Raise your spiritual level.
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Raise your spiritual level.

【Scriptures】 1 Corinthians 13:11
When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. 
When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, 
the peace of the Holy Son, and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully inspired, move, and affected by the Word.

God makes ‘His Will and thoughts’ come true on this earth.
In order for that to happen, human beings must first raise their levels in regards to the spiritual world
and thus, know the spiritual world.
Furthermore, they must realize the spiritual things in relation to the physical things. 
Compared to the physical world, there are infinite many things 
about the spiritual world that we must know and learn about.  
Hence, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son all let us realize things correctly 
by showing us the situations of the physical world from the spiritual world.
Spiritual phenomena are shown to human beings through methods of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.
The things people think, say, and do become reality 
and God sees them with His eyes and hears them with His ears, right? 
In this way, the things that the Trinity say become reality in your dreams and are shown to you, 
the things that the Trinity say are seen by the eyes of your hearts, are heard by the ears of your heart, 
and thus, you realize [their meaning] and take action.

You have to raise your levels both ‘spiritually’ and ‘physically’ in the Lord.
However, you have to raise your level so you are more spiritual.
You have to pray deeply. 
Then your mind and thoughts become focused that way and pay attention to that 
and thus, you will reach the spiritual level.
You have to enter into and rise to the spiritual level by doing this. 
Then you will see, feel, and realize about the things of that world.
When the Holy Spirit comes upon you and is with you, 
you will feel it more intensely through your spirit and you will realize clearly. 
You have to raise your level spiritually. 
Then you will realize about even things you did not know before. 
And when your body takes action on those things, you will gain. 
Consider eye sight. You can see only as much as your eye sight will allow, right? 
You can’t see beyond that even if you want to.
The same is true with your spiritual level too. You see and realize only to the extent of your spirit’s level.
You cannot see beyond your level even if you want to see more
and you cannot realize [beyond your level] even if you want to realize more.  

Even if the Holy Spirit is with you, 
you will see and realize [only] according to your level and accomplishments. 
That is why I tell you to ‘raise your spiritual level!’
The physical world has limits to its level because there are limits to the body. 
The spiritual world has unlimited levels.  
If you raise your level spiritually and thus, your body receives those thoughts and takes action, 
then you will think and take action at a higher level. 
Still, since you have to do it through the body, there are limits. 
Even if you raise your spiritual level and think [at a high level],
things come to mind brightly like broad daylight 
when they come to mind but disappear without a trace when they disappear from your memory.   
Therefore, you have to write things down in detail at the moment they come to mind.
And even if you forgot about them, when your eyes see the things you wrote down, 
they will come to mind again.  
The most foolproof method is to ‘take action at the moment something comes to mind.’ 
If you do, it will become yours’and thus, will not disappear.  

Just as you see things according your eye-level and just as you see only according to your vision, 
you see only according to your brain’s intelligence and the level of your thoughts.
If you have low level thoughts, you will see and delight only in low level things.
Even if you see something great, since you think only according to the level of your thoughts,
you will not recognize how great it is beyond [the level of your thoughts] even if you see more. 
You have to raise your level. Then you will recognize that something is good and take action. 
You have to raise ‘your level’ even if it is hard.
You have to be united with the Lord and be one with him. 
Then you will follow the Lord and your level will be elevated too.
I hope that you will become united with the Holy Spirit. 
If you do, your spiritual level will be elevated.
Look at the Word deeply! You have to look at [the Word] deeply and know about it. 
Then you will realize and thus, your level will be elevated.

When you have low level thoughts and actions, your speech, realizations, and thoughts are like a child 
but if you mature and become higher level, 
you will put away the childish things and will speak, realize, and think at a high level. 
The thoughts of the body cannot please God. It is because its level is low.
On the other hand, the thoughts of the spirit please God. It is because its level is high. 
A cat’s level is low. A cheetah’s level is high.
Their functions, the things they do, and the way they hunt are all that way. 
The weight of an ant is light. The weight of an elephant is heavy.
Their levels are determined by their weight.
In the same way, your faith is also determined by ‘the level of your thoughts and actions.’

People enjoy [things] and rejoice according to their ‘levels.’
Therefore, you have to raise the level of your faith, the level of your love 
by raising your spiritual level and the level of your thoughts and actions. 
Then you will live that much more of a life of joy, hope, and ideal love! 

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