The hell that those who have...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-10-31     Hit : 2,081  

The hell that those who have masturbated to pornography go to

It was place that was blazing up with fire.
There was a man and women hung upside down over the fire.
They were naked with chains on their necks and ankles. 
There was a swarm of satans around them. 
The satans stabbed at the man’s genitals and mocked him saying,
“Even though I enticed you to sin this is still your sin!
You committed this sin because you liked it. You enjoyed it right? 
But you didn’t know that you would suffer in an eternal fire pit?”
They continued to stab the man and hurt him while the man screamed in pain. 
The Lord said that this place 
was ‘the hell that those who masturbated to pornography’ go to.

The Lord said.
“Those who masturbated while watching pornography~
I am always next to you watching.
Why do you fall into a moment of pleasure?
Repent your mind and spirit, those who don’t stop 
even though I move your hearts and poke your conscience~
Please realize and recover your consciousness.
This embarrassing, dirty and rotten act, 
this action that goes against the laws of Heaven,
Stop this behavior that makes you walk the path of death!
Don’t say that you love me as mere formality 
and instead show me through your actions. 
Truly repent and receive forgiveness from me.”
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