Forgiving your sins is permitting you to go to Heaven. God s...
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(Sunday Message for January 21st, 2018)

Forgiving your sins is permitting you to go to Heaven.
God sees ‘the heart and actions.’ He sees ‘the spirit.’

【Scripture】 Matthew 7:21
“Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, 
but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.  

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you in abundance. 

The Holy Spirit said, 
“Becoming the Holy Spirit’s, and the Lord’s is that tremendous. 
Whether you have done well or not is the second issue.” 
What it means to have become the Holy Spirit’s, and the Lord’s 
is that both your body and your spirit received ‘salvation,’ 
and that your spirit did not come to ruin but gained ‘eternal Heaven.’ 
In order to become the Holy Spirit’s and the Lord’s, 
you need to believe in the Lord, take action upon his words, and follow, 
but [at the same time,] your sin issues must also be cleared. 
The issues of sin can only be resolved through ‘repentance.’ 
However, even if you repent, there needs to be ‘a person who can absolve and forgive your sins.’  
In other words, he is ‘the Lord.’ 
Just because you repent on your own doesn’t mean you can receive forgiveness, 
and just because you make up your mind that you will do well on your own, 
and you take action with that heart doesn’t mean you can receive salvation either. 
These are not things you can do on your own.

Forgiving your sins is allowing you to go to Heaven, 
but if you don’t realize the value and the meaning profoundly, 
then even if your spirit is placed in Heaven, you cannot become a bride with that kind of heart and mind. 
With cars also, if they don’t function properly, they are useless. 
Even if you bought a car because it looks really nice, 
if the engine cannot function, you have no choice but to leave it alone. 
So that is why God, the Holy Spirit and the Lord look at ‘the heart’ and select people in that way. 
In other words, They look at whether people’s heart and thoughts function properly 
and then choose them. 

The body is like ‘a flower.’ 
No matter how pretty flowers are, after a period of time passes by, they will surely wither. 
In this way, no matter how beautiful the body is, 
after a period of time passes by, everyone, without an exception, will wither like a flower.
Bodies and faces that were so pretty will get old and become wrinkly. 
However, ‘the beauty of the heart, and the beauty of thoughts’ is different. 
Even if their faces or bodies are not that [beautiful], 
those who have beautiful hearts and thoughts within the Lord; 
love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord; always converse with the Trinity and pray, 
evangelize and manage; preach the Word well; take action; and work hard within the Lord
will shine more in their hearts and thoughts as time goes by, 
their actions will also shine, and their spirits will become endlessly beautiful. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son do not center on the body. 
They see how attractive and beautiful your heart and thoughts are, how perfect your deeds are, 
and They see your soul and spirit that change according to your heart, thoughts, and actions. 
You need to make the heart, thoughts, and actions more beautiful and attractive 
before the body completely ages, and make your spirit pretty and beautiful. 
That is the ultimate wisdom with which you can gain eternal beauty, 
and that is your inheritance. 

The spiritual world is sensitive, so the spirit directly receives all of the thoughts and deeds of the body 
to create the corresponding spiritual form, 
and the spirit lives forever with that transformed image.
The image and form of the spirit reflect the condition of the body’s thoughts and deeds. 
The body’s deeds create the form of the spirit.
That is why God looks at the ‘heart.’ Then He looks at the ‘deeds’ and the ‘spirit.’ 
He treats the body based on that.
The spiritual world and the physical world are different. 
In the physical world, people who possess physical things are prominent. The spiritual world is different.
[Spirits] take hold of the [spiritual world] based on how their bodies treat God and the Lord,
their thoughts and deeds in the body, and their missions.
People who hold the physical world may take hold of physical things, 
but they cannot seize the authority of the mission from God or spiritual things.
In the spiritual world, you seize authority with the mission from God.
Those who take hold of the spiritual world 
are incomparably greater than those who hold on to politics, finances, or arts in the world.
Those people have ‘eternal authority.’

Even one house you possess in the spiritual world holds tremendous value.
Even the combined wealth of all the world’s millionaires cannot buy a single house in the spiritual world.
Things in the physical world change, and they are deemed to be great only in the physical world. 
They are not eternal. Therefore, they will come to an end sooner or later. 
It is an empty world that is like catching the wind in the end.
In the spiritual world, spirits display their authority through the ‘appearance of their bodies.’
Even if it doesn’t have other things, the ‘spirit itself’ is authority.
And since it possesses that for eternity, it is truly valuable.
Physical things end after ‘a period of time’ just as flowers wither. 
Everything that was done physically in the physical world ends when the body dies.
Only the things that were done in the Will of God 
go directly to the ‘spirit’  even after the body dies, 
and they remain forever for the ‘spirit’ to enjoy.
People of God are the greatest. The one who seizes the spiritual world is eternally great. 
You have to seize the spiritual world in order to hold onto [things] forever!

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