1. ‘Assumption’ and ‘reality’ are different. So chec...
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1. ‘Assumption’ and ‘reality’ are different. So check.
2. ‘The value of one perfect person’ is more precious than the ‘whole world.’
[Scriptures]Psalms 18:25
25)To the faithful you show yourself faithful,to the blameless you show yourself blameless,

Hallelujah! I blessyou to be filled abundantly with the love of the Holy Father God and the peace of the Holy Son.
You must believe in God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son but 'believe while really knowing correctly.'
Then you will really walk the path of eternal life. If you believe and take action 'only in an average way,' or believe and take action 'without knowing correctly,' those deeds will decide your salvation at that level.
Try doing anything in the world without correct knowledge and see what happens.Whether you are making a road, building a house, making clothes, learning how to write, learning a language, or doing anything in life try doing each of them without correct knowledge and then see what the ‘outcome’ will be.
If a person who is going to a certain destination goes there in an average way without correct knowledge of the path, will he get to that destination? You have to know the path correctly and travel it perfectly with all your heart. Only then will you get to the destination.
Since your ‘assumptions and predictions’ are different from ‘reality,’ each person should surely check the THINGS THEY SHOULD CHECK.
After planting a fruit tree, do not assume, ‘Since the time has come, the fruit must have grown to about this size by now.’ Instead, you should go to the orchard and check. If you do, then you are certain. There are so many cases in which WHAT YOU THOUGHT is different from REALITY. With EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE WORLD, do not just check carelessly believing only what someone says about them. Instead, you, yourself must check them 100%.
The FUTURE too. You must check itbeforehandin the ‘present reality.
’The ‘life of the present’ produces the FUTURE. Therefore, the FUTURE is checked 100% through your ‘life of the present reality.’
When I look back on the past, [I saw that] the ‘things that were predicted and guessed from reality [of that time]’ were different from the ‘things that were encountered in the future.’
Therefore, I hope you will surely raise your level and check, gain knowledge by learning with sincerity, and so live joyfully without being deceived.
As for GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE HOLY SON AND HEAVEN, it is okay to believe 100% even if you have not checked it. Just as the ‘sun’ exists, just as the ‘earth’ exists, just as the ‘moon’ exists, just as ‘stars’ exist, just as the ‘oceans’ exist, just as ‘land’ exists, GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND THE HOLY SON surely exist.
Even today, God is looking for the ‘one perfect person.’
It is because the VALUE OF ONE PERSON WHO HAS BECOME PERFECTLY SAVED is greater than the value of a person possessing ‘all of the earthly world under heaven.’
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