Make it so individuals will do well
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Make it so individuals will do well
[Scriptures] Revelation 20:6
6) Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal Holy Father God and the peace of the Holy Son.
Almost all people, except for ‘babies’ and ‘children,’ live by themselves. When you analyze a DAY, more than 70% of the time is spent by yourself. Therefore, you must do well when you are by yourself.
When YOUNG DAVID was a teenager, he faced GOLIATH, an armed general of a nation and monstrous expert in martial arts. He fought and won by himself relying only on God.
Also, when he was tending to his sheep by himself as a young shepherd, he would sing, pray and call upon God. And when wolves and lions would come to devour his sheep, instead of calling his fellow shepherds or other adults, he would personally go after them and solve the problem by himself by beating them down with a club or even ripping open the mouths of the lions.
That is why when DAVID is mentioned, people say ‘He was brave. He was a man of courage, He was a courageous warrior. He was a hero and a leader who does well as an individual.’
Since the Holy Son Lord is with you, you must make it so you are skilled as an individual.
Driving too. It is ultimately done by one person. It is not done by two people. The driving instructor will hold the steering wheel only in the beginning.
They make you ultimately practice by yourself and drive by yourself. A ‘driver’s license’ is given to the person who knows how to drive well by himself. The ‘car’ called YOUR LIFE must be driven around by YOU, YOURSELF. Therefore, each person should learn ‘how to do well as individuals.’
In the most powerful Special Forces units in the military, each individual does well. By learning how to climb up and down cliffs and learning how to tie and untie ropes, by themselves they tie the rope and climb down, cliffs, and by themselves they untie the rope and set their course. Then when they discover the enemy, they fight by themselves and solve the problem.
When I watched the ‘animal kingdom,’ a mother leopard left a baby that was barely able to walk on its own at home and briefly went to hunt for the sake of the baby. At that moment, a snake picked up the scent, came to the leopard’s den, and was looking at the baby. The baby was just calling out for its mother. Because it did not know how to do things by itself, even though it was a leopard, it only trembled and ‘meowed.’
The enemy looks at the ‘response of the opponent.’ Because the cub was sitting still and just trembling, the snake eventually bit the leopard cub and slowly swallowed it. That leopard cub was grown enough to run away. However, because it could not do things on its own, it was unfortunately eaten by the snake. It was truly sad because it was a ‘leopard’ and not just any animal.
In this way, since there is a lot of time when you are by yourself, you must surely learn so that you will do well even by yourself. If you do well even if you are by yourself, it is truly GRATIFYING, VALUABLE, and you will be brimming over with CONFIDENCE.
You have to do well as an individual. Then you are a hero.
Letting individuals do well is the principle of the ‘roly poly toy.’
A roly poly toy gets back up after falling, right? If individuals do well, they will get back up again even if they fall. If you fill 1/4th of an empty water bottle with water and drop it into a river or the ocean, the bottle will stand up after falling over. This is the ‘principle of individuals doing well.’
After hearing today’s message, I bless and bless again you will do well as individuals on your own!
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