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(2017년 10월 8일 주일말씀)

Polish your heart, thoughts, and actions [and make them] like soft skin and smooth water.*
(*Translation note: Alternatively polish your heart, thoughts, and action like soft skin and smooth water.)

【Scriptures】 Matthew 5:8
 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.  

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

When it comes to ‘the heart, thoughts, and actions,’ the more you polish them, 
the more they become like soft skin and smooth waters and thus, they will shine.
However, it doesn’t merely end there. 
As a result of doing that, you will not bring ‘pain’ on yourself 
and you will not bring ‘pain and suffering’ to others either. 
Additionally, as a result of that, you will gain things instead [of losing them]. 
Additionally, your polished heart, thoughts, and actions will become a mirror, 
reflect it to both the Trinity and people and thus, everyone will recognize it and value it.
You have to polish your heart, thoughts, and actions [and make them] 
like soft skin and smooth and clean water.
If you do, God will use you valuably. People will look up to you. 
Not only that, your body will become beautiful and shine on the earth,
and your spirit will also transform into a beautiful form and shine brilliantly.

Rough roads are difficult to travel on and people tend to avoid them. 
The same is true with hearts, thoughts, and actions that are rough.
People who have polished their hearts, thoughts, and actions and made them 
like soft skin and smooth water as God wants are ‘great masterpieces.’
‘Your heart and actions’ are things that you should polish every day.
But instead of polishing them as you want to, 
you must obey the Word God gave through the savior, 
be united with the Holy Spirit and the Lord, and polish them according to God’s Will.
Then your heart, thoughts, and actions will be polished and made soft.

For people who don’t polish according to God’s Will 
but polish themselves by meditating while worshipping idols, 
[those deeds] pertain to only their bodies 
and its affects do not reach all the way to their souls and spirits.   
Therefore, even if they did polish themselves, 
its value is merely the value of washed vegetables at the open-air market.
You have to polish your heart, thoughts, and actions in the way that God wants. 
Then your body will shine and your spirit will also gain eternal love and glory.
When a sculptor is making a rock sculpture, he [first] chips away 
and carves away the rough stone with thousands or tens of thousands of chisel strikes and afterwards, 
he makes it extremely smooth by polishing it 
and goes through many different steps to reach the higher level of smoothness.
You have to polish your heart and thoughts in this way too. 
Hard steel becomes soft only when it is melted in ‘fire.’ 
The heart, thoughts, and actions also become softest 
only if they are melted in ‘the fire of the Word’ and ‘the fire of the Holy Spirit. 

When you go to the spiritual world,
the spiritual world where polished people live among themselves 
exists divided absolutely into myriad different levels 
and the spiritual world where rough people live among themselves 
exists divided absolutely into myriad different levels.  
Just as water is among water, dirt is among dirt, trees are among other trees 
and rocks are among rocks – God made it that way.
It is because only then could they exist there because it is compatible with their constitutions. 

If you want to sharpen ‘a sickle’ or ‘a knife’ made of hard steel, 
they will not sharpen quickly if you do it using hard sharpening stones.
They sharpen the best only if they are sharpened using soft sharpening stones. 
Same with people with rough hearts, thoughts, and actions. 
If they are handled by rough people, they are made even more rough instead.  
But when they are handled by soft people they get polished and made smooth in the shortest time. 
However, making a person’s heart, thoughts, character, and actions soft like baby’s skin 
or the complexion of a beautiful woman and like smooth and clean water, it takes a long time. 
As soon as you start making them, the changes will immediately begin to show. 
However, there is a correct way to make them. The Holy Spirit shared that method.

*The Holy Spirit’s Word*

“As for things that prick your conscience or violate the Word,
if you don’t think about them or take action on them even the slightest, 
then your heart, thoughts, and actions will be polished and made smooth.
As those thoughts and actions continue over a long time, 
[you] will change in a flash and become polished 
and made like ‘soft and smooth skin’ and ‘water.’ 
Rough character and actions must be perfectly polished and made 
during the time you have bodies in the world.
As for people whose hearts and actions are not properly polished, 
their spirit’s form is rough, and their spiritual houses are also rough 
and thus, it is not pleasing even to their own eyes.    
Let’s keep in mind the fact that both your spirit and your spirit’s house and environment 
are made according to your body’s character and actions.  

Try polishing a rough stone and make it as smooth as ‘a pebble.’ 
It takes hundreds and thousands of strokes. 
In the same way, if you want to make your heart, thoughts, character, and actions smooth, 
you have to take action hundreds and thousands of times 
with soft words, thoughts, and actions. 
If you keep polishing yourself over time, you will be made beautiful like a beautiful woman 
with a different level of joy and a different level of form and beauty 
and thus, become ‘a miraculous body and spirit.’ 
By doing that, for ‘the lifetime of your body and eternity of your spirit,’ 
you will live receiving love that pertains to that and also gaining treasures.        

My beloved everyone~ 
Polish yourself every day to be pure and clean, polish yourself to be soft, 
polish yourself to be good and free of deceit, 
and polish and hone yourself with righteousness and love.    
If you do, you will become one with God and the Lord, be protected and loved forever. 
If you keep ignoring it even though God is talking to you, He will just leave you alone. 
He will just leave you to your depraved and hardened heart. 
Then once Satan gets involved and has you in his hands, 
in an instant your ‘destiny’ will tilt that way and ‘your body’s prosperity’ will be forbidden. 
As a result of that, even ‘your spirit’s prosperity’ will come to an end. 

With God’s Word and conscience, clean and polish your heart, thoughts, and actions 
every day [and make them] soft like skin and smooth and clean like water. 
Polish yourself so that you do not sin.
If you violate God’s law with your words, heart, thoughts, and actions, 
your heart and actions will become rough like shattered glass.
It is to polish and improve [yourself] by repenting.
It is to polish [yourself] every day with the Word and the Holy Spirit 
and make yourself soft and good.”  

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