Cut off the distracting thoughts and miscellaneous thoughts,...
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Cut off the distracting thoughts and miscellaneous thoughts, and unrighteousness, and do ‘the things God commanded.’

【Romans】 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove/discern what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. And I bless that the Word will fully move, inspire, and work upon you.

If a person doesn’t sleep, he can’t endure it and if a person doesn’t eat, he can’t endure it. This is ‘normal.’
Just as a thermometer or a scale show highly sensitive responses, 
God created human beings to have ‘highly sensitive responses.’  
By creating human beings that way, He let them know and discern what is good 
and what is bad on their own and take [appropriate] actions
and so that even when dealing with a small matter, discern if it is something that should be done 
and do it or discern if it is something that should not be done and not do it,
and adjust the things that should be adjusted and avoid the things that should be avoided.
If you were so dull and insensitive that you just bore with it and failed to feel it 
even when you crossed ‘the line of the norm,’ 
your body would ultimately break down and you would be unable to exist.
In this way, someone whose thoughts are dead and whose sensitivity of faith is dead is lethargic. 
So they endure even if they don’t pray, endure even if they don’t hear the Word, 
endure even if they don’t converse with the Lord, endure even if they don’t save lives, 
endure even if they don’t give thanks, endure even if they have sins and don’t repent. 
A living person responds immediately and does ‘the work that should be done.’
Right now is the time when you must surely find out 
and know ‘what things you are failing to do’ 
and ‘what things you should repent of and incinerate,’ take action and incinerate them!

Both distracting thoughts and miscellaneous thoughts are like ‘the dirt on your body.’
‘Miscellaneous thoughts’ are worthless thoughts.
Miscellaneous thoughts are like muddy water in your heart like muddy water in a stream.
You have to get rid of the miscellaneous thoughts. 
Then your thoughts will become smart and bright. 
It is in your ‘thoughts’ that you solve problems and plan and design. 
Therefore, ‘distracting and miscellaneous thoughts’ are obstacles to solving problems and planning.
When you are thinking miscellaneous thoughts, you can’t hear the Word well and you can’t accept it easily. 
If you leave various miscellaneous thoughts alone, you will think about and imagine all kinds of things.
That is also ‘sin that you commit with thoughts.’
If you get into a habit of frequently thinking miscellaneous thoughts, 
your brain will develop that way, become addicted to that, and enjoy that.
How do you get rid of the distracting thoughts and miscellaneous thoughts? 
You get rid of them by commanding with your ‘thoughts!’
Make your thought turn to the Almighty God and think ‘good thoughts.’
Then God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son will work upon you, 
and if They have something to say, They will convey it to your ‘thoughts’ 
so you will immediately feel, be inspired, and know.

Your ‘thoughts’ run and control your life and your body.
Sometimes by thinking incorrectly and taking action, people even murder, harm others, 
and make themselves pitiful. 
God inspects your thoughts. He sees your ‘thoughts’ as a form of action.
Therefore, He inspects your thoughts and rewards you for your good and evil.
Even if you only think in a good way, He considers it ‘righteousness’ 
and treats you as ‘a righteous person, a good person.’
It is from the thoughts that one resents God, it is from the thoughts that one even says God does not exist,
and it is from the thoughts that one rejects God.
As a result of that, their bodies will also live that way.
That becomes sin and thus, their bodies will suffer for their entire lifetime and their spirits will suffer forever.
It is the thoughts that say “Let’s believe in God.”
It is the thoughts that say “Let’s take action righteously according to God’s Word.’
It is the thoughts that say “Let’s love the Almighty God and the Lord.”
If your body takes action with those thoughts, 
then you will live with joy and love for your body’s lifetime and your spirit’s eternal life. 

Depending on what kinds of thoughts you think, you will either be wealthy or be poor; 
make yourself suffer or make yourself comfortable; 
cause yourself to come to ruin or cause yourself to have glory.
Thoughts of human beings by themselves are weak and they don’t know how they should live. 
You really have to live with the right ‘thoughts.’ 
They have to fix what needs to be fixed with ‘the Word of the Almighty God.’
You have to fix yourself 100%. It is ‘to fix yourself according to God’s Word.’ 
You have to set your mind firmly and fix ‘your wrong thoughts and actions.’ 
Even if you like it, you must not do ‘unrighteous deeds.’ Only then will you be fixed. 

When people choose something and take action on it, 
they live just being happy and delighted without discernment of whether it is ‘something good or bad.’
That is why even the religious people take action without cutting off unrighteousness.
Therefore, there are more than 80% of people in the world who do unlawful things. 
If things turned bad right away as soon as people did the things that God says “Don’t do it”, 
most people would not do them.
However, even if people do the things that God said, “Don’t do it”, they are happy and don’t suffer right away.   
Why? Because they are the things they like. 
Therefore, the more they do them, the happier and the more excited they feel 
and feel like they’ve taken narcotics and stimulants. However, in the end, those things will bring them ruin. 

Loving God too, if you do it because you like doing it, you are so happy, excited, and full of hope.
In this way, if they are the things that God told you to “do them,” 
they are not sins even if you do them, but rather, God will be delighted if you do them.  
Therefore, you have to make what God told you to “do” your habit in God’s Will 
by getting your brain, thoughts, and actions into a habit of doing them.
The more you do them, the better things will work out and you will be prosperous forever.
Just as a beautiful woman takes good care of her face and body, 
‘a person who is beautiful in righteousness’ 
will take good care of ‘his thoughts, actions, soul, and spirit’ with his own righteousness 
and make them blameless and faultless by doing ‘righteous deeds’ within God and the Lord.
I hope that at this time right now, you make your thoughts like a sharp blade 
by making them even clearer and brighter, 
get out of being insensitive and incinerate the things that should be incinerated, and raise your level.

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