The Year of Hope, Joy, and Resurrection
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(Sunday Message for January 7, 2018)

The Year of Hope, Joy, and Resurrection

【Scripture】 Revelation 2:10-11
Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. 
I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. 
Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life.  
He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 
He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death.  

It is the first Sunday of 2018, ‘the Year of Hope and Thanksgiving.’
Let’s all gather our hearts and give glory of thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity. 
Hallelujah! Once again today, may the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word fill you in abundance. 

In each time period, ‘the cross of tribulation and suffering’ 
needs to be carried on the national level and the world level 
for the purpose that pertains to that time period. 
Only then can [people] move onto the next purpose. 
Even when you bear the cross of tribulations and persecution, 
if you fail to do what you need to do, you will just receive suffering and end without gaining anything. 
‘God’s time’ passes by even during the tribulations and persecutions 
and also during the period of the cross. 
But since we cannot do [what we need to do] once God’s time passes by, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit led us, 
and even while bearing the cross of tribulation and persecution of the time period,
we came to our senses, equipped ourselves with the Word, and took action while praying!  
Now, the year of hope and thanksgiving has come!
The time of hope must come in order for situations to change. ‘God’s time’ must always come.
Since the time of hope is coming, we say, “it is hope. Let’s give thanks.”
When the time comes, the situation and circumstances change, 
so it becomes ‘a world of hope and thanksgiving’ to everyone, whoever they may be. 

This year is the year of hope and thanksgiving. It is the year in which hope is fulfilled. 
Therefore, it is the year that you should be thankful.
When spring comes – winter passes away, so it doesn’t snow, it becomes warmer, 
creation comes to life, birds sing, and the history of hope and resurrection takes place. 
In this way, when the time comes, the history of hope, joy, and resurrection also takes place. 
Now the darkness and death will fade way like the time of winter. 
It is for this time that we came while struggling, enduring, and fighting against tribulations 
even in the midst of harsh snow storms, wind and rain! 
With the mindset that just as the night comes, ‘the days of tribulations’ come, 
and just as the day comes, ‘good days’ come, we made ourselves strong during the good days 
and fought and overcame with that mentality and [with those] thoughts during the days of tribulation.  
Now, this year must be the year that you rise up and shine the light. 
I bless you to truly love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord, 
become one with your brothers and be at harmony, truly give glory to the Trinity, 
and start the beginning of the new year, 2018 well!

What is the hope and joy for us?
You should make living according to God’s purpose and loving the Trinity as your pleasure. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord look at ‘the heart.’
They look at the fiery heart and thoughts of love, communication, conversation, and love.  
Everyone, with the heart of love, actions, and conversations, 
I hope that you will begin 2018, the new year, well as you sincerely give glory to the Trinity!

You should not miss the time. This is because ‘the opportunity’ also disappears with time. 
Some chances come twice in a difficult way, 
but most chances come only once and then don’t come again. 
Therefore, you need to do it at the ‘right time.’ 
Now, I hope that you receive this time, the time of hope, 
the time when you rise up and shine the light, rise up, and take action!
This year is the year of resurrection. Therefore, it is the year of hope. 
It is the year in which [you/things] come to life. It is the year of thanksgiving. 
When the breath of life of the Word went into the dead bones in the valley of Ezekiel, 
bones came together and came to life, and they became ‘an army!’ They resurrected! 
You need to all gather to that degree, become one, and do well. 
That time, that hour, and that moment is so important. 
Even when playing soccer, the moment you take possession of the ball 
determines whether or not you can score, depending on how you capture that moment. 
When the time has come, you need to capture the moment well. Then you will be successful. 
Now, since the time of resurrection, the time of hope and thanksgiving has come, 
I hope you call God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord all the more, 
focus on what you need to do at this time, gather together, and rise up and shine the light!

If you take action with the Word of God, power will come and miracles will take place. 
The Word is ‘God.’ It is ‘the Lord’!
Giving the Word is like saying, “Do according to what I say [and see what happens.]” 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord also give ‘the Word,’  
and if you take action according to that Word, They make things happen according to that Word. 
When God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son give you blessings, They say, 
“After you take action, you are the one who will use it, so give your best. 
Then, more power and strength will come. I will be with you all the more. 
If you gain by giving your best, you will also become the owner.” 
Everyone, with even what God has given you, I hope you give your best, pray, and earn by running wisely. 
Then, you will also become the owner, and that will become your testimony. 
The Holy Spirit always helps us with the Lord’s spirit while giving us inspiration. 
Therefore, everyone, petition so that you can realize the answer the Holy Spirit and the Lord are giving you, 
and if you have received the answer, take action right away. 
Only God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord are ‘our answers!’ 

Everyone, I bless you that you do not leave your positions, but do what you have to do; 
confess the sins of the time period for the final time and make it clean; 
care for yourself, lives, and your church; give glory to the Trinity in each of your positions and pray, 
and take action with hope and thanksgiving.
According to how you believe in the Lord, treasure him, petition in the name of the Lord and take action,
the history will happen in 2018!

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