It is Prayer and Action.
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It is Prayer and Action.

【Scripture】 1 Thessalonians 5:17 
pray continually,

1 John 3:22 
and receive from him anything we ask, because we keep his commands and do what pleases him.

Hallelujah! May the blessing of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and works of the Word fill you in abundance. 

You pray so that, your thoughts can be united with the Trinity’s, 
you can take action according to the Lord’s will by uniting your thoughts with the Trinity’s, 
you can receive the strength, power, and wisdom of the Trinity, 
you can repent of your sins and faults, you can cast away Satan and the wicked, 
you can converse and communicate with the Trinity, 
you can petition for what you cannot do with your own strength, 
you can take action with the Trinity even for things that you can do with your own strength, and etc. 
Through prayer, ‘conversation, love, and action’ take place; through prayer, 
you ‘gain,’ and furthermore, ‘history’ happens. 

‘Prayer’ is work. 
Work gets done as much as you do it; 
likewise, as much as you pray, things are fulfilled if they are appropriate. 
Therefore, you take action by praying.
There is something just as important as praying, and that is, action.’ 
Those who take action after listening to the Word, [and] those who put [the Word] to practice, 
gain and receive according to the Word, and become successful. 
Also, those who pray and take action, [and] those who put [it] to practice 
gain the results of their prayer.
It is ‘the Word’ and ‘action.’ It is ‘prayer’ and ‘action.’
What is faster than prayer is ‘action.’
It is faster to directly wake the person sleeping next to you who is snoring 
rather than stopping him [from snoring] by praying.   
With prayer, even if you pray, it is effective only if you receive an answer; 
[however,] with action, it is effective as long as you just take action. 
‘Action’ is power. ‘Those who take action’ gain the results of their prayer.

There are times when things that require prayer and things that require action are separate. 
Eating food and sleeping are things that need to be done even without praying; 
therefore, they can be done as long as you take action. 
Likewise, things that need to be done without praying 
are effective only as long as you take action right away.
[Certain things] will work out if they take action. 
[However,] some people only pray, and do not take action because they are nervous. 
Some people only work when it is something they should pray about. 
Where your hands can reach, you [should] work using hands, 
but where your hands cannot reach, you should tell others with words and get [things] done. 
However, if things don’t get done even though you asked them with words, 
then you must do them with your own hands. 
In this way, ‘take action’ right away what you need to take action on; 
‘Pray’ about what will not work out only with action alone; 
and ‘Take action’ together on what did not work out even though you prayed.
Those who succeed are all ‘people who took great action.’
Even if there were 10,000 people, they pale before one action-taker.
A person who takes action takes care of the problem that same day. 
Whether by taking action with prayer, or taking action with your body, 
[things] get resolved only if you take action. 
Taking action is difficult. 
[Things] get done only when you take action continuously and persistently.
However, as long as you take action, [things] get resolved. 
Even if there were crowds of tens of thousands of people, 
suffering, worries, and problems do not disappear if they do not take action.
With pests also, [the problem] gets resolved right away if you take action and catch them. 
[However] if you do not catch them, 
then they will continue to make you their food, bite you, and eat you until they die. 

When many people live together, they don’t do the work. 
Instead, they unload [the work] onto others thinking, ‘someone will do it.’ 
Some people say to themselves, ‘it will be done somehow,’ 
and don’t do the work even though they are by themselves. 
Therefore, things don’t get done even after a life time. They are people who are far from success. 
Those who are cowards when it comes to action only ‘speak.’
Those who take action without words receive ‘blessings in silence.’
If you do not take action with your body, pine tree branches will needlessly grow as is. 
If you do not take action with your body, rocks on the path will catch your foot every time you walk there. 
The same is true with exercising your neck. 
If you don’t take action on exercising your neck, [the muscles around] your neck will become hardened. 
If you continue in that state, you [develop] a detrimental disc problem. 
This is not because it was infected. It is because you failed to take action. 
The same is true with faith. 
If you don’t take action continuously, your heart, thoughts, and deeds will all harden.
Then you will end up developing a fatal chronic disease.

You have to do it when it is the time to do it. 
Now is the ‘time to do it.’ Now is the ‘time to take action.’ 
It is to take action through prayer and take action through your body. 
It is to take action with the Lord. 
In the same way, if you fail to pave a road [where cars can travel on], 
you have to walk for your entire life instead.  
Only those who take action live comfortably fulfilling the will while riding a car. 
For those who do not take action, they will have to fulfill the will while walking. 
You are repaid for both good and evil according to ‘your deeds and your actions.’
I hope that you will always remember that you are blessed as a result of your deeds
and you also suffer as a result of your deeds!
When you are on the way, don’t just look at one moment in time, 
but you should run with your eyes fixed far ahead. 
I bless you to look far ahead of your life to see your spirit, 
and run while taking action powerfully with the Lord!

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