Making [yourself] to have the heads of God, the Holy Spirit,...
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(Sunday Message for Feb. 18th, 2018)

Making [yourself] to have the heads of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son is such tremendous work.

【Scripture】 Ephesians 4:15-16
Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.  
From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.  

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you abundantly. 

‘The head, in other words, the brain’ is like a machine.
Computers and all kinds of other machines also need to have the head made properly 
in order to receive exactly what is given, input those [instructions], and operate. 
The same is also true with people. 
When you look, you can tell whether someone has made their head or not. 
Even if God gives the same Word, people receive it differently 
depending on whether they have made the machine of their brain or not. 
If they made their brains, then they will receive and accept the Word at the level God gives it, 
and if they haven’t made their brains, then they won’t be able to accept the Word at that level.
You need to make your ‘brain machine’ according to the will of the Trinity. 
Then you will receive the Word at the level God gives it, and you will preach it and take action on it.  

You should make your 'brain, head, mentality, and thoughts' in a new way. 
According to how you made your head, you will accept the Word; 
and according to how you made your head, you will use it and take action.  
You need to get rid of self-centeredness in your head, mentality and thoughts, 
and make [yourself] only according to God’s design. 
Only then will you receive the thoughts of God and the Holy Spirit exactly as they are each time, 
and take action on them. 
'The brain, the head' doesn’t get made just with thoughts alone. 
It is made by you taking action one thing at a time.
‘A person’s level’ is determined by how much they have made 'their head.'
Each machine and each piece of equipment do different work. 
A car does different work from a bicycle, and an excavator does different work from a pick. 
They are used only according to what they were made for. 
'The brain, and the head' is like different equipment and machines. 
[Thus] it is also used according to how it was made. 
Making a new brain machine and a new head 
is like [producing] a new line of trains or a new line of airplanes. 
Just as cars, trains, and planes keep being upgraded with new engines, 
the head must be made in a new way according to the new time period. 

'Your brain, heart, and thoughts' are the temple of God -- God’s house. 
'Your body' is also the temple and house of God.
You need to make them in a new way. 
The house must be nice in order for your heart and body to be comfortable and feel good. 
Like this, if a machine only looks good on the outside but doesn’t function well, it’s not that nice. 
The same is true with people. 
Smart phones are small, but they have a variety of functions, so that’s why they are great. 
'Your brain smartphone' is also small, 
but you need to make it function in a variety of ways so you can use it in a variety of ways. 
You need to make your brain into 'a brain smartphone' 
that can be used in both the physical as well as the spiritual world. 
'The brain smartphone' is the best machine in the world. 
No matter how great various worldly machines are, can you use them to connect with the Holy Trinity? 
Can you connect with the people of Heaven, and angels? You cannot! 
You need to frequently connect with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord. 
You can do this only with the brain, the head. 
This is none other than the brain smartphone

Each person has a ‘phone’ called 'the brain,' 
but some people only have ‘phones that are at the level of regular phones’, 
some have more developed phones, and some people have the latest smartphones. 
If you connect to the spiritual world using the phone called 'the brain,'  it is tremendous. 
However, sometimes people connect with lower level spirits. 
That is at the level of connecting with people in the world. 
Some people make their heads connect to satans. 
Some people make their heads love only the world. Such heads cannot be used by God and the Lord. 
You need to remake your head into a head that connects with the Trinity. 
Some brains can listen to the Word, but cannot take action. 
This is like a phone that receives but cannot transmit. 
[Phones] have to be able to receive as well as transmit.
In the same way, after you have listened to God’s Word, you have to take action.
Then, your spirit will benefit from it, and your spirit will be made and transformed.
You have to make your spirit by listening to the Word of the time period 
and by taking action on it.
Then, you will live at the divine level.
It is comfortable and nice as much as you make yourself.
If you have made yourself, you can use it for a lifetime.
Before anything, you have to make ‘your brain, your head.’
You have to make your 'brain and head' perform well to suit the Trinity, 
both physically and spiritually.
People take action through the brain,
so they can only take action according to how they made their 'brains and heads.'

Smartphones can connect with each other, right? Why is that? It is because they were made the same.
Like this, you have to make [your thoughts] the same as the Trinity’s thoughts 
in order to connect with the Trinity.
You connect with the Trinity if [your thoughts] align with Their thoughts in the exact same way.
At that moment, the Trinity answer you. Otherwise, ‘the answer’ does not come.
When you are praying, too; if your prayer aligns with the Trinity’s thoughts, the answer comes.
Furthermore, They make that prayer come true.
If your prayer does not fit, there will be no answer and no fulfillment either.
People are the same: they only answer when it fits their hearts. 
If it does not fit, they do not answer, but give excuses instead.
You have to align [your head] to the head of the Lord. 
It is to align [your head] to the Trinity’s head. 
Those who have made their brains, their heads, in this way, connect with the Trinity.

‘Human beings who were created by God Almighty’ 
are the very beings who can connect with the Trinity and the Lord best on this earth.
If you break it down further, it is ‘the human brain,’ ‘the human head.’
No matter who you are, you have to ‘re-create’ your brain, your head, 
according to the time period, by listening to God’s word and by fulfilling your responsibilities!

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