Both people and God are satisfied only when they do things a...
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(Sunday message for October 1st 2017)

Both people and God are satisfied only when they do things according to their will. 

【Scriptures】 1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love, inspiration, and working of the Holy Spirit.

As for people, depending on ‘their thoughts’ [whether you will] ‘succeed or fail’ is determined,
[whether you will] go to ‘Heaven or Hell’ is determined, 
and [whether you will have] ‘joy or sorrow’ is also determined.  
By ‘the thoughts,’ life is lived and actions are carried out, judgments are made, discernments are made,
and decisions are also made.
Therefore, you have to learn about thoughts, 
become masters who are skilled in thinking and live [as masters of thoughts].  
If you think incorrectly, you will die at once. 
A person who commits suicide too – he dies because he decided in his ‘thoughts’ to die. 
It is not his body that kills him. 
Your ‘thoughts’ are like the almighty god to your body.

When I earnestly asked God and the Holy Spirit for the one final-touch proverb about thoughts, 
They said the following:
“As for people, [the aroma of] their ‘thoughts’ are emitted* through the body.”
(*Translation note: emit a smell. 
So, the smell of a person’s thoughts are emitted through the body 
or a person’s thoughts are shown through the body.) 

The flavor of food is emitted through ‘the smell.’ 
In this way, [the aroma of] a person’s ‘thoughts’ are emitted through the body.  In what way is it emitted? 
Righteous thoughts emit [the smell of] ‘goodness’ and emit [the smell of] ‘beauty.’
Wicked people emit [the smell of] wickedness’according to their wicked thoughts.
[The smell] of wicked thoughts are emitted through words, emitted through shallowness, 
emitted through lies, emitted through deceit, and emitted through hatred.  
A person who has angry thoughts emit [the smell of] ‘anger’ through his face, 
and that image and form emit [the smell] ferociously. 
While saying these things, God and the Holy Spirit said:
“In this way, [the smell of] a person’s thoughts are emitted through the body.
Therefore, look [really] carefully.”

If you look at a person [really] carefully, 
you will clearly see inside them/right through them and not get deceived.  
People who are good, people who are evil, people who are double-minded, 
people who are deceitful, people who swindle through voice phishing, 
people who exploit others for their benefit in the name of the Lord, people who center on themselves 
– you will see their insides clearly/see right through them if you look [really] carefully. 
When a person focuses only on profit, 
others will deceive and swindle them using strategies centering on that profit-motive and exploiting it.  
When not even a stranger but his own lover gets deceived and suffers loss, the man is extremely troubled. 
Because she keeps getting deceived, he ultimately says that she is foolish. 
God is that way too.
Even after He told His beloved people so emphatically to not get deceived and not get harmed or hurt, 
they still get drawn in by compassion, drawn in by human affections, drawn in by a desire to save face, 
drawn in by wealth and suffer loss and harm. 
God is extremely troubled over this. 
If you do things without discussing with the Lord and without checking, 
by that level of intelligence, you get deceived and victimized. 
As you live your life, you must not get deceived by people who tempt you 
and as you live your life of faith, you must not get deceived by Satan and the tempting spirits.
If you look [really] carefully, you will see right through them.
In all cases, ‘their thoughts’ are the problem.

People input things in their brains according to their thinking and state of mind,
and perceive and treat them that way. 
Whether it is things, buildings, people, and even the one sent by God, 
they perceive and input information about them in their brains 
according to ‘their own thoughts and state of mind’ 
and like them or dislike them [based on that]. 
This is why even when people deal with the same person, 
one person perceives him positively and likes him 
while another person doesn’t like him and thus, inputs negative information in his head, 
perceives him negatively and hates him with a passion because he doesn’t fit his heart. 
People input information [about others] and perceive [them] 
according to their thoughts and state of mind and treat them that way.
Even with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord, 
people input ideas about Them according to their thoughts and state of mind, 
perceive that way and treat Them that way.
Those who perceived incorrectly about God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord
and have input wrong ideas about Them in their heads 
must re-input with correct ideas and perceive Them correctly.  

It is really difficult to do things following God’s ways. Why would that be? 
It is because of ‘your perception and stored information*.’
(* Or your perceptions and stored information get in the way.)
You have to drop your perception and stored information. 
Only then will God give you what He wants and choose what pleases His heart for you.
You have to entrust it to God. 
Then God will do as much as He wants according to ‘His ways.’
And once God gives you His design, you have to take action according to that design. 
Then God is satisfied, the Lord is satisfied and you are satisfied.
Then your body is satisfied and your spirit is also eternally satisfied.
I hope that all of you will get rid of ‘self-centeredness, your ways, and your perceptions’ 
and entrust it to God asking Him to do it according to His design.

The same is true with God’s Purpose of Creation.
God is fulfilling His purpose for the first time in 6000 years. 
So, you have to entrust it to Him [fully] so that He will do as much as He wants without regrets. 
Then He will do it in the absolute best way.
Then both God and we will be satisfied, 
constant conversations, joy, and love will not stop but continue to eternity.

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