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It is to discern in an instant and take action.

【Scriptures】 Isaiah 19:1
An oracle concerning Egypt: See, the LORD rides on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt. 
The idols of Egypt tremble before him, and the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them.  

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, 
the peace of the Holy Son, and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully inspired, moved, and affected by the Word.

All things are determined by ‘an instant.’  
All things are determined by ‘the discernment of an instant and actions.’
Even [the outcome of] big issues [or tasks] are determined by ‘discerning in an instant and taking action swiftly.’
Even big opportunities are captured with ‘the discernment in an instant and swift actions.’
Since you have ‘thoughts,’ which are faster than light, 
even if light passes by in a flash, you can ‘discern with your thoughts in an instant’ and catch it.
If you take action being united with the Almighty God and the Holy Spirit, 
you will think and discern fast like the thoughts of the Almighty and take action.

-It is to have discernment in an instant and swift actions!’
That instant is like the instant [of time] 
when a rock that is thrown in the air hangs in the air before falling down again.
You have to quickly discern, decide, and take action within that time.
-It is to discern in an instant and take swift actions!
That instant is like that moment just before a bird, 
that lands on a person’s body mistaking it for a tree branch, realizes its mistake and flies off. 
You have to [discern and take action] like you would discern at that instant and catch the bird.
Only the person who prepared [the things that are necessary for] his wish to come true, 
is on his best behavior, and had instant discernment and swift actions will gain.
-It is instant discernment and swift actions!
That instant is like the instant when a cloud floating by in the sky makes a shade and passes over your body.
You have to discern in that brief instant of time and take action.
When waking up to pray at the set predawn prayer time too 
– if you’ve opened your eyes, you have to discern in an instant and take action of getting up in an instant. 
The opportunity to get up is ‘an instant.’ If you miss that instant, you will fall asleep again.

Everyone can discern in an instant and take action. How is that possible? 
It is because you only need to prepare and think ahead of time while waiting.
Even big things are determined by ‘the discernment and actions in an instant’ in this way.
The only one thing is that you should prepare ahead of time while waiting.
‘The opportunities’ are coming before you just like the instant [of time] 
when you rescue someone who is being carried away by the powerful currents resulting from a flood.
You have to prepare ahead of time and when that moment suddenly comes up, 
you have to move [swiftly] like light, discern in an instant like you have prepared, and then take action!
If it is something you have to surely take action on but you fail to take action swiftly at that instant, 
that chance might come 1 year later or that chance may come again only after a time, times, 
and a half a time passes.  
However, you will have to work harder and with greater difficulty at that moment. 
You will be able to take a more substantial action because you are doing it after having waited for it. 
However, you will be asked to pay a higher price than the first time 
and you will gain it with greater difficulty [than the first time].

Only those who waited and waited anxiously and prepared ahead of time 
will receive ‘that instant of opportunity’ without error. 
The moment the opportunity comes is an instant of time.
Yet, everyone can discern in an instant and take action.
Anyone can discern in an instant and take action 
because during the long time of waiting, they thought about it ahead of time wondering 
- “Should I do it? Should I not do it? How much should I do it?” - prepared, and waited.
That instant [of time] of discerning in an instant and taking action when the opportunity comes 
is like the instant of time to catch a fly that is flying away after sitting for an instant.
It may seem like the time is short, but the time is actually not short 
because you had [the additional] time of preparing while waiting for that fly to land in order to catch it.
You are able to discern and catch it right away because the fly landed there 
while you had already decided [to catch it] and had prepared to do it.

The earth revolves and rotates, right? Time passes as it does.
Human beings also live according to the earth’s revolution and rotation 
and live with the time that flows according to that. 
That is why human beings have to take action in accordance with ‘time.’
You must not be sitting down when time is passing. 
If you do, you will have to run in order to catch up at a later time. 
If you are just sitting down even though more time passes, you have no choice but to run in the end.
If you fail to take action at the time of opportunity, that opportunity will go and be in a different world. 
You have to be prepared ahead of time and anxiously wait for the opportunity to come. 
Then when ‘the opportunity’ comes before you, 
you have to hurry up and follow ‘the flow of time in that instant,’ 
discern in an instant, grab it, and take action.

The spiritual world is fast. So only ‘those who discern quickly and take action’ catch it.
Only the person who woke up early at predawn hears he sound of birds chirping early at predawn.
If you wake up late, you will not hear that even once in ten years, fifty years, or a hundred years. 
Even the secret of taking action swiftly like light and of taking action early 
- only ‘the person who takes action’ knows and speaks about it. 
Only the person who has taken action becomes the owner of the Word of life 
and they live together in that world!
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