Sharpen your senses/nerves, and manage them with your heart.
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(Sunday Message for Dec. 3, 2017)

Sharpen your senses/nerves, and manage them with your heart.

【Scripture】 Proverbs 4:23-27
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.  
Put away perversity from your mouth; keep corrupt talk far from your lips.  
Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.  
Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm.  
Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.  

Hallelujah! May the blessing of the eternal love of God, peace of the Holy Son, 
fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and works of the Word fill you in abundance. 

When there are sweltering heat waves and it is unbearably hot, people say, “The bitter cold is better.”
And then when [the weather] becomes cold, 
they say, “I can’t bear it. It’s [too] cold. Heat waves are better,” 
and people wonder, “[why do people’s hearts fluctuate so much?] Why is the heart so fickle?” 
It’s not that [people’s] hearts are fickle. It is because [people’s] nerves are sensitive. 
It is because the nerves are sensitive so [when] nerves feel something, 
the response is transmitted to the brain, 
and depending on that [feeling], thoughts are [formed and you decide] whether to like [something] or not. 
If your nerves are dull, then there is no sensitive reaction in your heart and thoughts 
regardless of whether it is cold or hot. 
But if you live killing [some of your] senses/nerves, you won’t feel things in a sensitive way, 
you won’t feel good or bad things, and you won’t even feel happy things either. 
Therefore, you will just take action recklessly, however you want [to take action]. 
In the process of [doing that], you may get hurt, or even get killed. 

Nerves contain ‘the heart, thoughts, and mind,’ 
so you will think and take action according to how you use your nerves. 
If you remove all of your brain nerves/neurons, your heart and thoughts will disappear. 
Nerves generate the heart and thoughts, and [nerves] connect to the soul and the spirit. 
The heart and thoughts of the body are all generated from ‘the brain nerves/neurons.’ 
When God and the Holy Spirit [want to] deliver ‘a will’ to human beings, 
They do so through the brain nerves/neurons. 
When the brain nerves receive the will of God, people can feel it through their hearts.

Even though you make promises to God, you set your heart decisively, and make a firm resolution, 
your heart changes quickly when you face a certain environment. 
So you say to yourself, “Why is my heart so fickle? Why is it so weak?
I am not confident. Should I just give up instead?” 
This is not because their hearts are fickle, 
but because their nerves are sensitive and their hearts feel that response instead.
At times like this, you need to control your nerves.
Since your nerves feel [things], don’t just grumble against your heart, 
but [think] to yourself, ‘This kind of response comes because the nerves are sensitive,’ 
and take your mind off of [such thoughts] like ‘I cannot do it. It’s not going to work for me.’ 
If you keep paying attention to [thoughts] that [say] you cannot do things, 
you will feel depressed, scared, burdened, and you will give up. 
If you misuse your nerves and control them in the wrong way, you will develop ‘a neurosis.’ 
In general, if you concern yourself [with something], you will have a headache, 
so you restrict yourself from [being] concerned [with those things] with your thoughts.  
When this happens, it’s good [in one aspect] because you don’t [have to] mind [those things], 
but [on the other hand], since you will not be able to feel various things in the course of your life, 
nothing will work out properly. 
The sharpness of your brain nerves/neurons, 
should not be used towards worrying, being anxious and [being] nervous, 
but use it to know the spiritual world [instead],  and use it to accept the Word of God. 
Therefore, don’t just make your [nerves/senses] dull because you have a headache, 
but control and govern your nerves with the Word of God.

If the believers of God are dull in their senses, 
they will continue to get harmed by satans that harm [people] every hour. 
Therefore, your nerves should feel [things] in a sharp way, 
and ‘that feeling should [be] transmitted’ to your heart and thoughts.
Only then will you react to God’s Word right away and take action, 
[will you] know what God is doing at each time 
and take action together [with Him], and [will you] receive things that God is giving at each time.
Electronic goods and smart phones are sensitive. 
If you touch it even slightly, it will turn on, and if you touch it lightly, the screen will change. 
Just because [the screen] is sensitive and it bothers you, if you change it to a dull one, [
the screen] will change after a long time, so it will frustrate you.  
People are the same way. 
The more insensitive their nerves are, [the more] they cannot feel well 
and [so] they take action slowly, so it’s frustrating. 
The more sensitive their nerves are, [the more] they can feel well and take action. 
That is why God also uses ‘those who are sharp.’  
Only then will they be able to feel God’s works well, 
readily accept the sharp Word of God, and take action [on that Word]. 
If your senses are not sharp but dull, you can make neither yourself nor lives into intricate artworks.
That is why people with dull senses for faith cannot raise their level.
if your nerves are dull, you cannot identify the ‘stench of sin’ well
and you have not much sense for the ‘fragrance of righteousness’ either.
When your nerves/senses are dull, you can neither feel ‘physical things’ nor ‘spiritual things’ well.
That is why senses have to be sharp. 
You should make your senses sharp and manage them! 

Nerves become sharp as a blade as much as you use them, 
and the heart becomes proficient at knowing and taking action as much as you control it.
Your nerves always give you a nudge and make you feel something.
Your heart and thoughts receive that response.
Therefore, God delivers ‘spiritual inspirations, intuitions, premonitions, 
and issues of life or death’ through the nerves.
The nerves are more sensitive than the ‘eyes.’ 
There are many times when the eyes see an illusion, 
but the nerves are not deluded into mistakenly [feeling things]. 
Even though I couldn’t see it with my eyes, I felt an itch and pain because of that germ.
The heart and thoughts also get deluded often. 
Therefore, you should learn and know through sharp nerves.
The nerves are the ‘world of the body,’ 
and the heart and thoughts are the ‘world of the mind.’
The body and nerves experience and feel things directly, 
but the heart cannot feel things directly because it is not the body.
If the body and nerves experience something first, 
the heart and thoughts come to feel and know it afterwards through the response.

It is a blessing to [have] nerves that can feel well and [that can feel] in a sharp way
However, you need to control it well with your heart. 
Don’t get caught up in what you see, hear, and feel, 
but I hope you [will] take action within God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord while controlling [your heart.]


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