more, want to become prettier, want to become more attractive, 
want to raise your level higher, want to do better, want to gain more, 
want to enjoy more, and want to be satisfied by doing things to the point you cannot do any more
- you take action more to fill [your life] with satisfaction. 
This is what ‘challenging’ is.
In order to reach a level of greater satisfaction, 
you have to challenge by taking action continually for a year, two years, three years. 
In order to see more, feel more, gain more, and for your own satisfaction, 
you have to challenge yourself with a goal.
However, because your brain can go to limitless degrees, your actions cannot follow. 
‘The brain’ is limitless. So, you cannot satisfy ‘the brain’ through physical challenges.
Therefore, you have to engage in spiritual challenges.
If you take action being one with the Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, 
you will challenge yourself to levels you cannot even imagine.

‘Challenging’ is planning and then taking action.
Having a goal to see more, feel more, go further, and climb higher, 
and it is to climb to the end [in order to achieve that goal]. That is what ‘challenging’ is.
For example, even if something is ‘difficult, impossible, or hard,’ if you actually challenge yourself to do it, 
it turns out to be different from what you thought while seeing with your eyes.
When you challenge yourself to do it, you find that there are footholds, there are hand holds, 
there are big trails, and there are narrow paths too.
Sometimes you will come upon thorn bushes or rocks that block your path. 
However, as for thorn bushes, you can just push your way through them 
and as for rocks, you can just break them. 
If the path is blocked because the weeds have grown thick in the area, 
you can tread on them little by little and move forward. Then the weeds will bend/break.
In the course of doing that, you will see a foothold and you will see the path. 
If a tree blocks your path, by not stopping and challenging, you can climb up by hanging on to the tree.
‘Challenging’ is to not stand still but to tenaciously take action.

It is to challenge spiritually.
It is to challenge finding what God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son want from each of you.
It is to challenge to finding that and taking action on it.
It is to challenge to listen to the Word and take action on it.
It is to challenge to transform in a better way. It is to challenge to not sin.
It is to challenge to be diligent. It is to challenge to be on time.
It is to make promises to the Lord and challenge to keep those promises.
It is to challenge to check 100% and then take action.
It is to challenge to defeat Satan and solve problems 
while praying deeply, earnestly, and powerfully every day.
It is to challenge yourself by taking action every day 
in order to see more, feel more, raise your level higher, to be satisfied more, and to gain more.

‘The body’ has a limit to its beauty and a limit to its transformation.
[God] permitted ‘the spirit,’ [on the other hand], to transform beautifully and mysteriously without limits.
[However,] He just made it so that [the spirit] would transform and become beautiful and mysterious 
by raising its level limitlessly according to how it lives loving the Trinity 
while listening to God’s Word and obeying that Word.
We have to live our lives challenging ourselves to do this. It is to challenge spiritually.

It is to climb higher and higher every day by taking action more and more every day and challenging.
In order to go to higher levels of satisfaction 
and to see more, feel more, gain more and raise your level higher, 
I urge you to climb higher by ‘challenging’ yourself toward your goals!

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