Those who have sinned...
 Writer : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-08-30     Hit : 2,395  

Those who have sinned in the church

Countless people were hanging from a long wall made from glass.
The left end of the glass wall was embedded with broken glass that was very sharp.
The people were being stabbed by the sharp glass 
and suffered without being able to move.
From below, satans were tormenting the people by stabbing them with long spears.
The satans mocked the people with all sorts of insults.

Watching this, the Holy Son said
“These people treated the church like sheep that were their own property 
and committed all kinds of sins inside of it. 
They committed sins like fraud, blackmail, and adultery while fighting with others 
and used sharp slanderous words to hurt their brothers. 
Although they committed numerous sins, they did not repent.
And were used as the tools of Satan until they ultimately came to this place.
There are those who realized their sins after coming to this place
and there are those who realized their sins through their conscience 
but did not change their ways and continued to live in that manner.
Even though Hell is so frightening and committing sins is so terrifying,
people still commit sins every second as if they were eating.
If you view sins indifferently you will continue to sin, 
so don’t be careless even if it’s a small sin.
Repent with your mind and repent with your words 
and have your confessions resolved by me, the Holy Son.” 

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