Realize it at the time you are realizing.
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(Sunday message for September 17th 2017)

Realize it at the time you are realizing.

【Scriptures】 Proverbs 1:3-6
for acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right and just and fair;  
for giving prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young --  
let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance --  
for understanding proverbs and parables, the sayings and riddles of the wise.  

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

To realize is not merely to know something that is general or ordinary. 
[To realize] is to gain knowledge of something deep by realizing the essence of it.
I will explain using a parable about what difference there is between knowing something as general knowledge and knowing something deeply through realizing it.
When you hear someone say
 - “You have to take care of yourself in advance so that you don’t get sick in the first place 
because when a person gets sick, he suffers terribly from the pain.”
- you ‘have become knowledgeable of it.’
On the other hand, let’s say that you suffered for a year because of sickness 
and were healed only after spending a lot of money to get treatment. 
At that point, since you have personally experienced it yourself, 
you realize about it shockingly like a nail hammered into your brain and [you feel it] deep in your bones.  
This is when ‘you have realized.’
In this way, when you realize [something], you will know it shockingly like a nail hammered into your brain.
It is at that moment that you must deeply realize what you should realize. 
If you stop realizing in the middle, the rest of the things you should realize at that stage will just disappear.
Then it is extremely difficult for you to realize it again.

You also come to realize things when you are praying. 
But if you stop in the middle of praying, 
you can’t realize the rest of the things you would realize while in that world.
The instant of opportunity is that moment, the moment when something comes to mind. 
The same is true for realizing.
The instant of opportunity is that moment, the moment when you are realizing.
You must not stop in the middle of realizing at that time.
At that time, you must realize even more and gain deep and complete knowledge.   
If you stop in the middle of realizing, sometimes ‘pain and suffering’ will come 
and sometimes even ‘death’ will come. 
You must gain knowledge by deeply realizing the things of that level while you are realizing.
Only then will you avoid accidents, pain, and death, and problems will be taken care of, as well.  

Thinking about something is ‘work’ too.
When you are working on something, the work gets done only if you take action and do the work, right? 
In the same way, you will realize only if you think with a desire to realize. 
You should take action with the body too.
But you should not let your thoughts be idle but also take action through your thoughts.
Actions enable you to gain real things, right? 
Thoughts also enable you to gain real things. It is ‘a world where thoughts become reality.’
It literally means that when you ‘think,’ reality gets made and you gain real things.
Praying is also like ‘thinking.’ 
God answers that prayer, [your prayer] became something real and it came true.
It means that ‘a world where thoughts become reality’ has happened.

A spiritual person is good at making reality happen by taking action through his thoughts. 
‘A spiritual person’ is a person whose thoughts center on the Trinity 
and are pointed toward the Trinity.  
Therefore, even on the earth, [a spiritual person] makes real things happen with his thoughts 
and does miraculously things.  
Everyone, all of you must become spiritual people, 
make ‘the world where thoughts become reality’ and take action like gods. 
Since how you think determines your ‘destiny’ 
and determines ‘whether you will receive misfortunes or fortunes,’ 
you have to really think correctly.
You, yourself, know whether you are thinking correctly or not. 
If you are thinking incorrectly, you have to turn your thoughts around immediately 
while calling the Holy Spirit and the Lord. 
You have to immediately turn your ‘incorrect thinking’ around. Then it is easy to switch your thoughts over.
You should think righteously but [at the same time], you must think swiftly like light and take action.

‘The instant of opportunity to realize’ is that  moment, the moment when you are realizing.
Therefore, at the time you have realized something, 
you must realize the things of that level deeply and take action.
In this way, since the instant of opportunity is that moment, 
the moment when something comes to mind, you have to take action at that moment.
With just your body alone, you have no knowledge at all because things don’t come to mind. 
The Holy Spirit gives you inspiration so that you will realize, 
sometimes your soul or spirit gives you inspiration, 
sometimes you even remember by recalling something from your own brain independently.     
At that moment, you have to immediately write it down and take action.
If you don’t take action at the moment something comes to mind
– you will forget and as a result, you may have accidents or even die, 
or end up not gaining what you should gain. 
People live with thoughts. Therefore, you must focus your thoughts.
Thoughts guide you and also become your life. 
Therefore, you have to always earnestly petition the Trinity 
and ask Them to help you ‘think’ correctly. 
Thoughts are ‘the engine’ and ‘the motor.’
Therefore, your thoughts must be strong and be high performing.
Your ‘level’ is raised through your thoughts.
You have to first set your heart to raise your level through your ‘thoughts’ and plan it. 
Then your body will also follow those thoughts 
and you can raise ‘the level of your life and the level of your rapture.’
It is to think good thoughts, correct thoughts, strong thoughts, righteous thoughts, 
thoughts as swift as light, and thoughts that are united with the Trinity.

When working, you must get it done at the time you are doing it and not stop in the middle.
You have to get things done while you are doing it. Then ‘better thoughts’ will come to mind.
You have to get things done while you are doing it. Then you will also save time.
If you don’t do things while you are doing it but try to do them at the next opportunity, 
it may be delayed even by ten or twenty years. 
You must get the work done while you are doing it.
With everything you do, you have to do them while you have put your hands on them. 
You have to do them when they come to mind because they are in process. 
You have to do things at the time you are doing them. 
You must not leave them incompletely done or put them off.
Now is ‘the time of the rapture history.’ You have to get it done right now while we are doing it.
Everyone, with the work of the rapture, the work of faith, or your personal work, 
I hope you don’t leave them undone or put them off but complete them 
by doing them now while you are doing them. 
Today’s message is ‘a secret to victory and success.’
You must remember this message for your lifetime and abide by it.

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