God’s blessing is a blessing whether [you] go in or come o...
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(Sunday Message for March 18th, 2018)

God’s blessing is a blessing whether [you] go in or come out.

【Scripture】 Deuteronomy 28:6
You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out. 

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly. 

God’s blessings are ‘a pair of blessings.’
A pair of blessings means that there are both ‘physical blessings’ and ‘spiritual blessings.’
It represents two kinds of blessings. 
Blessings from people consist of only one kind—‘physical blessings.’ 
Only God gives two kinds of blessings—‘physical blessings’ and ‘spiritual blessings.’

God’s blessing is a blessing even if you go in, and even if you come out. 
[In other words], it is a blessing wherever you go. 
If you receive God’s blessings, you receive ‘blessings’ wherever you go. 

If your deeds are unrighteous, then you cannot receive God’s blessings. 
If your deeds belong to ‘the world of righteousness’ and shine, 
then darkness, death, pain, evil, and unrighteousness will evade you, 
But if your deeds belong to ‘the world of unrighteousness’ and thus they are dark, 
then darkness will devour you. 
You need to belong to the world of righteousness, 
and receive God’s blessings and the Lord’s blessings. 
Only then will you receive ‘two-sided blessings, a pair of blessings.’
Only then will woe become a blessing. 

If it is appropriate from God’s point of view, He gives ‘two-sided blessings, a pair of blessings’ 
Abraham received this kind of blessing. 
That is why he received ‘blessings’ wherever he went, surpassing the environment. 
On the other hand, Lot, Abraham’s nephew, could not receive ‘God’s blessing.’ 
So even in the land of Sodom, which was known to be a flourishing land, 
he still couldn’t receive ‘the blessing of material wealth.’  
In the end, the land of Sodom became the place of God’s judgment. 
It was only in that place of judgment that Lot received the blessing of barely escaping death. 

David also received ‘a pair of blessings of that time period.’ 
That is why he became a king and received ‘the physical blessing,’
as well as ‘the blessing of heaven’ in the spirit. 
Job received two kinds of blessings—‘physical blessings’ and ‘spiritual blessings.’ 
Since he overcame satans and tribulations even when temptations came, 
God blessed him again with material wealth. 
This is the case not only for the figures in the Bible, but also for [the people of] this time period right now. 

One type of blessing cannot be a ‘perfect blessing.’  
Even if you received physical blessings and enjoyed them during the time of the body, 
if you fail to receive spiritual blessings, your spirit will suffer forever.
Since your spirit would end up that way while you were trying to enjoy blessings in the world, 
your [spirit] would regret even the things that it enjoyed in the world.

Same sex love is not the God-given ‘blessing of a counterpart.’
Even for opposite sex love, if it does not belong to God’s Will, it pertains to [only] ‘one type of blessing.’
This is because love that does not belong to God’s Will is physical love.
Even in a single day, a person who lives physically, centered on himself, 
is also a person who enjoys only ‘one type of blessings.’
He is like a ‘person who lives alone while only loving himself.’ 
God created things in ‘pairs,’ and He also blesses in ‘pairs.’

God’s blessings are received in ‘pairs.’ 
Therefore, if you find the ‘mate,’ you will be blessed forever. 
In order to receive the blessing of the eternal mate, 
you should love ‘God who is eternal,’ and become the ‘Trinity’s mate of love.’
This is the ‘true blessing of both sides, a pair of blessings.

Whatever time period it is, the savior sent by God is the ‘bridegroom,’ 
and those who receive him and are saved are the ‘brides.’
The bridegroom and bride are a ‘pair.’
If you become a pair, you will be ‘blessed forever on both sides.’ 
You will be ‘blessed both inside and outside!’
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