The head satans of Hell
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-11-30     Hit : 2,065  

The head satans of Hell

I went through a door and there was a large table
with about 10 satans sitting on chairs.
There was a satan with dirty snakes and spit coming out of its mouth,
there was a satan with knives in its hands and aphids coming out of its mouth,
there was a satan with strange horns on its head and a dirty body,
there was a satan with disgusting veins showing in its eyes and like this, 
all the satans had different appearances.

The Lord said.
“These are the head satans.
Satan that makes you sin with words, 
satan that makes you sin with your actions, 
satan that makes you not believe, 
satan that makes you fall into alcohol and smoking 
so that you commit all kinds of sins, 
satan that makes you watch pornography, 
Satans that tempt you through the opposite sex and make you sin, 
satan that makes people ignorant, 
satan who makes you fall into wealth, fame, and power so that you sin, 
and satan that makes you worship idols.”

“Lord, how can we win against the satans?”

“You can defeat each of them with the abilities I give to you.
Arming yourself with prayer, planning carefully like the satans, 
and setting up conditions is winning against them. 
They are already doomed.
Those who defeat the satans will be victories 
and go to the eternal world, the heaven of love.
First is prayer. Prayer no matter what.
Second is evangelism of lives. Give all your strength to evangelism.
When the satans try to steal lives, you must take them back with even more force. 
There are those who I have clearly chosen. There are so many. You must bring them. 
Third is prayer of repentance and receiving the Holy Spirit. 
Clean yourselves of sin and receive the holy spirit with a clean bowl.
Run with the Holy Spirit. Defeat those wicked satans with the Holy Spirit!”
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