You raise your level as much as you have taken action.
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(Sunday Message for March 19th 2017)

You raise your level as much as you have taken action. 

【Scriptures】 Revelation 2:17
He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. 
To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. 
I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it. 

Revelation 22:12
“Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.  

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, 
the peace of the Holy Son, and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

A person cannot live while remaining in the same level.
If you do, it is boring and miserable, there is no hope, and there is no satisfaction. 
The same is true with faith. You have to climb up to the level that is perfect and stable.
You have to climb up to the level that satisfies God, the Lord, and yourself.    
However, the level does not increase automatically.
Your level rises as you grow through learning, realizing, and taking action.
Let’s say that a thin person wants to increase his weight.
Will your weight increase just by having a determination to do it and just by thinking about it?
You have to increase your weight and muscle density over a long period of time 
by eating healthy and exercising. 
The same is true when you are raising your level. 
You have to learn, realize, and take action on the things that pertain to that. 
Only then will your level rise.
Your level rises due to ‘the accomplishments of your deeds.

God’s history too – its level is not raised all at once.
When the 4000 years of the servant level Old Testament history passed, 
He raised the level one step higher to ‘the child level’ and carried out the New Testament history.
When the 4000 years of the child-level New Testament history passed, 
He finally raised the level one step higher to ‘the bride-level’ 
and started the Complete Testament history.
The Complete Testament history will run for 1000 years. 

When a lazy person fixes his laziness and takes action diligently, 
it means that he has raised his level in that area.
A person who thanks Heaven with his lips, thanks Heaven by giving glory through his body, 
thanks Heaven for the things they should thank Heaven for 
and gives the tithe of time and the tithe of income have also raised their level in that area. 
A person who lives a steady life of prayer and frequently communicates 
and converse with the Trinity has raised his level in that area as much as he has taken action. 
A person who lives the life of evangelizing, leads live steadily and saves lives 
is a person who has raised his level in that area. 
A person who raises his level of listening to the Word and realizes deeply 
has raised his level in that area. 
A person who raised his level of realizing the Word and puts the Word into practice 
has raised his level in that area. 
A person who raised his level further from there and teaches the Word correctly and testifies 
has raised his level in that area as much as he has taken action. 
‘Anyone who takes action on the work he has to do’ 
is a person who has crossed over their past level and ‘climbed up to the next level.’ 

The work that you should surely do especially is ‘the work of saving lives.’
Just as someone who has saved a person from death has done the greatest work of all, 
a person who has saved a person from eternal death 
is the person who has achieved the greatest merit of all.
If you want to raise your level, you must surely ‘evangelize.’
In the spiritual world, there are ‘the crown of lives.’ 
This crown is given according to ‘the merits of the lives you have saved.’ 
This crown is the crown that shines the most in the spiritual world. 

Whether it is earthly work or heavenly work, as for people who failed to take action 
and thus, live without gaining, since their brain remain in the level of their position, 
they live being satisfied with that degree. 
Then when their spirits go to Heaven, they see the things that others own and are shocked, 
regret how their bodied lived in the world just wasting time without knowing the value, 
and having no other choice, they live in their positions with the things they own.
When people look only at each other’s ‘bodies,’ they all seem similar. 
They can’t easily tell what is different. 
However, when they see ‘the houses and environments people own,’ 
they will know that they are completely different.  
This is true in the earth and it is also true in Heaven. 
What you have done according to God’s Word remain with you for your body’s lifetime 
and remain with you forever.

Even if you live only one day, 
if you live at a higher level while doing the things that you need to do, 
your thoughts and the things you gain will be different.   
If you raise your level, you will receive the things that pertain to the higher level position 
and you will receive God’s Word and design according to that.
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son also converse according to your level.
Your level is determined by how much you have realized and taken action, 
and God and the Lord treat you according to your level.
Therefore, there are a myriad of different things that each person receives.

Whoever you are, you have to experience ‘what it is to raise your level’ even if for just one day.
Then you will know the joy and satisfaction of that level 
and you will take action to truly raise your level. 
Therefore, I bless you to take action at the highest level for even one day!
And see what is different and what you gain on that day. 
If you do things average, you will remain at ‘average level.’
Depending on the kind of mentality and thoughts a person takes action with, 
he will gain and achieve success according to that. 
If you waste your time and walk leisurely without hastening yourself, 
even 1000 meters will take 30 minutes to an hour.
If you run, it will take 10 to 15 minutes. 
In this way, the ‘period of raising your level’ is determined by how you take action.

For a fruit tree too, if you want to raise its level and let it bear beautiful, wondrous, and good fruit, 
you should fertilize it and raise it all kinds of love and care.
The same is true with people. If they want to raise their level and rise to the next stage,
they should not waste their time but take action grabbing firmly onto their hearts and thoughts. 
As much a person takes action with a determined heart, 
the ‘period of raising their level’ becomes shortened.
If you take action at a higher level even though it is hard and difficult, 
you will rise to the next level that much faster and gain ‘what pertains to that level.’
You have to raise your level every day! 
Only then will you ultimately escape the ‘domain of that level’!

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