Take action before God. He will speak only if you take actio
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Take action before God. He will speak only if you take action.

【Scripture】 Mark 9:23
“‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly.

From the Old Testament to the Complete Testament, 
God gave ‘the appropriate Word for ‘those who took action’ and worked upon them. 
There was also a time when there was no Word from God.
That time was the period in which [people] needed to prepare for the next Word, 
and there was also the will in which they needed to take greater action in order for God to speak. 
God sometimes says, “take action”; sometimes He says, “be still”; sometimes He says, “be bold”; 
and sometimes He says, “be obedient.” 
There are times to be still, times to be bold, and times to take action. 
And sometimes, there is a time to pray. 

“Take action before God” means the following: 
“I, Jehovah, will be next to you, so try taking action. I will watch [you], so try taking action. 
You feel like taking action because I am watching, right? 
Now is the time to take action. Take action! 
If you take action, then I will be with you and you will be successful and prosperous.” 
It is when you take action that miracles take action, power goes out, 
you gain wisdom, and you get to think about how to take action. 
If there is nothing to take action on, 
then you cannot use your talents nor can you display your power and authority. 
People are about ‘gaining strength, and using strength.’ 
How you gain and use your strength/(power) 
is determined by the difference in your level, thoughts, and talents.
Then how should you use your strength and talents?
‘A person who uses them according to God’s thoughts’
is capable and competent and fulfills what he hopes for.

Today’s message is, “Take action before God. He will watch, so take action. 
He will speak only when you take action.”
When you take action, you shouldn’t do it without direction or purpose 
but you should take action only following what God said.
When the words of God and the Holy Spirit come out, you have to take action immediately. 
You have to take action immediately to not lose the ‘momentary opportunity.’
Additionally, when you take action, you are not always the only owner. 
Another person may be the owner, or the Trinity may also be the owner. 
So you shouldn’t do it however you want.
For example, when you are trying to buy an item, since you are not the owner, 
you have to follow the heart of the person who owns it 
and also the hearts of the Trinity who own all things under heaven and earth.

When you take action, you gain wisdom, knowledge, the skill, 
and strength and God’s Word come.
You have to take action a lot in order to gain a lot. If you do a little, you will gain a little.
How great it is when you take action with the Lord following God’s Word!
For those who take action, ‘the history of life’ will happen!
‘the history of gaining things’ will happen!
‘the history of miracles’ will happen!
‘the history of fulfilling God’s Will’ will happen!
‘the history of God working through their bodies’ will happen!

Only when you take action can you learn properly. 
Only when you take action can you do the work that God wants the most.
Nothing is impossible for a person of action. Taking action is ‘solving problems.’
Therefore, you should take action boldly. You should take action quickly and swiftly. 
You should take action with the Lord.
Only those who take action ‘have received the Lord’s heart’ and ‘have the Lord’s mentality.’ 
I bless you in the name of the Lord to take action immediately and thus gain and use things immediately 
and take action with the Lord as part of the lightning history of God!

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