Take Action Properly for the Remaining Time.
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(Sunday Message for Nov. 19, 2017)

Take Action Properly for the Remaining Time.

【Scripture】1 Thessalonians 5:1-23 

Hallelujah! May the love of the eternal God, peace of the Holy Son, 
fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration and movement of the Word fill you fully. 

The world of the spirit is a world that is one level higher than the world of the body.
Therefore, [spirits] in the world of the spirit take action at a higher level
than [bodies] do in the world of the body.
In the world of the spirit, there are only ‘the heart, thoughts, and the spirit’; 
therefore, even if you just speak and think, it becomes ‘reality.’ 
Since the spirit and thoughts move simultaneously, it is extremely fast. 
For the spirit, it moves hundreds of trillions of times faster than light 
when it moves from one location to another. 
Even if you just think, the spirit moves at the same time. 
Your thoughts are already in Heaven in an instant when you think about Heaven, right? 
In the same way, the spirit also actually goes all the way to Heaven 
in an instant at the same time thoughts [go]. 
Even a person’s spirit can see and go to Heaven from the place where his/her body is right now.
When a person’s spirit can do this, how much more for the omnipotent God?
God can see from Heaven all the people of the earth at a glance. 
They watch over the heart and deeds of all lives at a glance and govern them. 
[The Trinity] govern the deeds of good and evil, 
and They give [people] ‘blessings or ‘judgment’ according to their deeds.
[The Trinity] look at [people] and govern them, 
and [the Trinity] pay them back according to their deeds. 

People often ask, “How come God does not prevent the wicked from killing people?” 
That is not true. God does keep them from doing it. 
[In fact], God does not let them [commit murder]. 
How does He do that? How does He prevent [people] from [murdering]?
Whether it is ten times or a hundred times, God makes [the wicked] realize 
so that they would not commit the wicked deed. 
However, if they still do wicked deeds, then God watches their heart and deeds with eyes like blazing fire,
and according to their wicked deeds,
God repays their bodies ten times, or a hundred times; 
and He repays their spirits ten thousand times, or a hundred thousand times.  
If a person sins and repents, God forgives him. 
However, if [He] forgives murder, or even heinous sins, 
the order will crumble/[it will bring chaos]. 
That is why God repays fairly according to what you have done. 
If there is a person who suffered an undeserved death, God also repays his spirit. 
God governs all things fairly and repays them. 

In the history of God, people themselves received the price of their own sins, 
and their descendants also received the price of [their ancestors’] sin when sin was committed. 
For some sin, that nation received the price of sin for hundreds of years, 
and individuals also received the price of sin for decades.  
When a person who has committed sin does not repent, 
his spirit will surely go to the wicked spiritual world, Hades, Abyss, or Hell due to that sin. 
You might say ‘Is that really true?’ 
But if you fail to repent until the end after sinning, 
whether it is 10 people, 1000 people, or 100,000,000 people, 
they will all go [there] without any of them being missed.  
You receive according to your deeds.
Everyone, you need to receive perfect salvation, rapture, and take action 
when you are living with the body on earth. 
If you went to the spiritual world, 
but [only then discover] you failed to receive ‘the salvation of the spirit,’ 
unlike what you thought in the world, 
you cannot revive the body again [at that point] and receive salvation. 
At that time, there is no beginning again. 
Therefore, repent to the Lord perfectly right now, perfectly do righteous [deeds], 
and believe in the Lord perfectly. 
Don’t vaguely say ‘it will work out well,’ 
but you need to take clear actions and achieve salvation and the rapture.

Even if you can be sure in your thoughts and your will, there are so many things that are wrong. 
Therefore, you must check as you take action. 
Especially when it comes to things regarding the spirit, 
it is drastically different from the thoughts of the body. 
There are so many things that are different from your own thoughts. 
Therefore, you need to ‘believe in the Lord perfectly, and check as you take action. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord also give inspiration or realization, or speak 
with ‘reason’ in the beginning, and make you take action.  
But if you still do not listen, 
They change [the direction] with ‘an incident’ and give a revelation. 
At this level, They make you experience it yourself, shock you, rebuke you, 
give you suffering and etc., and They take action in all kinds of ways. 
Therefore, when [the Trinity] give you inspiration, realization, 
and words and [work according to] reason, you should listen. 
If you are a person who live listening when [They] speak to you with words, 
you are ‘living at a high level.’ 
If you are living at a higher level than that, in other words, the ultimate level, 
you are a person who knows beforehand 
and takes action voluntarily becoming one with the thoughts of the Trinity. 
Those who have become one [with the Trinity] take action without words. 
Those who do their own work take action on their own without words, 
and God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son watch them, help them, and do it with them. 

If you want to exist, you have to always do your own work like breathing. 
If you take action, big work will be done; 
if you don’t take action, even small work will not be done. 
Things get done as much as you take action. If you take action, it will work! 
Everyone’s problem is ‘taking action.’ That is the problem. 
The Holy Spirit, together with the Lord let you know. However, you have to take action. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son do not ask lives to do Their work for Them. 
Stars or the Moon cannot do what the Sun is supposed to do. 
The same is true with people and the Trinity. 
People cannot do what the Trinity are supposed to do, 
and the Trinity cannot do what people are supposed to do.
You should listen to the Lord’s words, receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, 
and do the work you are supposed to be doing yourself! 
You doing the work you are supposed to be doing 
is thrilling, joyful, exciting, hopeful, and satisfying. 
If you practice taking action, and take action while learning, you can all do it. 

People wish for and desire ‘better things’ so much. 
[But] will you gain better things just by wishing for them? 
In order to gain better things, you should take action at a higher level!
You have to raise your level and run properly. Then you will raise your level and go to a new world.
I hope that you will also raise the level of your heart, thoughts, words, and deeds.

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