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Save time and use it for eternal things.
Spend time with the thoughts from God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord.

【Scripture】 Ephesians 5:15-16
Be very careful, then, how you live -- not as unwise but as wise,  
making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.  

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly. 

You need to love ‘time.’ You need to seize time and do what you need to do each time.
If you start by seizing one minute or one hour at a time, 
what you gain will pile up one by one and you will eventually gain and enjoy many things. 
Seizing time means ‘using time sparingly.’ 
By doing so, you should ‘gain a greater amount of time.’ 
Those who use time sparingly are ‘people who live for a long time.’
This is because by saving time, they do a lot compared to others, and as they do more, they gain a lot. 
By using time sparingly, there is a way to become a person who lives for a long time. 
First, get up early. Second, do everything quickly. 
If you do that, then you can save time and gain ‘great amounts of time.’ 
If you have gained great amounts of time, 
then you need to use that time with the thoughts from the Lord. 
Those who don’t use time with thoughts from the Lord, but use that time as their own time, 
are people who have lost all of their time.
You need to save time and use it as time that belongs to heaven. 
Then you can use a large amount of time and also gain eternal things. 
Only then can you say ‘you will live for a long time even in the same amount of time.’ 

In order to gain a large amount of time and use it as time that belongs to heaven, 
take action diligently from the predawn.
If you wake up late instead of waking up early in the predawn, 
then you will have to live that day with just a small amount of time. 
If you start with a small amount of time, you won’t have much even if you save it. 
You need to wake up early and take action from the predawn. Then you can save lots of time. 
For example, if you save ‘4 hours’ per predawn, you can save ‘120 hours’ in one month. 
And if you save ‘4 hours’ per afternoon, you can save ‘120 hours’ in one month. 
Then you will gain ‘240 hours in total,’ and in one month, you will gain ‘10 more days.’ 
Then in one year, you will gain ‘120 more days’; 
in 10 years, you will gain approximately ‘3 years and 3 months’; 
and in 100 years, you will have gained approximately ’33 more years.’ 
In order to gain a great amount of time, you need to save even a moment of time.
Only then will [each moment] be gathered together and become a large amount of time. 
Those who gain large amounts of time will also do ‘great work.’ 

I hope you will ‘train yourself with time.’ 
You need to think and take action every second.
Then you can be trained regarding time, 
and you can win in the fight against time and gain a large amount of time. 
If you only try to live for a long time, you will use time worthlessly and live a meaningless life. 
‘What you have done with time’ is important. What you do with time determines ‘the value of [your] life.’ 
In other words, you should use time for the body as well as for eternal things. 
Only then will your life be of great value. 
If you don’t do things for the body and if you don’t do things for the spirit, there is no future. 
Therefore, even if you live a long time, there is ‘no hope whatsoever.’ 
Your life will just end with the body eventually 
and you will become a person who has nothing to do with the eternal blessings of the spirit. 

You need to live according to the thoughts of the eternal God. 
Only then will the body gain the things it needs to gain in the physical world 
and use them for the rest of its life, 
and you will also gain eternal thing for the spirit to use forever. 
Some people save time merely to use it as ‘time for the body.’ 
This is like a person who makes food and eats it when he is hungry. 
So, he will eat and be full only at that time and end with that. 
You need to use time for the spirit as time that God and the Holy Spirit want. 
Only then will it be meaningful for the body because it is living for eternal things, 
and the soul and the spirit will also transform and live happily with the Trinity forever.

If you only hold onto time and do not use it, it is like leaving hot water outside in the dead of winter.
Just as the heat of the hot water gradually cools and disappears, time will also gradually disappear. 
Therefore, don’t just hold onto time, but do the things you need to do at that time and use time. 
Time is like ‘money.’ But you cannot save it like depositing money [in a bank].
Therefore, at every moment, you need to use time in an appropriate way. 

‘Your own thoughts’ are always limited to making you do the work that belongs to your body. 
You need to take action with the thoughts of the omnipotent God. 
Then you will do ‘the work of the spirit that belongs to heaven.’ 
Even if you take action with your own thoughts for 10 years or 100 years, 
it cannot be compared to the work you do after receiving the thoughts of God in a moment. 
If you live with the thoughts of God and the Holy Spirit, 
it is as if the Trinity are taking action through your body, so your soul and spirit transform in a divine way.
Thus, you become the Trinity’s counterpart of love, 
and your body will love the Trinity on the earth throughout your entire life, 
and your spirit will live loving the Trinity for eternity in Heaven. 
You need to live like this. 
Then your life won’t be meaningless and you will have joy and hope even if your life flies by.  

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