Enjoy after doing what you need to do. Then it is true joy a...
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(Sunday Message for February 25th, 2018)

Enjoy after doing what you need to do. Then it is true joy and glory.

【Scripture】 Revelation 2:10
Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. 
I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days.
Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life. 

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly.

Today, I will speak about ‘true joy and glory.’ 
The Holy Spirit said, 
“Glory is true glory and joy only if you enjoy it after doing what you need to do.” 

Glory that you enjoy without doing what you need to do 
is merely [a kind of] joy that you get by going out and eating outside one day.
As for glory that you enjoy after doing what you need to do, 
what you have done becomes ‘glory,’ so you will continue to enjoy it. 
Jesus also did ‘everything he needed to do,’ even bearing ‘the cross,’ 
and after that, he resurrected in glory. 
As a result, he enjoyed [that glory] throughout the period of 2,000 years of the New Testament history 
and for forever. 
Everyone, you should first do ‘what you need to do,’ 
and then enjoy ‘glory’ as a result of finishing the work.  

Those who enjoy glory without doing what they need to do 
are like people who have a party by getting a loan.
Those who enjoy glory after doing what they need to do 
are like people who earn money, become successful, and celebrate in joy.
Those who saved lives together with the Lord 
also receive ‘the crown of glory’ in their spirits 
and enjoy [the glory] forever, and their bodies also receive ‘glory as a result.’ 
Keeping your faith was ‘doing the work you needed to do.’ 
After finishing the work, whether it is small or big, 
you get to enjoy ‘glory and joy’ as a result of doing the work.

Those who get rid of Satan and evil in their lives first will fulfill Heaven on earth too.
Through their bodies, their spirits will also fulfill Heaven through the ‘Rapture.'
Now the night of the time period has passed and the day has come! 
Now that we have imprisoned Satan and resurrected, 
we just need to do the ‘work of the time period.’
Now each individual must take action as the bodies that have resurrected from the domain of death.
You have to do what you failed to do in the past.
You must not miss the time of resurrection, the time of glory.
When farming, if you throw a tantrum in the course of working, you won’t have joy, 
farming won’t go well, you will be irritated even when you harvest in autumn, 
and you will be cranky even when you eat at the time of glory.
I hope that you will give the Trinity fiery thanks, joy, and glory at this time!

'Blessings' spring up from ‘within yourself’ too. So don’t fill up your hole of blessing yourself.
You should center on the Lord and think in the ‘direction of joy and hope.’
When you have the broad side of joy and hope, 
why would you enter the narrow hole on the opposite side and think from there?
All of heaven and earth is the path of blessing God gave us and the path of joy and hope.
This is because it is the path that came from the Lord. 
If you follow the Lord, there are ‘blessings’ every day.
Evil will ultimately be taken care of by being separated out and disintegrated. 
Irritation, worries, concerns, and anxieties will also all be taken care of automatically.
People live or die depending on their moods. They fly or crawl depending on their moods. 
If you get irritated, both ‘joy’ and ‘strength’ will disappear more.
You can control your own mood as much as you want to, but why do you choose to be in a bad mood?

You have to adorn yourself neatly, do the work you have to do, and save lives. 
Then you will wear a ‘spiritual crown.’
The more you evangelize, the more splendid your crown will become. 
You will come out to ‘resurrection and glory’ according to what you did centering on God’s Word!!

This year is ‘the year of hope and thanksgiving’ and ‘the year of resurrection and glory.’
Those who do the work they should do during the time of resurrection and glory 
will walk into ‘glory’ even more.
I hope that everyone will do the work they have to do with ‘thanksgiving and joy.’
Don’t do it while feeling irritated and forcing yourself to squeeze out the [desire], 
but do it because you love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.

Since God’s time of resurrection has now come, 
I hope that you will not fight and hurt one another’s heart but live joyfully.
I hope that you will not bind ‘yourself,’ but petition God; love the Holy Trinity; 
give glory to the Trinity who created the Earth, 
gave us creation and His Will and plan so that we can take action; 
and live enjoying ‘happiness and glory’ while doing the work you must do.

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