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(Sunday Message for December 10, 2017)

God’s Law is ‘the Law of Love.’ 
If You Want to Save Lives, Do It Like This.

【Scripture】 1 Corinthians 13:13
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 

Hallelujah! May the blessings of the eternal love of God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and works of the Word fill you in abundance.

The Bible is the Word that God spoke to and carried out 
when He was leading the ancestors and people of that time period. 
With that Word alone, you cannot put the truth and the law of God of this time period into practice. 
The world right now is a developed world, so it is completely different from the [world of the] past. 
Therefore, just repeating that old message won’t be enough to fulfill the purpose.  
When it became the time of the New Testament after Jesus came, 
God no longer governed that time period with the laws of the Old Testament. 
He gave the laws of the New Testament and governed the time period with those laws [instead]. 
Now, He needs to make a history that pertains to this time period, 
so He gives the laws and the truth that pertain to this time period and carries them out.  

Just as each word/letter has different ‘strokes’ and ‘shapes,’ each person is [also] different. 
When God leads them, He does not lead them in the same way, 
but [He] leads them each time in ways that are suitable and fitting for that person.  
There are also many ways to deal with different kinds of people.
There is a way to treat others, there is a way to treat your brothers/sisters, 
and there is a way to treat your lover. 
How you treat someone is completely different depending on who the other person is. 
God is also the same. He uses ‘the law of lovers and brides’ with the Complete Testament brides.
However, everyone must take action upon the basic laws of the Old Testament and the basic laws of the New Testament. 

Even in the world, ‘different laws’ apply depending on the occupation and the position. 
For soldiers, ‘the law for soldiers’ applies; For civil servants, ‘the law for civil servants’ applies; 
For businessmen, ‘the law for those in businesses’ applies; and, For artists, ‘the law for artists’ applies. 
However, the basic law that all citizens need to comply with is the same. 
Also, laws for sinners and laws for the righteous are different [from one another]. 
You should never treat sinners in the same way you are treating ‘the righteous.’ 
If you do that, they won’t be able to restore themselves, and they will end as sinners. 
That is why there is ‘the law of repentance and forgiveness’ for sinners. 
Only when [they live according to this law] will they live. 
Laws can kill or save people. 
The same is true with the law of the Word. Therefore, you need to use [it] well. 
You need to first look at ‘the position of the individual,’ and then look at ‘his/her state.’ 
After that, you need to see ‘how much he/she has matured,’ 
and then apply the law of the Word that pertains to him/her. 
For those who are sick in faith, give ‘the law of treatment.’ 
For those who are healed of their sickness in faith, give ‘the law of taking action.’ 
You need to treat people while giving them ‘the laws that pertain to them’ as much as they have matured. 
This is ‘the way to save lives.’ 

God’s law is, in fact, only one. It is none other than ‘the law of love.’ 
It is ‘the law of unconditional love.’ 
Therefore, God treats [people] with the law of love until the end. 
God treats [people] until the end with the law of love,
but if they go astray to ‘another path’ even after receiving His love, 
they will fall into traps on their own, and suffer. 
In Heaven, ‘the law that is absolutely complete’ is used. 
Heaven is ‘a world of conclusion.’ 
Therefore, whether in a small way or a big way, you need to be completed in order to enter Heaven. 
If you have [even] the slightest bit of sin, you cannot enter there. 
Whether small or big, even electronic goods can be used [only] when they are completed, right? 
How much [more must that be true] for Heaven? 
Even if your level is low, you have to be completed in order to enter [Heaven], 
and even if your level is high, you still need to be completed in order to enter [Heaven]. 
While you [are] living in this world—the world of the process [of making yourself], 
you need to fix, make, and complete yourself. 
God always gives ‘opportunities.’  Therefore, if you take action, you can do everything.

Even if you don’t believe in God, don’t know the Bible, and don’t know God’s truth, 
if you violate the law, you will be ‘harmed.’
You have to keep [all] ‘laws,’ even if they are Word that is not in the Bible. 
You have to keep the laws in order to exist without suffering any harm.
There are 7.5 billion people living in the world. There are many who don’t believe in God.
Since those people have to be saved too, God gave laws to the Earth. This is God’s absolute truth.
Truth operates the world even if it is not Word of the Bible. That truth is the truth from God. 
Therefore, the world is completely filled with God’s truth. 
God governs the whole world with that truth. It is the ‘law that pertains to everyone.’
The Bible doesn’t have ‘traffic laws.’ This is because the Bible was written when there were no cars.
The Bible doesn’t have laws regarding electricity either. 
This is because the Bible was written before electricity was used.
Therefore, even though some things are not in the Bible, 
since all of you have seen this time period and gained academic knowledge, 
you should keep the new laws of this time period. 

Laws are the castle walls that were built to prevent harm, to protect, and for things to go well.
You cannot live if you leave the boundaries of the laws.
Therefore, God gave laws so that things may exist separately.
He let the sea exist by independently forming the sea, and He let the land exist separately from the sea. 
This is the ‘law of nature.’
If the sea and land are mixed together, everything becomes dough, 
and neither the sea nor land can be used.
In this way, [God] also gave human beings laws so that they can all exist. 
They are the laws of nations, the laws of religions, the laws that apply to each individual, 
and the laws that pertain to each time. 
You should save lives with God’s laws. You shouldn’t bind or kill them with laws.
Different laws are applied depending on each person’s circumstances, 
situation, status, and growth.  
‘Laws’ were given to save lives. 
Therefore, you should not kill lives with the laws, but save them with laws.
You should judge neither sinners nor righteous people 
but entrust them only to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.
You should not kill lives with laws of sin. 
If a person repents, he becomes a ‘righteous person without any sin.’

God keeps giving ‘opportunities.’
However, if you take action late, the situation will keep changing, so you won’t be able to return.
Also, if you take action late, there will be fewer things you receive in the world, 
and there will be no time to enjoy them in the world.
Even though it is hard, the more quickly you make and complete yourself, 
the more you will receive in abundance with your ‘body’ in this world and enjoy them for a long time.
Therefore, I hope that you will not condemn or interrogate yourself and lives, 
but quickly listen to God’s and the Lord’s Word of love and make yourself! 
And teach and manage lives with the Lord’s Word!

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