Wake the predawn.
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(Sunday message for Nov 12th 2017)

Wake the predawn.

【Scriptures】 Psalms 57:8
Awake, my soul! Awake, harp and lyre! I will awaken the dawn.

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son, 
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be filled with the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word.

Prayer is ‘a conversation with the Trinity and the Holy Son Lord.’ 
Therefore, when you pray, you will think about God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord. 
And you will pay attention to that. Therefore, the path opens up toward that. 
And in that process, ‘the door of prayer and the door of conversation’ open 
and the thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord come in through those doors.     
People who don’t pray become distant from God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.
Therefore, they become close to Satan and close to the world.
And they become distant from the thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord 
and will center on their own thoughts.
Then they pay the price for their actions, regret only then, and end up living at a different level.
People who pray are people who converse with the Trinity and the Holy Son Lord. 
Therefore, they become close [to Them]. They come to walk with [Them]. 
That is why I tell you to pray. 

There are things that are important to conversing through prayer.
First, it is to go to the Trinity with ‘love.’   
Second, it is to go to the Trinity with ‘repentance.’
Especially when praying, you have to make yourself clean by repenting for your sins. 
When you pray, through ‘the dialogue of prayer,’ 
you will loosen whatever is bound one by one, you will clean up what is dirty,
you will fix what needs to be fixed, you will build up what needs to be built up,
you will resolve what needs to be resolved by conversing, you will find what should be found,
you will do what you should do and thus, problems will get solved.   
When you pray, God gives you everything that ‘should be given to you.’ 
On the other hand, if you don’t pray, He will give you only ‘the basic things’ 
and not give you [anything further]. 
You have to pray and receive from God. Then it will not be taken from you.
It is because what you have received by praying for it belong to you completely. 
Therefore, even Satan cannot question you or take it away from you. 

Prayer is like ‘action.’ You take action through prayer.
It is by taking action through prayer, taking action through your thoughts 
and taking action through your body,
that you resolve what needs to be resolved, fix what you should fix, build up what you should build up, 
find what you should find, receive what you should receive, and make yourself clean. 
When it comes to work, if you do only a little of it, it will show only a little. 
The bigger the work, the less it shows if you do it only a little. 
The same is true with prayer. The bigger the matter is, the more you have to pray 
and the longer you have to pray in order for [your prayer] to come true. 
Prayer is something you do at times when you surely need to pray 
but with basic prayer, you should do it daily.
You should pray the prayer of conversation in your life of faith [regularly] 
like you would eat and like you would sleep.
There are people who pray like ‘one growing crops’ 
and there are people who pray like ‘one just buying food and eating it.’ 
Even among people who pray like one growing crops, 
there are ‘people who [pray] like growing food only for himself’ 
and there are ‘people who [pray] like running an orchard or a large farm.’ 
People who [pray] like one running a prayer orchard or a large prayer farm 
pray a large amount of prayer fitting of that. Therefore, they have a large harvest fitting of that. 

Prayer plays an extremely important role 
- to the point it can determine the destiny of your life of faith.
Prayer plays an extremely important role 
– to the point it can determine your distance from God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.
Prayer plays a big role in both ‘salvation’ and ‘the rapture.’ 
How can you live life without ‘speaking?’
You solve problems by communicating with speech and do the work you should do. 
If you can’t do it through speech, you live while communicating with sign language or braille. 
Prayer does the work that is like ‘speech’ that is necessary in the course of living life. 
Therefore, how precious and important prayer is, right?  
You can solve many problems and gain many things by saying a sincere and earnest statement. 

Now I will talk about ‘predawn prayer.’
People who do the predawn prayer are people living with their faiths deeply rooted 
like a tree living with its roots deeply rooted in the ground. 
When a tree’s roots are well established deep in the ground, 
it can absorb the nutrients well when it is given fertilizer.
In this way, people whose faiths are deeply rooted and wake the predawn 
and pray listen well and accept well when the Lord gives ‘the Word.’
They realize that much better and take action.
I want you to make sure to wake the predawn and pray at ‘the set times’ 
and also train yourself to have ‘conversational prayer’ frequently during the day also. 

It is at the predawn that you receive ‘spiritual power’ and receive ‘spiritual things.’ 
People who do predawn prayer are bright [minded] and spiritual. 
Additionally, they have ‘spiritual power.’
People who wake up at predawn and pray sincerely are like a person who meets his lover and loves her. 
Therefore, their eyes sparkle and their thoughts also shine. Therefore, it shows.
This is because they received ‘spiritual power’ from the Trinity and recharged.
Being refreshed from sleeping a lot applies only to the physical body. 
Therefore, you are not spiritually bright [minded] and you don’t have energy you received spiritually.
If you only sleep a lot but don’t pray, you will suffer from nightmares or worthless dreams 
and thus, your soul has no energy because it lost. 

The predawn is the time when you are the most spiritually bright [minded].
God and the Holy Spirit both said: 
“If you want to be successful and prosperous both physically and spiritually, 
make sure you do predawn prayer.”
Can someone who starts working after the sun rises 
keep up with a person who worked diligently from predawn? 
The difference between them is quite big. 
In this way, a person who did not wake the predawn and did not pray 
cannot keep up spiritually with a person who woke up the predawn and prayed.
They can’t keep up in spiritual power, being bright minded, spirituality, and power of speech. 
Among the many hours [in a day], ‘the predawn’ is the golden time.
If you do conversation of prayer, 
you will see many miracles and signs both physically and spiritually!
If you do predawn prayer and give glory to the Trinity 
while surely observing Sundays each time, 
God will give you ‘blessings and wisdom.’ Therefore, no one can keep up with you. 

God said:
“My beloved people~. I am ‘the God of the predawn.’
I, Jehovah, move about at the predawn. Know the value of these words and everyone, wake the predawn!”
Just as people always tend to their crops diligently right before the harvest, 
God lets you pray and take action diligently with the blessing right before you.
If you pray, take action, and receive at this time, 
your body will use it for its lifetime and your spirit will use it forever.

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