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(Sunday message for September 10th 2017)

Historical record: The one who fulfilled God’s Purpose of Creation

【Scriptures】 Matthew 22:37-38
Jesus replied: "`Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'  
This is the first and greatest commandment.  

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, 
the peace of the Holy Son, and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

Fulfilling ‘the Purpose of Creation’ means to make yourself 
according to the purpose that the one who created and made wants to fulfill. 
Therefore, fulfilling ‘God’s Purpose of Creation’ means to make everything 
in heaven and on earth and human beings according to the purpose that the Trinity, 
who are the Creators, want to fulfill.
God created everything in heaven and on earth with a purpose. 
Then He created the bodies and spirits of human beings with a purpose.  
He made the earth ‘the core area where God’s Purpose of Creation would be fulfilled,’ 
and made the universe and all creation ‘the background and the garden for the Earth.’  
On the Earth, which is the core place, 
[God] let the human beings make their bodies, thoughts, souls and spirits 
into the most beautiful form as ‘the Trinity’s counterparts of love’ as the Trinity want 
by listening to God’s Word about the purpose through the Messiah and taking action on it.
And He let them treat the Trinity with love as brides and live with satisfaction 
while communicating with the Trinity in words, conversations, thoughts, and actions.
This step is the step in which people are made into the image and likeness of the Trinity 
and it is the work of fulfilling God’s Purpose of Creation, the world of love. 

After God [first] created everything in heaven and on earth and human beings,
in order to fulfill the purpose, He first raised humanity so that they would mature. 
Then once the time came, He called Adam and Eve and started salvation history. 
Then He let history go through ‘the process’ for 6000 years, 
which was the 4000 years of the Old Testament history and the 2000 years of the New Testament history. 
The 6000-year period of salvation history after Adam 
was the process history of fulfilling God’s Purpose of Creation. 
In that process history too – He raised the level in stages with ‘a purpose’ in mind 
and fulfilled the Will that pertained to each time period. 
Just as when building a house, you first prepare the foundation, 
obtain the building materials, draw up plans and then build the first floor, 
then the second floor, and then the third floor last and finish it, He made history like that.  
The first floor is like ‘the servant level Old Testament time.’ So, the workers live there.
The second floor is like ‘the child-level New Testament time.’ So, the children live there. 
The third floor is like ‘the bride level Complete Testament time.’ So, the married brides live there.  
The married brides are ‘the people who fulfilled the rapture of love in the Complete Testament history of love.’
In this way, God fulfilled history in stages in an orderly way. 

You absolutely must know ‘God’s Will’ and live taking action according to that ‘purpose.’ 
Only people who do that will live in the world of life comfortably in this present world in the body 
and in the future world in the soul and spirit with joy, blessing, and love.  
The body ends when it dies after living about 100 years. The spirit inherits the body’s life and lives forever. 
Therefore, when you are living in this world with your body, 
you must live with your purpose set on ‘saving and making your spirit.’
People who live without accomplishing this are people with no hope for the future.
If you want to learn about what life is through worldly academics or philosophy,
in the process of learning you will fail to find the answer and grow old. 
The Almighty God created lives. Therefore, God knows the purpose for living life, 
knows the meaning, knows emptiness, and also knows eternity.   

What kind of a life is the life of a person who lives thinking only about the body thinking 
that “Life is all about eating well, living comfortably, and then dying?”
A person who lives without saving his own spirit perfectly while his body is alive
is like a person who ends after living one day.
A person who fails to save his spirit is someone who ends after living only today. 
Since there is no hope because he is a person who will end after living only in the body, 
even God does not have conversations with people like that.
God converses with ‘people who live for their spirits that will live forever in the future’, 
makes hopeful plans for them, and loves them.   
A spirit that is incompletely made is incomplete 
and thus, the environment that spirit dwells in is also incomplete. 
Therefore, they experience that much pain and suffering.
Later they bite their tongues and regret ‘living only for the body’ while they were in the world.
[That regret] is an eternal regret.
Your spirit changes and the place your spirit will dwell is decided 
according to your body’s deeds and according to your body’s merits and accomplishments.
As much as your body serves the Almighty, loves Him 
and sincerely acts according to the Lord’s Word,
your life’s form, your spirit’s form, and the form of your spirit’s house are made that much.
I hope that you will realize this and take action sincerely for ‘God’s Purpose of Creation.’

It takes a lifetime for a person to fulfill a great purpose.
No matter how great a purpose it may be, as big as the purpose is, 
you will go through that much difficulties, hardships, tears, pain, struggling, 
and hundreds of other challenges. 
God too – as He was fulfilling the eternal purpose through ‘human beings,’ 
He experienced hundreds of billions of hardships over 6000 years 
and ultimately fulfilled ‘the Will of making eternal counterparts of love.’
The purpose is fulfilled only if you have ‘the purpose’ in mind 
and endure and persist to the end and take action with love.
Since God created heaven and earth and human beings with ‘the purpose of love’ in mind, 
He wants us to truly love the Trinity and live united with Them 
just as people who love each other live as one body.
In this time period God sees ‘love’ as the ultimate standard. 
Therefore, He considers ‘people who are perfect in love’ as the greatest treasures.  
I bless all of you to live with God’s ultimate purpose as your purpose of life!

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