If you achieve completion, it is Heaven.
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If you achieve completion, it is Heaven.

【Scripture】 Matthew 5:48 
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. 

John 6:27 
Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. 
On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval.

Hallelujah! May the blessing of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and works of the Word fill you in abundance. 

Heaven is ‘a completed world.’
Even in the [physical] world, if you ‘complete’ [things/yourself], it is Heaven. 
If you ‘complete’ yourself also, it is Heaven. 
Even with written words, if you write them with a purpose and ‘complete’ them, it is Heaven. 
Also, with the house that you will use, if it is ‘completed,’ it is Heaven. 
From then on, you can just use your house while managing it for the rest of your life. Then it is Heaven. 
God created heaven and earth. He ‘completed’ them. 
He made the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and He made the Earth and ‘completed’ them. 
Therefore, the Earth is ‘the visible Heaven.’ If those who use it use [the Earth] in a good way, it is Heaven. 

Also, with pictures, if you ‘complete’ them with struggles, 
it becomes Heaven and every time you look at them, you will live in happiness.  
Even if [something] is hard, it is comfortable if you ‘complete’ [it]. 
With all art works they are difficult [to make them], but as long as they are ‘completed,’ it is Heaven. 
You can enter Heaven only if you make and ‘complete’ yourself, whether in a big or small way. 
An incomplete spirit, whether in a big way or small way, cannot enter Heaven.
Heaven is ‘a world where everything is complete.’ Therefore, [they] live with eternal joy and love. 
Complete means ‘to have become perfect.’ 
You also need to be ‘complete.’ Then you can use [yourself] like Heaven. 
You have to take action ‘perfectly’ in order for [your life] to be a life of Heaven. 

Also, with the shape of the body, it is made according to how you exercise. 
Your spirit also gets made ‘according to the actions your body takes.’ 
With your muscles also, they become strong and are made 
only if you exercise hundreds of thousands of times for a long period. 
Your spirit also gets made to be more beautiful as your body takes action righteously. 
Your health is in good shape even if you just do exercises 
that will help you maintain the line of your muscles at the basic [level].
With faith also, you won’t get sick in faith even if you just do ‘the basic [things] for faith.’ 
Once you lose the basic [amount of] muscle, you have to start exercising multiple folds from then on. 
With faith also, once you drop from ‘the basic’ [line], 
you will need to do multiple folds [more] than usual in order to make up for [what you lost]. 
In order to [improve] your muscles and make your health noticeably better, 
exercising everyday is the best method. 
With faith also, in order to make your faith noticeably good, 
‘taking action everyday’ is the best method.
It is praying everyday, conversing everyday, giving thanks everyday, repenting everyday, 
listening to the Word and taking action everyday, praising everyday, and managing everyday. 
Taking action persistently everyday is better than doing a lot all at once.

People keep running after getting up in the morning, so they go ahead of the clock. 
But since they have to sleep at night, they take a 4-7-hour rest, so the clock goes ahead again. 
Since its second, minute, and hour hands move consistently day and night, 
it always moves faster than people.
I hope that, thorough seeing everything in life, 
you will realize how much doing something consistently yields a lot of action!
As for a person who stops along the way or who does it after being inactive, 
you don’t know where they will stop again. Therefore, they are unsafe.
Consistently means ‘without changing.’
‘A person who does things consistently’ achieves completion.
Whatever is not completed is like ‘having not finished building a house,’ 
so those who see it frown with their faces and hearts. 
Fruits also have to grow and be completed. 
Only then are they beautiful, eye-catching, and appetizing.
The same is true with faith, personality, wisdom, thoughts, deeds, and ability.

God is a complete being who does not change forever. However, human beings are beings who change.
Human beings have to ‘complete’ themselves in order not to change. 
It means that there will be no change 
only if they achieve the ‘completion of the spirit’ through the body.
In other words, if your body listens to ‘the Word of God who is unchanging’ through the savior, 
takes action, and achieves the completion of the spirit, it will not change.
Your body should sacrifice, work hard, and live for your spirit.
Then it will be eternally valuable, and that sacrifice and your hard work will not be wasted.
I hope that you challenge yourself for completion every day strongly and consistently!
God keeps giving opportunities so that you can make yourself to completion, 
so you can ultimately ‘complete’ yourself.

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