If it is done out of order, it will not work out even if you...
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If it is done out of order, it will not work out even if you do it.

【Scriptures】 1 Corinthians 14:40
But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, 
the peace of the Holy Son, and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

‘The level of today’s life’ becomes ‘the level of tomorrow’s life.’ 
A life that does not work out today will not work out in tomorrow’s life either. 
If you want to take action according to your purpose tomorrow, 
then take action properly today while practicing, making effort, and repeating.  
Doing things in the right order is what is ‘orderly.’
Therefore, you will get things done only if you do things in the right order. 
If you change the order of work, you will be unable to achieve your purpose due to [a lack of] time. 
If you disassemble a machine, oil each component, but then reassemble it in the wrong order, 
you cannot reassemble it [correctly] even if you work on it for a year or a hundred years.  
In this way, if you deviate from ‘the [correct] sequences and order of human life,’ 
it will not work out even if you do it. 
At prayer time, you must pray first. You must not change the order. 
It is the same principle as this:
If a car has broken down, you must first fix the car and then go to your destination. 
If you try to get to your destination first and then fix the car then, 
you are unable to get to your destination.  
There is [a correct] order in living life. It is like a math formula.
If you calculate out of order, you will not find the answer even in a lifetime. 
The same is true with living life. 
People who live without believing in God and the Lord 
cannot receive salvation because they are doing things out of order.

It is to board a bus after first buying what you need to buy before boarding. 
If you try to buy things after boarding a bus, you can’t do it because the bus has already departed. 
A person who does not obey God’s Word is ‘a person who is living a life that is out of sequence.’
Therefore, his body cannot enjoy the heaven on earth and his soul and spirit cannot go to Heaven either.
If you activate things out of sequence, you are locked in a storeroom and can’t get out. 
In the same way, a person who does things in the wrong order will live locked up in his own life. 
With God’s history too – He carried out the Will that pertains to each time period 
in the order of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Complete Testament.
In the Old Testament, He gave only ‘the laws of the Old Testament’ 
and fulfilled ‘the Will of the Old Testament.’
In the New Testament, He gave only ‘the laws of the New Testament’ 
and fulfilled ‘the Will of the New Testament.’
And in the Complete Testament, He gives only ‘the laws of the Complete Testament’ 
and carries out ‘the Complete Testament history.’
God absolutely does ‘the right work at the right time.’ 
God does things absolutely in ‘sequence’ according to ‘order.’ 
That is why He exists forever while taking action absolutely.

People too -  if they do things in the right order, accidents will not happen. Problems will not occur. 
Nature and seasons also come and go in the right order.
If you sow seeds in violation of the right order, they will not even sprout. 
A tree too – it will sprout leaves, produce flowers, and bear fruit in the right order.
Health too – if things are not done in the right order, your health will deteriorate and you will become sick.
Daily life also should be lived in the right order.
The reason God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son work upon people at certain times 
and do not work upon them at other times 
is because people treat Them out of order and thus, the time is not right.  
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son work upon you in the right order.
If you do things in the wrong order, you are considered mentally ill. 
Let’s say that you are going around after you put on clothes in the wrong order, 
putting on outerwear on the inside and underwear on the outside.  
Everyone will think you are mentally ill, won’t they? 
Even if it is the same official work for heaven, 
if it is done in the wrong order, you can never achieve the purpose.  

You can even do impossible things if you do them in the right order.
Even things that are perfectly possible can’t be done if they are done in the wrong order.
If you prune a tree’s branches first and then apply fertilizer, 
the time for the tree to suck up the fertilizer would have passed and thus, 
it will not be able to suck up the fertilizer and cannot grow that year.  
If you apply fertilizer first in the early spring like fertilizing a grapevine 
and then prune the branches, the tree will grow properly. 
Just as trees must be managed in the right order in order for them to grow properly, 
the same is true for life.
You should take action every day without changing ‘the right order of daily life.’
The person who does things in the right order does things ‘fastest’ and ‘the most.’
When praying too – you have to do it in the right order in order for [God] to answer you. 
It is to first worship the Trinity, give thanks, repent, tell Them what you will do for Them, 
and then ask for the things you need.    
Even those who don’t take action are taken care of like an owner applying fertilizer to the fruit trees.
Then when the time comes, only the faithful fruit that grew well are considered ‘precious artwork fruit,’ 
and the rest are treated like ‘regular fruit crop.’
Even if a tree is taken care of and fertilizer is given to the entire tree, 
only the fruit that diligently soaked up that fertilizer grows into ‘a beautiful work of art.’
In this way, the Lord gives [everyone] the same Word and takes care of everyone. 
However, only those who heard that Word and took action grow into ‘a life that is a work of art.’

There is a great difference between a day 
when you took action compared to a day when you failed to take action.     
People don’t do it even though they are capable of doing it if they tried. They quit in the middle.
People like that live that kind of a life no matter where they go.  
You have to be a professional in order to run at ‘that level.’
You do it by practicing and making effort tens of thousands of times.
[God] answers you well if you have done the work you should do 
and then pray to report saying that you’ve done it.
Once you make a road, build a house, and make an environment, 
you are comfortable for your entire lifetime. 
In this way, if you make yourself perfect, then it is comfortable to live.
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord give you chances every day. 
Therefore,  I want to you put it into practice.

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