God looks for ‘good quality people.’
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God looks for ‘good quality people.’

【Scriptures】 Matthew 12:35
The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, 
and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.

Hallelujah! I pray that the love of the eternal God and the peace of the Holy Son be with you.
I bless you to be filled abundantly with the fiery inspiration, movement, and working of the Holy Spirit.

Each person has a different ‘personality.’ And each person has different ‘thoughts.’
Your own personality sometimes saves you and sometimes even kills you.
Also, your own thoughts sometimes saves you and sometimes even kills you.
Personality and character refer to ‘the quality of the heart.’
Each land and field also has different ‘qualities.’
Some of them are fertile, some are barren, and some are even parched. They are ‘the quality of the land.’
In the same way, people’s personalities, that is, ‘the quality of the heart’ is also different for each person 
– some rough, some gentle, some strong, some weak, etc.
Just as there is the quality of land, there is also the quality of a heart. 
This [quality of the heart] is ‘personality and character.’
Personality and character come from ‘the constitution’ and thoughts come from ‘the brain.’ 
‘Personality and character’ are related to [your] genes and [you] are born with them. 
‘Thoughts’ are determined by your own hard work and effort.
Personality and character are initially affected 100% by your parent’ genes.
Then, as you, yourself learn, grow, and take action more and more, 
you develop yourself and transform your personality and character for the better.

Consider objects. Their ‘shape and form’ are made according to how they are made.
If you make ‘a bowl’ with dirt, it becomes ‘the shape of a bowl.’
If you make ‘a desk’ with wood, it becomes ‘the shape of a desk.’
All things in creation and all objects take on ‘shape and form’ according to how they are made.
In the end, even the personality and character you are born with, your constitution, and your thoughts all
become formed according to what they are influenced by and how you make them.
Personality and character, thoughts are very important.
It is because your ‘life’ is determined by the quality of your heart and the quality of your thoughts.

The Almighty God uses people according to their ‘character and thoughts.’
Cain killed ‘Abel’ according to his personality, 
Esau pursued ‘Jacob’ to try and kill him according to his personality, 
and Saul brought countless harm to ‘David’ according to his personality.
God could not use them 
because they possessed those kinds of ‘personalities and thoughts that were rough and parched.’
Someone with rough, parched, and harsh character and thoughts 
cannot be used for righteous tasks, good things, and saving lives.
It is just as you cannot sow ‘seeds’ into rough and parched lands.
That is why I tell you to make your personality and character righteous and better, 
and make your thoughts into the highest quality [thoughts].

‘The quality’ must be handsome, beautiful, wondrous, and majestic. 
That is, ‘the quality of their thoughts, the quality of their hearts, constitutions, 
and the quality of their actions.’ 
If clothing is pretty and well-designed but of bad ‘quality,’ 
it will wear out quickly, fade, lose color, and become raggedy noticeably fast. 
As a result, it is hideous to look at and makes you feel bad. 
That is why people look at the quality before buying clothing or goods.
It is because if they are of bad ‘quality,’ they will wear out or break quickly after buying. 
Just as clothing or goods must be of good ‘quality,’ 
people must also be good in ‘the quality of their thoughts, temperament, constitution, and actions.’
Therefore, you must not look only at the surface 
but instead, look at the quality of their temperament, character, personality, and thoughts.

People with bad quality temperament and bad quality heart and thoughts turn bad easily.
The more you wear bad quality fur coats, the more you lose fur and become hideous. 
People who turned bad because they had bad quality of their hearts are like that too. 
God searches so much to see if there are people with good character, personality, and good quality heart.
The purpose is ‘to love them.’
He searches so that He can live loving their bodies for a lifetime and live loving their spirits forever.

Everyone, all of you must surely fix your ‘disease of quality.’
If you don’t make your heart, thoughts, personality and constitution [better] but just use them as they are, 
then you, yourself will suffer as a result of yourself for the rest of your life, forever, 
and without any set [end] time.
If you are of bad ‘quality,’ you have to completely slice and cut off unnecessary work 
while losing sleep and make the quality of yourself better!
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son every day They weight 
‘the quality of people’s heart, the quality of their thoughts, [the quality of] their constitutions, 
the quality of their actions, and their temperament’ on a scale and check them. 
And They carefully observe them and interact with them to see 
whether they are of good quality or bad quality 
and bless them and judge them according to their quality.
People have to be of good quality. Only then will They bless them.

With people, their value is determined by 
the quality of their bodies and thoughts and the shape of their thoughts.
Their value is determined by how they are used.
Trees too- only the good quality trees and good breeds of trees are still alive and remain. 
The bad ones have gotten sick, died, and disappeared. 
People too- if they are of bad ‘quality,’ they get sick.
Diseases occur when ‘the quality of your thoughts’ and ‘the quality of your body’ become bad. 
You will become clean only if you fix all of them. 
You have to fix every day and make them clean every day. 
Only then does your ‘quality’ improve. 
In this way, you have to make yourself clean every day 
by repenting your sins before God every day and taking righteous actions every day. 
Only then will your ‘quality’ improve.

If your quality is bad, then you should make yourselves new and better 
by transforming yourselves by listening to God’s Word and taking action righteously.
It is to study and figure out ‘the quality’ and make it better every day.
It is to manage, make [better], and thus, transform 
for the better the body, constitution, thoughts, and character!

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