Do not judge [according to your own] presumptions.
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Do not judge [according to your own] presumptions.

【Scriptures】 Numbers 22:21-35 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery inspiration, movement and the working of the Holy Spirit. 

People often make ‘presumptions and assumptions.’ Why?
They make presumptions and assumptions beforehand because they are curious.
When you are traveling a path for the first time, 
you make assumptions about what the path ahead might look like, right? 
Then those assumptions are proven correct or incorrect as you travel along. 
However, presumptions and assumptions are 70% different from ‘reality.’
Presumptions and assumptions are nothing more than your own thoughts.
Presumptions and assumptions are not real facts.
Therefore, if you ‘make decisions’ based on what you presumed and assumed, 
you will make many mistakes.
Sometimes people end up suffering great harm 
as a result of making decisions based on presumptions they made.
You are making presumptions because you are curious. 
However, if you ‘decide’ according to those presumptions, 
your heart will become impatient for no reason, you will even misunderstand, feel left out, 
and feel anxious, and furthermore, you will suffer harm.
There are many who bring harm to others while speaking and taking action based on presumptions 
and there are many instances where people hurt their brothers while doing that. 
Therefore, you must make sure to ‘check!’
You should discern, judge, decide, and take action after checking.

When you look at Numbers 22:21 on, 
Balaam was hurriedly going on his way instead of following God’s Word. 
At that time, a donkey that Balaam was riding suddenly got off the path and went into a field.
When that happened, Balaam assumed according to his own thoughts, 
judged that the donkey was disobeying him, and whipped the donkey.
This time, the donkey pushed against a wall and crushed Balaam’s foot against the wall.
Balaam became more enraged and beat the donkey with a staff. 
This time, the donkey lay down altogether. So Balaam beat the donkey again. 
Balaam told the donkey that he would have struck him with a sword if he had a sword in his hand. 
At this, God opened Balaam’s eyes and he found out that God was angry with Balaam’s action 
and that the donkey did that because it saw an angel of God standing on the path with a sword in his hand.
After Balaam checked and confirmed the real spiritual situation, he turned around and changed his actions. 

There are many things that are incorrect 
if you take action according to your presumptions and assumptions.
You have to check by praying, check the reality, check by opening your spiritual eyes, 
and check centering on God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son first and then take action. 
Then you will not make mistakes, you will not misunderstand, 
you will not hurt your brothers with words or actions, you will not feel left out, 
and even the things you are doing will go well.

Some people think, I am not predestined based on their own assumptions 
even though they are predestined to have positive outcome.
Because they decide that way, they live according to their own thoughts 
while asserting according to their assumptions.
Some people sin and then decide according to ‘their own assumptions’ saying, ‘I am now useless.’
Some people misunderstand and get angry 
because of their assumptions and thoughts even though reality is not like that.
Then they later find out that they were wrong and are tormented because they feel sorry. 
People want to live well and want to be eternally happy.
However, since they were unable to travel that path as a result of their own deeds, 
they will ultimately resent themselves.
That loss will last ‘the body’s lifetime and the spirit’s eternity.’

Presumptions and assumptions are you judging something to be good or bad 
according to your emotions toward it.
Therefore, if you decide by presumptions and assumptions, you will make mistakes.
‘Thoughts will by yourself’ flow as you wish. That is why your presumptions are almost always wrong.
Your thoughts and your presumptions are different from reality.
Your thoughts and your presumptions are different from God’s thoughts.
Do not decide by presumptions and assumptions.
Deciding is something you should do after ‘checking.’ 
Therefore, you should always ‘check!’
What is checked 100% is perfect, whole, and reality.
You should ‘check’ everything - what you saw, what you heard, and what you felt.
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