[God] is carrying out now what He has promised.
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(Sunday Message for April 22nd, 2018)

[God] is carrying out now what He has promised.

【Scripture】 Romans 4:20-22 
Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, 
but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God,  
being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.  
This is why “it was credited to him as righteousness.” 

Isaiah 46:11 
From the east I summon a bird of prey; from a far-off land, a man to fulfill my purpose. 
What I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned, that will I do.  

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the love of the eternal God, peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly. 

God and the Holy Spirit are carrying out now what They have promised.
They are carrying them out through the ones who received those promises
but people are living their lives not realizing that those promises are being carried out. 
That is why there is no joy or hope, 
and sometimes people block the work done by God and the Holy Spirit on their own. 
This was also the case in Jesus’ time. 
The promise made in the Old Testament, which was to send the Messiah, 
was being fulfilled by God when He sent Jesus, 
but those who received that promise couldn’t realize [that the promise was being fulfilled], 
so they couldn’t take action and they even blocked [Jesus]. 

God is carrying out every day what you have prayed for and wanted, 
in other words, He is carrying out ‘what He has promised.’ 
But if you don’t know this, you won’t be able to take action with joy and hope, 
and you won’t feel happy either. 
Right now is important every day! 
God is carrying out ‘what He has promised’ every day with the Lord. 
All of you, there are things in the past that you have done in a dissatisfying and unfulfilling way, right? 
God gives ‘time’ and ‘chances’ again 
so that things that were done in a dissatisfying and unfulfilling way in the past 
can be done again sufficiently and satisfyingly, and so that your wishes can come true.  

Nowadays is not the kind of time in which you only introduce and testify 
about someone with words alone saying, “so-and-so is good at something,” and end with that. 
You need to give that person time and chances 
so that he can show off his talents and skills to his heart’s content. 
Then others will see it, and they will feel it, be joyful about it, and be able to judge it. 
Now is not the time to say only in words, “So-and-so is good at something,” and end with that. 
Each person has to be led to do 
what they are entrusted with according to their talents and abilities.
They have to be given the time and opportunity to do what they have been entrusted with. 
Then, they will take action within their capacity, 
let themselves be known to everyone, and feel satisfied. 
In addition, when people see what they have done, 
they will acknowledge that person and be happy.

A person who sings well should be given time to sing 
so that they can display and testify for themselves in reality.
For a person who preaches well, you shouldn’t just say in words, 
“This person preaches well.” Instead, you should give them ‘time to preach’ 
so that everyone will see that, acknowledge it, and know. 
God, along with the Holy Spirit, is actually doing this through the Lord. 
Both God and the Lord want you to live realizing and knowing this every day.
Now is not a time period when you just end with introducing yourself and giving your business card. 
It is the time period in which you show [things about yourself] by taking action in reality.
In this way, everyone following the time period should testify for God, the Lord, and themselves 
while taking action.
You shouldn’t testify only in words, 
but you should actually evangelize, manage, and do various things 
and say, “God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord did it.”

God, along with the Lord, is doing the ‘things He promised’ every day.
If there is anything you ended in an unsatisfying way, 
God is now giving you another opportunity to do it without regrets, 
so you should truly realize this and do it properly. 
However, everyone is unable to realize this.
I bless you to realize upon hearing today’s message, 
and to take action every day in your life to display yourself and testify for the Lord.
I bless you to realize that the power and love of the Trinity 
and the things that you prayed and petitioned for will be fulfilled through the Lord, 
and to live while giving thanks to the Trinity and truly loving Them!

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