‘Transition’ is resurrection. It is hope. It is a new li...
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‘Transition’ is resurrection. It is hope. It is a new life.

【Scripture】 Matthew 23:27
Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you in abundance. 

To transition is ‘a new life.’ To transition is ‘resurrection.’
Those who transition when it is a turning point live in ‘a period that has transitioned,’ 
while those who do not transition live ‘in the old time period that has not been able to change.’ 
This is also true with God’s history. 
When the time came and God gave the new Word to change into the new time period, 
those who made the transition to the new time period at that time lived ‘in the new time,’ 
while those who were not able to make the transition ended in ‘the old time period.’ 
This is also true with transitions in the course of everyday life. 
Those who get up at the hour that was promised with God at predawn and make a transition 
get to live in ‘the new world’ because of it, 
but those who are not able to make a transition and keep sleeping live in the world of sleep. 
It is difficult to wake up from sleep during the predawn and transition. 
However, if you make a transition, a new world will open up right away. 

Once you listen to the Word of God and the Lord,
taking action upon that Word without forgetting it is ‘transitioning.’
However, taking action is not easy. 
But ‘a new life’ will begin only if you take action upon the Word and make the transition. 
Whatever it may be, transitioning is extremely difficult. 
‘Make the transition of thoughts; make the transition of actions; and make the transition of your lifestyle.’
[It is difficult but] if you transition, it is the ‘new time period,’ ‘resurrection,’ and ‘hope.’ 
If you don’t, then it is the ‘old time period,’ ‘a dead life,’ and the ‘same spot/position [as before].’
Therefore, there is no hope or joy like you are running in circles. 

Cleaning and making [things] fresh and neat is ‘transitioning.’ 
Repenting and making [yourself] clean is ‘transitioning.’ 
Raising your level is ‘transitioning.’  Making yourself better every day is also ‘transitioning.’
If you transition, it is good because it is a ‘resurrected life, a new life.’ 
If you don’t transition, you remain dead.
However, it is difficult to transition. Still, ‘a person who has transitioned’ is no longer in a dead state.
Since they are alive, they will never do old things again.
You have to transition by praying, receiving inspiration, and realizing; 
transition by receiving inspiration from the Holy Spirit; 
transition on your own by listening to the Lord’s Word and realizing; 
and transition by developing and raising your level on your own. 

As long as you make a transition, you will come out of the old things and the old world’and become free. 
‘To transition’ is like coming out of prison. 
Everyone knows when it is time to transition. However, they don’t do it even though they know.
People also know how great transitioning is. However, they can’t do it even though they know.
This is because they are asleep in the old time period.
It’s because they are asleep in their own lives. 
It’s because they are engrossed in the things they like. 
It’s because they attempt to do new things 
instead of [just following] the habits that they already made in their lives, 
so starting anew at that moment is difficult. 

‘A person who fails to transition at the right time’ 
misses the best time and transitions at the second, third, or fourth transition time.
Even though they will transition anyway, 
they drag it out and miss the best time and then transition later. 
So they have not much time left to enjoy things, and there is little hope because they are old.
Just as you get up early at the set time in the predawn and transition, 
I hope that you will not move slowly but will immediately take action on all the things 
that you need to transition, things you should resurrect, and things you have to make anew!
If you take action late, it will be like walking behind another person who took action early and left early, 
so it will be more difficult. 
The one who left ahead of you has already gained things and received strength through what they gained, 
they travel more by car to receive more, and then they travel further by plane. 
So you cannot catch up to them.

You absolutely have to transition at ‘the time of transition.’
When you are enlightened through the heart and thoughts, 
you have to listen to the Word at that time and transition.
If you fail to do it at that time, it will end with that.
Now is a ‘time to make another new transition.’ 
It is a time to transition by making yourself clean through repentance and by raising your level. 
Repenting of things you feel guilty about and making yourself clean is ‘transition.’ 
Fixing the things you have to fix and making yourself shine more is ‘transition.’ 
Raising the level of your thoughts and deeds is ‘transition.’ 
Raising the level of your faith is also ‘transition.’

If you transition, it is a different world. It is a new world.
Transition is ‘resurrection.’ It is a ‘new life.’ 
Therefore, your life changes to a ‘life of hope, joy, and thanksgiving.’
I bless all of you to think deeply about what you should transition, start anew, 
and make sure to live a ‘life of transition, life of resurrection, and life of hope.’
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