Management is life
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Management is life
[Scriptures] Matthew 26:41) Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

”Hallelujah! I pray that all of you are filled abundantly with the love of the eternal Holy Father God and the peace of the Holy Son.
Whether they are LIVES, OBJECTS, ANIMALS, or PLANTS, [management] is the work of helping them so they can sustain their existence since they cannot do things by themselves with their own strength.
If BABIES and CHILDREN are not managed and cared for, accidents will happen and their lives cannot be sustained properly. Among YOUNG ADULTS and ADULTS too, there are those who cannot manage and care for their lives and their daily lives by ‘their own strength.’ At such times, a manager has to be next to them and help them. Then they can sustain their existence.
Likewise, whether they are fruits, various objects, clothes, houses or buildings, plants, animals, children, or adults, when they are not provided MANAGEMENT at the right time, they will decay or various problems will occur.
MANAGEMENT is: ‘those who are capable of doing it’ helping people with things they cannot do by ‘their own strength’ so that they will sustain their existence. Therefore, MANAGEMENT is ‘life,’ ‘the 2-nd creation of life,’ and ‘re-creation.’
After creating CREATION and HUMAN BEINGS, God enabled them to exist by first managing ‘human beings’ and then managing ‘creation’ second to human beings.
It is because human beings cannot live in this world if He managed only ‘human beings’ 100% but does not manage ‘creation,’
People too. If they only ‘manager their bodies’ while only ‘they, themselves’ eat, sleep, and wash, they cannot sustain their lives. They have to provide daily management of the things that exist along with them such as ‘creation,’ ‘necessities of daily life,’ their ‘houses, rooms, gardens, and the environment.’ Then they will sustain their existence also. If the ‘environment’ becomes dirty from a lack of management, germs and pests will come into existence and so ultimately, ‘you, yourself’ will be unable to exist either.
The same is true when managing potted trees or flowers. No matter how well you manage the ‘tree or the flower,’ if you do not manage the ‘environment and the soil in the pot,’ the ‘tree or the flower’ will be affected by that and die.
In raising a tree too, just managing the TREE ITSELF and spraying pesticide on it is not everything. You have to manage the SOIL, which is like the 'tree's body,' give it 'fertilizer,' and also give it 'water.’ Then the tree will grow properly.
In order for the SPIRIT to exist, managing only the SPIRIT will not do. You must also manage the BODY, which is the ‘base for the spirit,' manage the THINGS THAT ARE REQUIRED FOR THE BODY TO LIVE, and also manage NATURE, which is related to the body, and manage them as if it is life.
It is because the SPIRIT grows and becomes transformed through the BODY. Also because if your ‘body’ is hungry, poorly dressed, and fatigued, it will be miserable and will collapse so your ‘body’ cannot live for your ‘spirit’ either. That is why you must manage ‘your body’ as well as your ‘physical environment’ thoroughly.
After hearing today's message, I bless that you won't receive any harm on your life by not only managing only your 'spirit,' but also managing your 'heart and thoughts,' managing your 'body,' managing the 'things that pertain to the body.'
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