You have to truly realize what is precious. Only then will y...
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You have to truly realize what is precious. 
Only then will you raise your level.

【Scriptures】 Matthew 16:26
What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? 
Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, 
the peace of the Holy Son, and the fiery inspiration, movement and the working of the Holy Spirit 

If you do not raise ‘the level of your thoughts,’
it is not possible for ‘the level of your actions’ to be raised.
Will people take adult actions when their thoughts are child-level?
Will people believe in God through their actions when their thoughts say that there is no God?
That is why I tell you to first, raise ‘the level of your thoughts’ if you want to raise your level.
Those who have truly realized the Lord will live their lives that are 100 times, 1000 times different.
Therefore, by taking action at higher levels, their bodies, souls, and spirits will all transform.

I hope that you will realize about just how precious you, yourself are, 
and use yourself preciously.
You have to realize. Only then will you use it preciously.
Let’s say that you bought some ‘land,’ in a certain region. 
Let’s say that land was originally precious land that will be developed in the future 
and precious land where treasures are buried.
However, when you have failed to realize, you will consider it as regular land
and treat it that way, not value it, and treat it like it is ordinary land.  
Then you will end up selling it at a decent price when the right person comes along. 
On the other hand, if you realize, 
“This is land that a city will be built on in the future. Treasure is buried in this land,” 
you will jump for joy and treat it valuably.
Even a piece of land is like that. How much more if it is you, yourself, right?
You must truly realize ‘the value of you, yourself.’ If you do, you will be happy.
If you fail to realize, you will not know just how precious your body is.
Therefore, you will live considering it as ordinary. 
You have to raise the level of your thoughts and realizations about ‘the value of your own bodies.’
If you do that, you will rejoice and run and sprint enthusiastically according to your uniqueness.

Do you know why the human body is so very precious?
People usually value [other] people and consider them precious based on: 
“This person is famous. This person is wealthy. This person is powerful. This person is a worldly celebrity.
This person is a beautiful woman. This person has great looks.”
The bodies of people are so very precious and important 
even if they do not have any of honor, wealth, power, or good looks. 
Matthew 16:26 says,What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, 
yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
‘Life’ is something you cannot give in exchange even for the whole world.
Once the body dies, everything ends.
Even if you have fame, wealth, and power, even if you have great looks, 
if your body dies, all of them are useless.
First, your body must be alive.
Then you will have dreams, challenge yourself, make your hopes come true, and gain, use, and enjoy.

Why are you, yourself so very precious? There is a reason you are truly important.
You live 100 years of life. Even then, your life is mostly over in 70~90 years.
That is why ‘fame, power, wealth, and good looks’ are not precious compared to ‘what is eternal.’
They are precious only during your lifetime, only during the time your body is alive.
However, your body and thoughts are so precious and important 
because you can make your spirit go to and live in the eternal world 
with ‘your thoughts and your body.’ 
Life is empty. Why? It is empty because it is not eternal and will end at some point.
‘Something momentary’ can never rival something eternal. 

Using dirt to farm and make a living is living with common knowledge.
If you realize what is more precious 
and use the dirt to make 10 billion or 30 billion won [10 million or 30 million dollar] pottery and sell it, 
the value of that is incomparably more tremendous.
In this way, if you don’t use your body just for living life 
but [use it] to let your spirit live forever in Heaven by saving it and rapturing it, 
then you will use your body and thoughts trillions of times more preciously.
If you fail to realize, you will end up living an ordinary life with your body that is so precious.
So both your joy and what you gain are ordinary.

As much as you realize your own value, the level of your actions will rise, the level of your life will rise, 
the level of your joy will rise too.
If you realize, you will become abundantly full of joy, excitement, hope, and satisfaction.
If you listen to the Word and work zealously in various ways, 
you will be carved and made beautifully according to the form of the Trinity and the Lord, 
and will give off multiple lights. 
You have to make yourself precious. You have to develop yourself according to ‘God’s Will.’
If you do, then [your body] will become ‘the most precious body to you.’
I bless you to readily raise the level of yourself by multiple steps at a time, 
raising ‘the level of thoughts and the level of realizations’ about yourself, 
and by raising ‘the level of your actions’ and taking actions in various ways!

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