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(Sunday Message for Feb. 11th, 2018)

‘The heart’ and ‘actions’—these two things must fit in order to live together.
Have ‘the spiritual birthright.’

【Scripture】 Romans 8:6 
The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace;    

People can live together only if two things fit.
First, ‘the body’ must fit, and second, ‘the heart and thoughts’ must fit.
The body must fit means, your actions must fit [one another], 
and the heart and thoughts must fit means your essence [must fit one another].
If only one thing, which is the actions, fits, you cannot live together. 
And if only one thing, which is the heart, fits, you cannot live together either. 
Let’s say there is a beautiful female counterpart for a man, 
and there is an attractive male counterpart for a woman.  
If the beautiful and attractive counterpart does ‘the work’ in a fitting way, 
but his or her ‘heart’ doesn’t match [with yours], then you cannot live together. 
On the other hand, even though the heart fits well, if you don’t fit [one another] when taking action, 
then since you cannot take action together, you cannot live together. This is the case with the Lord. 
Those whose actions don’t fit live with ‘only one thing, the heart,’ fitting [with each other]; 
and those whose hearts don’t fit live with ‘only one thing, the actions,’ fitting [with each other]. 
Some people even live [together] when both things, ‘[their] hearts and actions,’ don’t fit [with each other].  

When people do God’s work, they automatically think that they have become one with God. 
However, this is not true. 
Let me briefly speak using a parable. 
Just because a man and a woman court each other, or live together after getting married, 
can they say that they have become one no matter what?
No. Even if they once loved each other, there are many people who end up parting ways. 
Even if they live loving each other, they say, “Our hearts and thoughts don’t fit. 
[Or,] the heart fits, but once we do something, our actions don’t fit [with each other].” 
People cannot live only with actions of love. Their hearts must also fit. 
Also, they cannot live [together] with only their hearts either. Their actions must fit. 
In this way, even if you do the work of God, 
there are many people whose hearts don’t fit with God and the Holy Spirit.
And once they start working, 
there are many people whose actions don’t fit [with God and the Holy Spirit either]. 
If you are the Trinity’s counterpart of love, 
you [should] take action making the heart and actions fit [to the Trinity] 100%.

Even if you live together in the same house, or live together in the same room, 
if both the heart and actions don’t fit, then you cannot live together. 
Let’s say your heart fits well and you can converse well with each other. 
But [let’s say] your actions don’t fit. 
So, if the other person is awake and does daily activities while you are sleeping, 
and if the other person only sleeps when you pray, then you cannot live together. 
On the other hand, when these actions fit well, 
but your heart doesn’t fit and you cannot converse with each other, 
that is also frustrating and it goes against your heart, so you cannot live together. 
This is also the case before God. 
If both ‘the heart and actions’ don’t fit, then since things don’t work out according to God’s design, 
God won’t receive them. God doesn’t receive [things] when there is a blemish.
With machines, too. 
When even a little bit don’t fit, they cannot be put together, 
and even if they are put together, the machine cannot function properly. 
Both the heart and actions must fit 100%. Then, it is a life of truly living together.

This is also the case with God’s history. 
Only when your thoughts and actions become one with God does ‘the will’ finally get fulfilled. 
God begins the history when the heart and actions fit 100%. 
And only then does He walk [together with us].
God takes action centering on those who match their hearts and actions [to God]. 
If they don’t do that, then God makes them fix [themselves] and make them do things again. 
If only the heart fits, but the actions don’t fit, then it is only 50%. 
If the heart doesn’t fit, but only the actions fit, then it is also only 50%. 
I hope you will surely make both your heart and actions always fit [God] and live [in this way]. 
Only then will you become the Trinity’s counterpart of love, 
and only then will [your deeds] become your accomplishments.
Even after going to Heaven,
only the spirits of those who have these two things become united with [the Trinity] 
and live close to the Trinity in Heaven’s greatest domain. 
As much as the two things don’t fit, 
you will live in a place where you are progressively distant from the Trinity. 
In Heaven, people don’t all live in the same house together. The location is different for each person. 
That location is determined according to how much you have made your heart and actions fit the Trinity. 
If this is the case, then who goes to Hell? 
The spirits of those whose truth, heart, and actions don’t fit with the Almighty go [there/to Hell]. 

In the Bible, Isaac had two sons. 
It was Esau, the first-born son, and Jacob, the second born son. 
Jacob set the condition and took away ‘the birthright’ [from Esau]. 
At this, God gave Jacob ‘the blessings of the time period.’ 
You need to take possession of the spiritual birthright
in order to receive the blessings and receive the inheritance. This is the absolute will of God.
In order to take the spiritual birthright, you need to surely set two conditions
‘making the heart fit [the Holy Trinity], and making the actions fit [the Holy Trinity].’ 
In order to do so, you need to ‘absolutely center on the head.’ 
The head is ‘God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.’
The one who lives spiritually making the Lord their head is ‘the firstborn son.’
God inherits Heaven to the one who has the spiritual birthright.

You must take the birthright. This birthright is ‘the spiritual birthright.’ 
The one who has ‘the spiritual birthright’ belongs to the eldest of faith. 
Therefore, they will receive God’s blessings and receive the eternal inheritance.
If you live physically, then whoever you may be, 
you become a person who belongs to Cain at that moment. 
Therefore, you will have your spiritual birthright taken away. 
If you live spiritually, then you become a person who belongs to Abel, 
and you will have the spiritual birthright.

Even when you do God’s work, or the Lord’s work
you need to do them by always fitting them to the heart and thoughts of the Lord, 
and also while making your deeds fit [to the Lord].
After fitting [them to the Lord’s heart] just once, don’t say you have fit everything [to the Lord’s heart], 
but every time you do something, you need to make ‘the heart and actions’ all fit one by one.
This is centering on the spirit, and this is what it means to be spiritual. 
This becomes [like] Abel taking action, so God receives it.
I bless you will make  ‘your heart and actions’  perfectly fit the Lord even more; 
always walk with the Trinity and fulfill Their will; 
and live completely taking possession of the world of love, joy, and hope.   
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