Realize ‘the wondrousness’ and love while rejoicing and ...
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Realize ‘the wondrousness’ and love while rejoicing and being thankful.
In order to realize ‘the wondrousness,’
learn God’s Word, put it into practice, and become one with the Trinity.

【Scriptures】 Psalms 104:24
How many are your works, Lord!
In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.

Hallelujah! I pray that the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son be with you.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

The universe, the earth, people, and other things too – God created everything to be wondrous.
However, people consider those marvelous things as just ordinary. Why do they do that?
It is because they do not know. They do that because the level of their thoughts is low.
That is why you must be one with God. In order to become one with God you must learn God’s thoughts.

Look at the mountains. Aren’t they wondrous?
Not all of them are flat, high, or low. God created them to have different heights. 
Therefore, God created mountains wondrously so they can be used in a broad way even if they are small.
The Earth is that way also.
If the entire Earth had been made as flat ground it would’ve been too narrow to use and unsightly as well. 
Look at a human beings’ face and each body part.
If all of the body parts had been made flat, would they be beautiful? 
God created human beings’ faces and body parts to be sunken where they should be sunken 
and to protrude where they should protrude. 
That is why [human beings] are wondrous and beautiful. 
It’s the same for the Earth and for mountains. 
Just like human beings’ faces and body parts,
God created them to be sunken where they should be sunken and to protrude where they should protrude. 
That is why they are nice to look at, wondrous, and beautiful. 

“Something is wondrous only when wondrousness and amazingness are rooted in it.” 
“The principles of wondrousness are ‘strengths/weaknesses, peaks/valleys, and highs/lows.’” 

God made human beings, the Earth, and all creations according to their individuality 
and let them exist arranged as one form. 
God made each body part—the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet, waist, buttock, arms, legs, and so on
—according to their uniqueness adjusting strengths/weaknesses, peaks/valleys, and highs/lows. 
While doing so, God made respective unique body parts bundled as one form 
and let them exist having give-and-take actions. 
God also made each area of the Earth such as land, mountains, oceans, and so on 
according to their individuality adjusting strengths/weaknesses, peaks/valleys, and highs/lows
While doing so, God made respective unique areas bundled as one form 
and let them exist having give-and-take actions. 
Indeed, something has to be ‘strengths/weaknesses, peaks/valleys, and highs/lows’ 
in order to be wondrous.
In this way, ‘wondrousness’ must be ingrained in them for them to be wondrous.
If the earth was devoid of mountains and was endlessly flat like a desert, 
it would be harsh, tiresome to look at, and the more you looked at it, the wearier you would get. 
Also, since the earth would be flat wherever you went on the earth, 
you would have nothing to see for your entire lifetime 
because seeing what’s around you would the same as seeing the entire earth.
Also, if all the body parts of people were flat, they would have trouble functioning, 
they would be unsightly, and they would not be beautiful.
God created 7.3 billion people on the face of the Earth to be all different.
Just looking at the body parts of one person, God created each body part differently from others. 
Even if you consider the tens of thousands of mountains on the earth, 
there is not a single mountain that is the same as another. Trees all look different as well. 
Even if you take the pine seeds from the same pine tree and plant them all on the same land, 
each of them grow differently. 
The sun, the moon, and the stars look different, and the countless stars all look different too. 
However, both eyes, both nostrils, both ears, both hands, both feet, both arms, both legs, both lungs [etc.]
are ‘pairs.’ 
So, God created each pair in the same image and likeness.
Creating everything all differently and [letting] them exist connected to each other in unison: 
this is God’s omniscient and omnipotent wisdom and power. 
It is the Divine Being’s marvelous skill and wondrous ability.

Do you know where blessings come from? 
“The level must be raised. Only then is it a blessing.
Only someone who has raised the level of thoughts and deeds will know a lot and enjoy a lot.”

No matter how beautiful and wondrous something is, 
if ‘the level of your thoughts’ is low, you cannot see it. 
Only someone who has raised the level of his thoughts 
can see it, rejoice, experience its flavor, and enjoy it.
When God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son give blessings, 
They allow you to see things correctly by exciting your ‘thoughts’ 
and so raising ‘the level of your thoughts.’
And through that, They let you gain and enjoy.
Even something that is beautiful, wondrous, and precious too- if you see it all the time, 
your ‘thoughts develop immunity’ to that and so your thoughts will become lethargic.
So from that point on, you cannot feel ‘the beauty, wondrousness, and value’ of that object 
but instead, you just see it as ordinary. 
That does not mean that the object has lost some of its beauty and wondrousness compared to before. 
You see that precious and wondrous object as being ordinary 
because the level of your thoughts has fallen compared to before.
Therefore, as a result of that, you cannot gain and enjoy.
While doing so they lose ‘the ideal life,’ they lose ‘the Creators God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son,’ 
and they lose ‘the wondrous world of the spirit and soul.’
God’s creation is the most beautiful and wondrous. 
Therefore, if you receive [God’s] designs and thoughts 
and take action becoming one with the Trinity, 
the level of your thoughts will be raised 
and you will see things at the same level as God, taste the flavor, 
and take action at a high level while singing and dancing. 
By doing that you will gain a lot and enjoy a lot. 
I urge you to realize and rejoice over the fact 
that both the earth and the body parts of human beings are wondrous, 
give thanks and glory to the Creator God, love the Holy Trinity, 
and live using the things They gave you valuably.
Then your spirit will also go to ‘the Heaven,’ the eternally wondrous kingdom.
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