Come to me. Learn from me. Go take action and teach them.
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(Sunday Message for April 15th  2018)

Come to me. Learn from me. Go take action and teach them.

【Scripture】 Matthew 11:29
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly. 

This is a message that says, “Come to the Lord. Learn from the Lord. 
Take action and teach everyone so they can take action.” 
You need to live as a counterpart of God, the Holy Spirit and the Lord 
instead of being a counterpart of someone else. 
Therefore, you need to learn from the Lord and take action. 
Only then can you live a life of eating, drinking and becoming one with the Lord. 
Those who take action without learning [from the Lord] cannot take action 
in ways that are fitting to the hearts of God, the Holy Spirit and the Lord. 
If you could condense the entire Bible into one phrase, it would be, 
“Come to God, the Holy Spirit and the Lord. Learn from Me. 
Then take action. And deliver it to everyone. 
By doing so, make disciples, make them become people of God, 
and make the history of the time period.”  

Unless you learn, you cannot do [it]. 
You need to learn. Then you can get out of that level and domain. 
Those who do things without learning cannot lead their followers. 
In the world, there are many who ‘teach.’ 
There are many people in the world who teach about religion, politics and life. 
However, there is no one who teaches satisfyingly, perfectly and completely.  
That is why God teaches and sends a prophet or the Messiah in each time period, 
so that they can become ‘the bodies of God’ who know and take action.  
You have to learn one thing at a time and do everything in a way 
that is fitting to the hearts of God and the Lord.  
Even in your life of faith, you need to learn. 
Only then can you do it, and can you teach lives and lead them to the path of salvation. 

The Lord is ‘the head,’ so you need to learn from the Lord and take action. 
I bless you to realize just how tremendous and valuable learning and knowing is! 
Those who don’t know end without knowing. 
You must realize how much you will resent not knowing.
You must learn the way of the Lord and learn the Lord’s truth. 
Those who haven’t learned don’t even know even as the time period passes by them, 
and each day they live is a sad day. 
The Lord said, “I will teach you as I promised, so learn.” 
His teaching is the eternal teaching and the perfect teaching. 
I bless you to learn everything about all aspects of life! 
You need to learn the Word that pertains to this time period right now. 
You must teach it. You must take action. 

When you learn, you need to learn properly and clearly. 
You should not learn with your own mentality. 
You need to learn with ‘Heaven’s mentality and the Lord’s mentality.’
Then can you learn clearly. 
Everyone should learn from the Lord, take action, and teach [others]. 
By doing so, I hope you will testify for the God of knowledge; the God of wisdom! 

I want everyone to become ‘someone who learns and takes action.’
I bless you to listen to today’s Word and become people who realize and take action. 
Superficiality is not accepted!
Since you are taking action before God, you must truly do it with fear and trembling. 
If you don’t do things properly, you will go through extreme suffering. 
Learn well. Take action well. Teach well! 
I bless you to Learn the Lord’s wisdom, understanding, insight, and brilliance, 
and make the history of the time period meaningfully, brilliantly, and beautifully. 
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